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      Dreaming About Sleep Paralysis

      Well, I've done it. I've found a weird new grey layer of dreaming.
      So, a few years ago I started having LOTS of false awakenings. Some nights there will be 3-6 of them all dumping me back into a different shade of dream reality, all more frustrating than the last because it's usually a nightmare that jars me upward into what I THINK is waking life. And then it isn't and I get a new, fun round of nightmares.

      The other night my dream was about having sleep paralysis and there being an amorphous monster at the foot of the bed. I woke myself up -in the dream- and tried to tell my boyfriend about the weird thing I just saw. It edged toward lucid while I was in paralysis but then was firmly a regular dream from then on, so I don't know.

      Has this happened to any of you?
      I can't be the only one but honestly I'm just too lazy to look around the forums right now ^^; forgive me.

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      Sure, I've had dreams of not being able to move while in bed, which I suppose are dreams about sleep paralysis. I can only vaguely recall one with a scary presence. Some ghosts flying around me. I couldn't see them but I could feel and hear them.

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