Usually I wouldn't make a separate thread for a single dream I had here but this one was special.
After getting into lucid dreaming over 6 years ago I just had my first, fully intentional and smooth WILD. An incredible feeling.

I have a DJ entry but here's the TL;DR: I read a bit about WILDing on DV again, went to sleep for an hour, got up for a few minutes, put in earplugs and then dived straight into a full blown, long and highly detailed lucid dream without loosing consciousness at all.

Here's the DJ for anyone interested in the whole story: First fully intentional and complete WILD - Neighborhood exploration, my students - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

It's nice to see my patience and perseverance pay off, it's been a long battle to get here and it yet continues. The next step will be to repeat these WILDs semi-regularly. Maybe even regularly one day.