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    Thread: Today lucid dream

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      Today lucid dream

      Hello i was out of this for a few mounth and when i had a free day with out any distraction i had lucid. I didnt try it i had about 5 - 8 lucid dreamings when i stop trying.
      I was in my friend house it was a demons or ghosts i dont remember it good. And after that i apear in a beach i think how did i get here. hmm. i start talking with my friend him said u realy dont remember it? i told him maybe its lucid dream him laught from me and i did rc and hey im in lucid now. i told him im lucid u arent real him still laught from me.Then i teleported or smth like that and i was in his house again. i jump outside from a window and i was in another place i walk on a street i look car driving i walk to that car and then jump over it.Then i walk where that car stopped. i find a girl i get a blowjob then someone discract me and told me are you realy dreaming? i said yes go out of here. and when i looked back i didnt find girl then i start walk and find my friend again it was dark.(before was day) we start running i dont know from what i think i run from him but when we see other people we start run from them. i told him to try pinch your nose but him ddint do it. I do it for him but him fighting me after that him calm down and did it byhimself he didnt said what he felt but then i saw another people running from snake i think i gonna fly and help him. but problem that i cant fly on my lucids never works out. and when i was ready to try i wake up. try deild but its not working for me. never
      I always try after my lucids to deild but neverk works for me. My lucids always fade away and i cant back to them.
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      This was funny to read miktux! Great lucid dream, congratz I hope to get to read more of your lucid dreams soon. You can post these successes to your Online Dream Journal too here on the site.
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      not enough :-)
      A dream..I think?
      I know this is a couple of months old now but nice lucid! Lol had me laughing pretty hard!

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