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      I suck at karate

      I had my 10th LD last night It wasn't anything too special. Although it was still just as unexpected as the other LDs I've had because of how little I'm even trying anymore

      Here's what happened. I was in a small room. The walls were painted yellow and the floor was made out of white tiles. I was lying on the floor, and it felt as if I just woke up. There were two old asian men looking down at me and yelling "you're dreaming" at me over and over again. Hearing them yell that made me get up as quick as possible and do a reality check. I pinched my nose and tried to breath through it and it worked. I became lucid. I thought that a good way to interact with the dream would be to fight one of the old men, so I told one of them that we should fight using karate. I honestly don't know anything about karate. I guess I just sort of hoped I would be good at karate since I was just in a dream. So since I didn't know anything about karate, the fight just consisted of pathetic kicks and punches. After that I thought I should wrestle him instead since I actually know how to wrestle. (I'm on the wrestling team at my school) So I told the old man "lets just wrestle instead". He replied with "ok" happily, and we started wrestling each other. He was hard to beat. He was strong and almost pinned me several times but eventually I pinned him. After I pinned the old man, I woke up.

      So yeah that's all that happened in this LD. Let me know what you think. Also a quick question for anyone who read this. In an LD, have you ever tried a form of martial arts you've never practiced before/suck at? If so how did it turn out for you?

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      There were two old asian men looking down at me and yelling "you're dreaming" at me over and over again.
      Helpful DCs are the best, also that is kinda funny But sounds like you had a nice LD experience again. Keep at the practice, you have the ability to become lucid! Also I don't remember doing any martial arts, but a few nights back I fought this character lucidly and our punches and kicks were super fast. The fight lasted only about 30 seconds though.

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      Huh, That's new. Characters thats part of the dream that tells the Lucid Dreamer that there dreaming. Now that's sometimes a bit creepy but I did once told the people in my dream, I was the Lucid Dreamer I did not belong here but told them there might be a chance we will see each other again in another dream. So yeah we had a few conversations before I faded from that dream.

      I have not faught anything yet but I did turned into a power ranger though using my SPD Morpher to escape danger due to my fight-or-flight Response kicked in, But who knows maybe I can use that in my fights next time. But I bet it will occur one way or the other though for me, Anyways your dream sounds vary cool though.
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