I've been interested in lucid dreaming for quite a long time, and occasionally have short moments in dreams where I come close to lucidity, but always tell myself its impossible for it to be a dream. Last night, I had a dream where I was just walking around in my house. Nothing too exciting. I met a strange lady, and she started talking about my real world body and strange skills. I then started thinking "Is this a dream..?" At that point I started noticing strange things that could not be real, and came to the conclusion that I was dreaming. It felt like I was waking up, except in a world that was not real. Everything was slightly blurred, but I was amazed at how real it seemed. In a way, it felt like when you suddenly wake up in the waking world and start walking around the moment you wake. That feeling of being conscious, but also feeling as if the world is somewhat far away, even though you are right there.

I started walking around and touching things, and I thought to myself, "Will I be able to remember this when I wake up?" I was honestly quite nervous that I would forget the dream ever happened. My house was rather dark in the dream, and so I tried to turn the lights on with my mind. It didn't work. I tried flying as well, but it did not work. I was next to my staircase when I heard laughing from my front door. I turned to look at it and said "Go away." It started laughing again. I told it to go away again, but it did not. It opened the door and came inside. It was a strange, tiny, green thing with a baseball bat in its small hand. It started attacking me. I tried to make a weapon appear in my hand, but it did not work. I ended up stomping on the creature until it died.

After my strange encounter with the green creature, I decided that I would go outside and do things I had always wanted to do in a lucid dream. I bent down to say goodbye to my dog, and noticed that his paws were long and pointy. I didn't think much of it, and told him I loved him, even though he was just a dream dog. To my surprise, he barked "I love you too!" In a voice similar to Scooby Doo's. After that, I kept telling him I loved him, and his reply was the same. I patted his head and left my house.

Outside of the house, snow covered the ground and I felt cold. I didn't feel like searching my dream house for a coat, and didn't think creating one out of thin air would work, so I tried to make it into a spring day. I tried many things, I yelled at it, but while waiting for it to become spring, my dog began to bark. My real dog was barking, and I was woken from my dream.

When I think about it now, the world seemed kind of blurry and fuzzy, but it was still an amazing experience.