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      Parallels between lucid dreaming and orgasms

      I took a nap today. I'm not sure why, but lucid dreaming more likely occurs when I nap during the day. It was a very deep sleep of a nap, lasted 4 hours. I was dreaming. I realized I was dreaming, and I knew what I wanted. I felt ecstasy washing over me. I was in my underwear. I began to grind myself over whatever I was laying on, I believe it was a couch. I was so hot down there and in a hungry haze of desire. It wasn't long before an orgasm lifted me into paradise and gave complete shortness of breath. I remember it being so intense that I woke myself half awake with my moaning.

      I feel like I am finding a parallel with lucid dreaming and orgasms. This is not the first time it has happened. Sometimes, one or the other opens the barrier for me- having an orgasm in my sleep opens the barrier for lucid dreaming, orlucid dreaming opens the barrier to having a sleep orgasm.

      Anyone else?

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      Naps are prime time for lucid dreams, because we just finished a full night of quality NREM (and REM) sleep, and our body knows it. So next time we sleep, it puts us in almost pure REM. But only if this nap is not too far from morning waking time and not too close to normal sleep time. Then we would go through normal NREM/REM sleep.

      Sex is one of the primal urges, just like flying. No wonder it happens often in our dreams.

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