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    Thread: I 'taught' myself to have SCARY lucids?

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      Question I 'taught' myself to have SCARY lucids?

      Hi fellow lucid dreamers,

      Last night I experienced a couple of DEILDS. I woke up from a dream and then tried lying still and rotating my dream body so I would fall out of bed. This worked, but the moment I stood up this arm grabbed me and threw me around. So my next false awakenings were pretty much the same 'bad' experience. (I was oustide in front of my house trying to stabilize while looking at some plants close-up, but then I just fell upside down into the nightsky. It's always dark and I always expect something bad to happen, because this has pretty much always been the case in my lucid dreams which start in my dark bedroom. I'd really like this to stop, because it really ruins a lot of my lucid dreams...I know this probably happens because of my assumption that this will happen, but still...What can I do about it? The mood in these dreams is always scary, and while typing this I feel kinda scared too thinking about it...

      Some of my other posts relate to this:


      The recurring this is always: dark setting, anxious feeling of something bad that is coming/going to happen.
      My first lucid dream (http://www.dreamviews.com/lucid-expe...ream-ever.html) happened while it was dark and scary, so I guess this carried on for all of my lucids...

      I want this to stop but I don't know how...please help a dreamer that is going through this for far too long...I had this one lucid dream were I stood up to this darkness and actually 'won'. After that those dreams were less frequent, but again it was a scary experience to stand up to this thing. To sum it up: This little girl was standing in a doorway and I asked who she was. She came to me and she said 'We look much alike' and then turned into this demon-wolf thing and started to bite and cut me. I tried to hug and accept it, but I couldn't stand the pain so I gave up. Later I had this 'enlightment' where it looked like I had beaten this recurring darkness. But now it's kind of back and I want it gone for good. I know that maybe all of this happens because of me overthinking it and through auto-assumption that all of my dreams start scary and dark (first lucid dream). please help or if you can give some tips...It would be much appreciated.

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      I've been through this many times so I know how it feels. But its usually because its a reflection of my fears. So what I do is accept it as my fears and remind myself that even though the dc seems evil or gives me pain its going to be ok.Than I think about how the character is going to change into a good one or that the pain is going to go away. Than they end up showing their true colors. That they are harmless like little flys that might annoy you but they don't have power over you.

      For example, Once I was shot in the head with bullets in a lucid dream because the dc didn't like that i disobeyed him because i said it was just a dream. I didn't like how it felt as my body also broke apart after that but it was because i gave my attention to the feeling of the bullets. Another time a character shot me in the head and i managed to make it go through me like nothing. Just know you can change the outcomes that happen in your dream to a positive one.
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      I have had similar experiences. One piece of advice that I got that helped was to ask the scary DC to tell you what they represent. Have the character reveal the insecurity or fear that fuels them. Then express gratitude for the message and send it on its way, like you don't have the time to deal with it right now. Turn your back on it.

      Something that I did on my own that was most effective was to make a totem, something small and attractive to you that you can keep with you all day, like a stone you like, a gameboard piece, or accessory. I used a pagan symbol necklace because I liked the metal material and the magical impression. Four or five times throughout the day I would take a full two minutes to meditate on the necklace fill it with a sense of power and protection. I kept this totem with me 24/7, in my dreams whenever I feel overwhelmed or a foreboding, I touch the necklace and imagine pulling that energy out and around me. Works like a charm, lol.

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