Today I have couple of visualizations at the end of my sleep and it seems some of them were triggered because of a dream I had one day before America President elections, I dreamed of Biden with his man's going to a place where votes are stored and give orders to people who store them to dump away chunk of them into garbage, just enough to win in the important states. Two days after that I watched a news report about votes found in garbage for Trump.

I'm not visualize the whole thing, I just wish for a door, a light or a room and everything appears on its own and have a life on itself. I feel my body the entire time and I know it's just an visualization, but I have some thoughts on back of my mind as well.

I visualize a light and a wide open space and suddenly I'm on a hill watching something that looks like a huge powerplant, machines are digging into the ground and emmiting strong light, I never saw something like that before, I have a thought on back of my mind: "those bastards are taking the earth life force and selling it for money, they must pay the price", a sudden explosion and another two after it, which lead to a chain reaction and everything disapear into the light;

I feel that I'm looking at a light bulb, so I look around and seems I'm in a Museum of some sort(everything is very vivid and I still feel my body), there are huge halls with pictures and statues, a soft red carpet beneath my feets, the drawings are so good that I literally want to take pictures of them, but I'm disappointed that I can't take them with me, I'm walking down the hall and I see the door for the staircase, I crossed it but someone behind me shut it close, lights go out but I can't open the door, I see a door on the other side of the stairs opens and then close, there are someone with me in the dark, I hear incoming footsteps and I immediately starting to visualize a room;

I'm in a room in small apartment, I look outside through a window, it's a rainy night, there is a big TV and I deside to turn it on, a emergency CNN news are broadcasting about Trump, which is refusing to surrender authority of the White House, troops and police forces are on streets patrolling and take in custody or shot on sight everyone who are against his Authority, suddenly on back of my mind I have thoughts about my family being in danger, everything become dark;

I see someone walking on below me and enter inside him, I'm on some street and walking straight ahead with other people, a police forces are coming and said aloud we are violating the night hour and must be arrested, everyone start running in all directions, police start shooting and kill anyone on sight, a police car stop in front of me, in back of my mind I have a strong desire to kill them, I pull a shotgun out of my jacket and empty all six rounds on them and I run away, everything become dark again;

I'm on a street, I look around and see a sign Kingston and five, there is a little Dinary around the corner. I try to enter but is locked, so I bust the door, I see a stand full of sweets and I take a chocolate pudding and a bottle of Pepsi cola, I'm thinking how in visualization I can enjoy such a good taste, suddenly a power outage and everything become dark, I hear explosions outside one after another and automatic gunfire, I hear Tanks and helicopters in the air, at back of my mind I have a thought, the War has started. I have a feeling that I want to fly away and I'm starting to float above in the sky to a more peaceful place;

I settle down on an empty silent street and in front of me there is a house, on the door on the house a large sign says Home, I open the the door and see a light, the ligt of morning sunshine, I have opened my eyes, I try to visualize one more time but nothing happens.