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    Thread: Funny Lucid Experience

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      Funny Lucid Experience

      So there I am, eating a seemingly normal and ordinary dinner with a group of friends. While discussing how our days were, I suddenly notice a friend of mine whom I have not seen in years sitting directly across from me, much to my surprise. Checking my fingers as I normally do, I notice I have 7 instead of my 5 on my right hand, and thus I realize I am having a lucid dream... So I go and explain to all my dream character friends how they too can achieve lucid dreaming instead of actually utilizing my lucidity, and end up waking up after 5 minutes of teaching people about fingers -_-
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      Haha, I've definitely had similar experiences like this before. One time I became lucid and one of my friends was there, and I was like man do you realize were dreaming right now this is crazy. Just got wrapped up in talking to him about it. Also can't count the amount of times dream characters have distracted me and I essentially just lose lucidity. I've even had a few experiences trying to find my dreamguide and just getting completely trolled by them. I created the idea of a dreamguide Virgil in my mind, as in the one who guides Dante in the Divine Comedy, and then when I asked him for something after meeting him, and he turned into a dog and just rolled over and stared up at me. After that failure I abandoned the idea of Virgil. More recently in an encounter with my new dream guide I asked her to teach me a spell or something for illumination, because I have a hard time with the dark in my lucid dreams, and she just said I came here to go swimming and jumped into a pool with some little water wing floaties and a life vest on.. So, yeah sometimes it feels like DCs are the bane of my existence..

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