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      Dream Character Memory

      I'm just wondering if you guys had experienced going Lucid and waking up from the dream only to return to the same dream after going back to sleep.

      1.The question is: Have your Dream characters after returning have had information about the outcome of events after you exited the dream.?
      2.And does your dream have information about past events in the previous dream connected to the newer dream.

      -When all fails turn to lucid dreaming-

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      I have definitely continued dreams in this fashion and they pick up right where they left off, dream characters and all (these aren't lucid dreams though).

      But I have yet to encounter a dream character with memory of my past dreams, lucud or not, unfortunately. As far as I remember. I hope to though! I may have just met my dream guide in my most recent dream though, so we'll see if he reappears and remembers things!

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      Dream chaining yo! check out the deild tutorial. Ive never talked to my dream characters about weather ive met them in previous dreams or if they remember anything from my previous dreams but id assume that since they are just fragments of your own conciousness they would be able to remember or know anything that you do. Unless of course we would like to think that they may be external entities crossing the space and time dimensional barriers to tell us something we ourselves dont allready know or somthing that is yet to happen but how could we ever prove that haha

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