Wowzers. I went to sleep early last night (around 11:15PM, which is pretty early for me) and I had recalled FOUR. DREAMS. TWO OF THEM LUCID. I went from 0 to 4 by going to sleep a few hours earlier.

The first lucid dream was my 3rd dream. It was extremely short. I was standing in a light grey hallway, with one of my friends in front of me a few feet away and my other friend in a dark grey room behind me. The friend ahead of me told me to follow her, and suddenly I realized I was dreaming. I barely even did an RC (because it seemed obvious to me) and I tried to stay calm. The dream immediately went blurry and I woke up.
I then went back to sleep immediately, trying to make the most of my previous awareness.
The second lucid dream was my fourth and last dream. It was a continuation of my second dream, but this time it was immediately lucid when the dream started. I won't go into too much detail; just specifically what I did in the dream. As some people from the dream went to do something, I tried to make a mirror appear because I didn't know how much time I would have to dream, so why not try to do something? It appeared, surprisingly enough, but my reflection was extremely blurry. Then, it changed and I saw a knight as my reflection with a king standing behind me. Something happened and we started running, and I tried to fly, which failed immediately. Then, we reached a large silver wall, and I focused really hard with my hands in front of me, enough to make one door move up slightly to try and open it. Then, I made multiple doors move up, and we ran through them. My parents then waked me up.

It wasn't the best first lucid dreams ever, but it's a start, and I'm really happy they happened ^_^ It did seem really cool, and with practice, it could become incredible!
(The second dream, I may not have been completely lucid. I did know it was a dream, but it was hard to focus on that specifically.)