Over the years I have had a lucid dream every few years, some so amazing that I still remember them. First off I routinely get these paralysis dreams where I clearly hear a noise, as clear as a bell, of somebody knocking loudly on my front door, or opening my loud squeaky sliding glass door, or a window breaking,etc. the knocking is so loud that I wake up. I'm wide awake in these dreams and feel I have to get up and get out of bed and get a gun or something. but I can't because I'm just paralyzed. then after a while I really do wake up and realize it was a dream. sometimes I can't even believe it because it seemed so loud and clear. when this first happened I did get up and check the house but of course always found nothing. now I recognize these things and just go back to sleep. I realize these are not lucid dreams though.

But wow early this morning I had one hell of a lucid dream. it was one of those that were so impressive I sought out this forum. I was in some totally bizarre environment, some other worldly place with fantastical people and things. I think what made me realize it was a dream was precisely because this place was just so amazingly beautiful and terrifying at the same time. the colors were like nothing you would see in real life. hyper color's. it was all razor and I mean razor sharp clear also. I realized fast that his had to be a dream. so I set about exploring. it was some sort of huge indoor complex with various huge areas such as a giant theater, a huge mall like area, just big giant rooms all sort of up against each other. I was walking through it just stunned at the colors and textures and people plants, objects etc. it was a very busy thing, full of tons of objects so I decided to see what I could do there. I thought I want to try to touch, to feel things so I found to my amazement it worked. I walked up to women in beautiful dresses and touched their skin. felt exactly as if real. then I thought I wonder if I can taste food? so I found somebody selling a big chunk of smoked salmon. it looked so good. I tasted it and.... was disappointed. the taste was there, just muted. bland. I had thought that since the touch sensation was so good, that the taste would be too. but it was not. then somebody recognized me and I think it was either my sister or my niece who called me out by my name. hey! it's Brian!

then I found myself trying to escape this place and was involved with some people who were trying to help me escape and took me to a theater room that was full of sick, wounded people. this overlooked an area that was like a large palace room with people enjoying food and sex and just lounging around like some roman empire scene. I was then trapped, fooled, I had been tricked and people were injecting me with needles. I felt actual horrible pain from these needles. I was a bit shocked that at feeling this pain. then some woman saw me and seemed to recognize me and helped me to get away from them.she rescued me. possibly a miltary type person. The place seemed to be some sort of huge prison holding people like the inside of a space station or on some planet complete with various rooms for fun, and for not so much fun, but you couldn't escape. yet people seemed happy in some areas and it was so beautiful it was almost indescribable. the clarity and the colors was what really stood out. I have had a few like this before that were very similar. each time you are just astounded at what you are seeing before you and you desperately do not want to wake up.

so strangely I felt pain, and touch, but not taste much. taste must be the hardest since I have had that before, not being able to taste much. But what amazes me every time I have one of these lucid dreams without even trying, is how real they are. you are wide awake in the dream and everything is so real. you ARE there. this was so powerful I kept thinking this has to be real, this has to be some alternate reality, another dimension etc.

at one point years ago I thought about buying one of those lucid dream mask's that flash a light to make you realized that your dreaming but never did it cause they were expensive. But for sure I will read more about this subject on this site which looks full of useful info