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      The dreamscape

      So close

      Last night I ALMOST had a lucid dream. I was in my house, and part of me thought I might be in a dream. But I had that feeling like when you do a reality check where you try and consider that this could actually be a dream, but deep down you don't believe it. I didn't think to do an actual reality check. Instead, I stepped outside. For some reason it was winter in the dream. I tried to pay attention to all of the senses. The air was very cool, and I walked onto some snow barefoot, and it felt very cold. So i came to the conclusion that the these feelings were too realistic for them to be a dream. I was SO close too.

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      Hey Tasca, so close indeed! Haha, that has happened to me several times. And yeah, our senses are not a reliable reality check at all, dreams can have all the characteristics of real life! And even our "deep down judgment" is a bit treacherous at times ("nahh, I'm not dreaming... 5 min later, *wakes up* lol)

      Btw: dream characters can also be horrible. Don't trust 'em if they tell you you're awake!
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