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      Is this a lucid dream

      I have the "awoken" app on my phone that vibrates during the day so i reality check and during the night too. I don't remember spotting something weird during the dream so that's how i got lucid probably. I was with some friends in bed and after checking pretty badly i told them jokingly that we are in a dream and they disappeared. I was in my room and my dream was destabilizing so i tried to rub on things since that's what i've read everywhere and it worked. I actually understood that I'm really dreaming so i tried to change stuff and I could only do that if
      i make a sound with my thumb and middle finger CORRECTLY ._. but hey it worked. I wanted to do the things i always wanted in lucid dream coz there may be a long time before the next one so i went to my balcony and flew but just as when i was a kid, I CAN ONLY SWIM WHILE FLYING. Well then i think i tried some sexy stuff like the idiot i am and blew it. The thing that upsets me is that i woke to a false awakening so i could keep on going but when i woke up to my "wbtb" alarm ,which I CAN NEVER get myself to stay up long enough, i realised it was a fake awakening which made me question if this was really a lucid dream or a dream about lucid dreaming.

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      I'm no expert, but as far as I can tell, you were having a lucid dream, albeit not like the ones that some people on this forum talk about.

      I've had lucids like that myself. They're not much to write home about but they're something.

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