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    Thread: The Lucid Journey

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      The Lucid Journey

      It began as normal dream, but after a while I start to notice that something is wrong. I was at my old university and for some reason there was a shopping mall and big pool with real sand and fake waves inside the building. After the class over all the students were going to the pool, a girl invited me as well. All the girls were wearing monokini, I tried take off my clothes but under them I was with my childhood spiderman pajama, which make me lucid. So I ignored the the girls and I went on a journey.

      I flew to the end of town when I saw a shorty young monk with a small flying car without a rooftop to fight a jelly-like monster. I decided why not to tag along, so I got myself attacked by the monster and injured in the process. He defeated the monster with a fire attack and it came to my help. He was shocked and almost was about to cry.

      the monk - "Why you jump in front of the monster, are you have a death wish. Are you hurt?"

      me - "I know that you are gonna save me, so I take his attention away" and show him my injury.

      the monk - "The jelly monster poison attack is incurable, you don't have much time left, I can't save you"

      The poison was eroding my skin and it stung horribly. I don't wanted the dream to end there, so I used my lucid powers to cure myself.

      me - "See I have superpowers as well, don't cry I won't die so easy. So what is your mission, lets tag along"

      the monk - "So you are master of the ancient arts as well. My mission is to find and defeat the Dark Lord before he destroy the world, but I'm not sure am I strong enough, so I will appreciate your help. But my car is too small for both of us." he was full of energy again.

      me - "Don't worry I can make my own car" and I create from thin air a car like his.

      the monk - "Lol you are so experienced"

      me - "What is our first destination then"

      the monk - "I got a distress call from the nearby city, so we are going there to help the rebellion force, lets get going" (I will keep it short, because it will become too long)

      We flew in the direction of the city and fight with a lot of different monsters along the way(like in a
      fantasy RPG game). We reached the beacon of the distress call and randevu with the rebellion force. We moved to an abandoned hotel to discuss our plan for the attack and rest. We used one of the hotel conference rooms. We were around twenty people in total, man and womans. In the middle of the meeting it seems my old dream scenario interconnected with this one. Because I was informed that the ally of the Dark Lord - the Dark Magician attacked and destroyed the university where I was.

      As one of chosen ones I became popular very fast. I saw a young woman that was giving me a strange gaze, which make me very nervous. (there was a lot of talk at the meeting which I will skip) At the way to my appointed room for rest, I saw the woman hiding behind the corner and peeking at me. I enter my room and closed the door, when somebody knock at it. It was her, she was a brown haired with green eyes, looked like an angel. She wanted to show her my superpowers and we talk a lot after that. I'm only gonna say it was a STRIKE and I will skip to the morning.

      Going outside the park we were holding hands, when I got a strange feeling running across my spine, the dream was about to end. It already began to destabilize, a pink cat turn into black cat in front of my eyes. We sat at the nearby bench, the sky was turning from blue to green to yellow, but she didn't noticed. I doesn't have much time left, so I told her the truth.

      me - "Jenny, I can use superpowers, because I'm lucid and we are in my dream, but the dream is about to end and I really don't want to let go of your hand, because I really love you"

      She took it surprisingly well.
      Jenny - "What will happen next?"

      me - "I'm not sure, there are different theories, some say that everything will disappear and cease to exist when I wake up, others say this world will continue on its own in some way, but I don't know for sure" - the landscape around us started to change and morph away, but she still didn't notice.

      She put her warm hand on my cheek and smiled.
      Jenny - "I think everything will be alright" as she was melting away like a colorful steam

      Everything around me disappeared and I end up in the black void, after a moment I woke up. I felt pain and emptiness in my heart.

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      One of the best things I read lately ))
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      Really enjoyable read. It sounds like it was quite an experience.
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      Dreams are real while they last. Can we say more of life? - Havelock Ellis

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      interesting indeed

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