Hello guys here is my second lucid dream or my first one that I actually did something since the first one was a couple of days ago and I was paralyze and it ended really fast

It started with me and my mom at the kitchen of my house, all of the sudden a huge clown enter the door and came towards me. He was like 6′ 5 and obese like 380 pounds and super scary, I remember been super scared and I screamed super loudly ďAHHHHHĒ and then I became lucid, I said to myself wait a minute this is not real, itís a dream I was no longer scare, as soon as I realize this, everything started shaking and like distorting and I said to myself, omg Iím going to wake up, so I look at the clown and told him: calm down, you just scared me because of your outfit, and I say to him: Iím sorry for screaming I just got scared because of the outfit, everything stopped shaking and the clown in front of me became smaller like my height and transform into a human with normal clothes, he then walks and sits on my sofa, I said to myself omg this is the first time that Iím going to talk to a dream character, I went and sit also in the sofa, he looked at me at told me: so, what do you want to know? I asked him what was heís name and he reply its Mateo or Albert. (Mateo itís a real friend of mine that I play video games with) I then asked him, which one do you want me to call you? I was thinking that he was going to pick Mateo and he did say Mateo, we talk some more (here Iím thinking that this guys is basically me a person created by my subconscious, so then I ask him what do you want to be? Like a career and future question, he looked really confuse and started looking around and not answering, so I decided to not bother him more and test other stuff, since itís my real first lucid dream, so I told him and my mother come outside check this out. I was outside and I try to fly, tried like 2 times nothing happened at the third time I felt my body getting really light and started floating. I then flew up a little bit and I fall down into my neighbor house, which itís my uncles, he was there looking at me smiling, I ran back to my house and my mom and this guy Mateo were happy and saying you did it you flew, we then went inside again (I started thinking to myself, wow I have been so long in this dream and still havenít woken up). I decided to ask him again, Mateo what do you want to be? This time he answer saying: Donít ask me that, ask me what you really want to know. When he said that, I really didnít knew what to ask him, all of the sudden my dad enters the door with a lot of people, he was having like a get together on the house with friends, he started to introduce me as heís son to all of heís friends (as he does in real life) then a real friend of mine entered the house and I started joking with him, at one point he said something out loud that sounded a bit sexual and I make a joke about it and everyone started laughing, and bum I woke up.

Overall it was a nice happy new experience. I realize that I was lucid and I could do whatever I wanted and influence them to do what I wanted but the events taking place there, I had no control over them, they were just happening.