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      Mysterious figures, Tv static like sound and strange feeling

      So, i experienced it previous night and got me very paranoid after that, at around 00:32 am i got the lucid dream, al'right, that's how I'm going to start it:

      I have a window with a slightly opened wooden blinds, there were space around 2 cm between every wooden plank, it's facing the bed where i was sleeping and right behind me there was a door, a gap around 1 foot, pretty small place but it was comfy.

      Chill music was playing, the night was calm aaand... after some minutes after i have closed my eyes... I get an AMAZINGLY strong feeling something was staring at me, never felt it that strong, it was nothing compared walking in the woods alone! I opened my eyes and there...

      A Black mysterious figure standing right outside, watching me through the blinds and I don't know why but IT eyes were glowing red, i saw that it had a long hair so i guess it's she? i was hearing TV static sound in the background too, no music.. I look at the Tv, the static was from there, ok.. it happened silence, me and this "thing" were staring at around a minute and then my instincts started telling me there was something behind and telling me that the door was opening slowly, they were like shouting in my head but I can't!..
      And then... i can feel once again something above me... I CAN'T LOOK UP i said and poof, Daytime, all over. It was like Fnaf when you don't have power and then win at the last second...
      OH god... that was the most scary thing i have experienced in around 3 years.. and i apparently don't want to meet those two things, especially the girl with the glowing red eye..

      If someone can explain this to me i will be grateful! Thank you if you read it to the end!

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      I was really exhausted and fell asleep very fast and got to the dream unexpectedly, tbh I'm scared to sleep now, i wonder if i will meet those two? heh... eh... wish me luck boys ..

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