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    Thread: First proper and fully conscious WILD transition

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      First proper and fully conscious WILD transition

      Hello Everybody!

      Just thought I would share my joy with you!

      I have had a couple of (8 if I remember correctly) WILD in the past 3 years, but even after a lot of practice I would momentarily pass out when nearing the dream and come back to consciousness instantly when it started. I was okay with this, since I got lucid, and despite losing consciousness I was very aware afterwards.

      This night I had a WBTB from 3:50 to 4:10, then attempted WILDing for about 1-1,5 hour, without success. I grew tired of it, and said "F... It, I need sleep more". After trying to fall asleep for about 10 minutes, I saw that I could see through my eyelids, and beyond them the room was dark so I knew it was a dream/hallucination (in reality at 5 a.m. the sun already shines into my room). Then I heard the familiar loud and high pitched buzzing, and felt strong vibrations. This is the point, after which I would always lose awareness.

      But now I was fully aware. After some seconds I was able to blink with my dream eyes, and I could command my body to move up and down and to rotate with my thoughts alone. Then I got out of bed, went to the window while doing an RC (just in case ), and tried to stabilise the dream a little. I was fully conscious, because I tested my awareness and memory. Then my friend appeared, we talked a little, and I woke up to my stupid alarm.

      Experiencing the actual transition from waking to dreaming was an interesting experience, and I strongly recommend trying out WILDing to those who already have some LDs but haven't tried it. It is a different experience.

      That's my story for today.

      Have a nice day!
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      NICE! Congrats. I've been dabbling with WILD on week-ends mostly to make up the sleep that it costs (as you rightly pointed out) since the effort at conscious awareness results in a loss of "restful sleep." I know that "seeing through the eyelids" phenomena, too!!! In my last (and arguably best WILD to date) I watched a thunderstorm develop on the horizon (complete with INTENSE lightning) in the "mindscape" behind closed eyes. Very cool!
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