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      Hi! I was about to tell you here that it was nice seeing you in chat today. I hope you come back again. And thanks for friending me. to DreamViews
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    *sigh* I don't know what to write...Hmmm,I guess I'm a girl?And I'd been described as very sad and depressing sometimes,but also happy.I know,it doesn't make sense,how do you be sad,yet happy?Well,I guess in another word,I'm moody.

    So I graduated from an all female high school and middle school,so I'm really scared at boys because it's been six years NOT talking to boys excluding family members and relatives.So I guess I'm pretty shy sometimes...And tend to shy away.

    But sometimes,I can be brave too ya know?When necessary.

    I don't even know how many people who will read this,but if you do...

    I guess,I'll say..."wow...that really flatters me." :D

    There's really nothing interesting about me,I'm just...Me. :)
    Somewhere over the rainbow,way up high~
    I can't stay with one hobby,I get bored easily.
    How you found us:
    Google bruh XD


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    Fantasy Venice and a man I will never remember

    by Aquaries on 12-12-2015 at 07:48 AM
    In this dream,I woke up and saw that I was living inside a huge tree.I was wearing a unique attire and I didn't seem to realise that this is a dream,I thought it was real,so in a way,maybe this is a false awakening?Because I really believed I was a shaman in it and have a strange superpower,connecting the realm to another realms.

    I went out of my 'tree',and did I mention that everything was black and white?It was like a classical movie and everything was so slow motion and it was killing me.A description of the place outside my 'tree' will be a river.A long river,with lanterns floating on it.The lanterns were not lighted.The river was like,a road,people walked on it just like we normally do on real surface.It was beautiful,really.And there was the biggest tree which I guessed to be the mayor's house,and I went there.(Oh,the roots of the trees were flooded because of the river,it's like the town of venice,but replace the houses with trees.)

    What I saw inside the mayor's tree were four different people,two women,two men.(I was a man in this dream)The two women were both mage and healer,and the men were warriors.The mayor seemed to give us a mission,and the entire scene shifted to reveal the five of us outside,but this time,the peaceful and serenity of the village was changed to a chaotic environment.Evil dragons and witches attacked the village and we fought them.

    The scene immediately changed again to a big tree.The 'door' was locked from the inside,but I found a way to get in.Apparently,at the top of the tree was a big hole,and I jumped into it.My comrades were waiting for me unlocking the door from the inside,but I met an enemy.

    The enemy was my 'friend'.I never saw him before,but I got the feeling we'd met.He tried to kill me,and I yelled at him for being a betrayer.I quickly ran to the door,because it was impossible to fight him,and went out of the tree,then everything became pitch black.

    I tried to see through the darkness but to no avail,so all I did was appreciate it,and find comfort in it.After some time,I woke up for real,and thus,the dream ended.

    Updated 12-12-2015 at 07:50 AM by Aquaries

    non-lucid , false awakening , memorable

    Cliche Zombie Apocalypse

    by Aquaries on 12-11-2015 at 10:17 AM
    Well,we all know what the title means,folks!People turning into zombies and stuffs.And for some reasons you become the survivor and all that cliche things.Well in this dream,I became the only survivor.(although I really rather die than running away from zombies,I mean,my tired face in that dream was so hilarious! )

    So I was the only human and to start over a new human generation will be impossible because I couldn't really give birth to a baby with all the corrupted dicks,right?...Eh,that will be very disturbing.

    But back to the chase,I tried very hard to escape from all the zombies,climbing up the roof of a building and there I was watching the eiffel tower from afar....With a horny zombie treating the tower like a dildo.(I will never see the tower like I used to,ever again.Damn it,horny zombie.)and to distract myself from the inappropriate view,I looked down,only to see angry mobs of zombies,NOT chasing me,but making love with each other.(Angry sex...Whoa)

    As I was doing nothing on the roof,while also being forever alone*sigh*,more and more baby zombies were born and soon earth was just a pile of zomibies having sexual intercourses...Bondage...Doggy style...Big 69-You get the point guys.They also did it with the youngsters.


    And I was still ignored.

    I couldn't remember much after this,but the dream ended with me shooting all the zombies and waving a flag,yelling,

    "Now there is no more milk pudding and white balloon!"...Which is totally not related with the zombie dream,depending on its real context,of course.

    Something about a gold ring and a nervous partner

    by Aquaries on 12-09-2015 at 04:10 AM
    In my dream earlier I was going shopping with my relatives and at some point two of my closest cousins left me alone and walked as quickly away from me as possible.Then I gave up searching for them and as I turned my head to the left,I saw a chinese lady in a gold accessory shop.To be honest,I'm not really into all these gold and silver jewelleries but in my dream,I went to her and commence observing all the expensive things.

    I saw many rings with jade,amethyst,garnet,ruby but what attracted me the most was the classic gold one with white diamond welded onto it.At this stage,I remembered to do some reality check and I realised this was a dream.Weirdly,the chinese lady,apparently knew I was realising the very fact and she totally urged me to buy the ring.She started speaking in a fast pace that I honestly couldn't fathom and gave me all the paper so I could sign it and bought it.The dream started crashing at this point and the scene blurred,turning into one,black view.

    Somehow,I was transferred to a fancy,posh restaurant and I was wearing this golden gown and beautiful necklace.I was acting very ladylike on contrary to my real self.( that made me wanna laugh so badly)My partner was a raven haired and blue eyed guy who looked so nervous and puked everytime I wanna speak,he said he was so 'mesmerised'.(cue me laughing again in real life when I woke up)We ate for a while and after we finished,he took me out for some fresh air and kissed me...Of course,he already wiped clean his mouth.

    I woke up after that,feeling so weirded out by my dream.Maybe it's a sign that I will soon become a woman? Uh-oh,I better cherish my youth before it's too late then.

    After all,girls just wanna have fun.

    Updated 12-09-2015 at 04:14 AM by Aquaries (because there are some details that is not precise and ambiguous.)


    The boss in me

    by Aquaries on 12-08-2015 at 04:13 AM
    Before I tell you about my dream,I might as well tell you what must have triggered this.From what I can assumed,it must be due to me being a pushover(according to my friends) and doing anything to appease people from their fury...I guess?

    Well,so I slept with all my insecurities and worries,but who doesn't nowadays?(me:that's depressing)

    Okay,without any more delay,in my dream was me,wearing this expensive black suit and all those clothes the men in black would wear,but in my case,woman in black(...or girl in black because I don't think I mature enough to be a woman,no hate please)and I must say I looked quite impressive.

    Jokes aside,so this girl in black(me)went into a class full of rowdy and boisterous teenagers,as I know most of you will experienced back in the high school life,and the jocks started throwing paper planes and rubbish to me.

    Now if this was the pushover me,I would probably just smile and told them to shut the [bleeeep] off,but not in this dream,I yelled at them.The sound of my voice booming though,silenced them teenagers,lol.Even I was creeped out of myself.

    And then I saw the looks on their faces,they were frightened and it seemed I scared the bejesus outta them....Which somehow feels so satisfying.

    And I started controlling them in a way they became puppets to me,and everything went black after that.

    Now I remember waking up after this,and I gasped.And I was somehow relieved that it was just a dream,but then I removed my blanket,and I was still wearing the same suit.

    That was when I became so shock,and I tried to figure out what date it was,and I read the calendar but I couldn't fathom what it reads.

    I guess due to my extreme shock,I woke up for real.Turns out it was just a dream within a dream


    But that boss in me though,I wonder if I started becoming like that,will people stop controlling me?

    I'll be the boss only when necessary then.

    Updated 12-08-2015 at 10:39 AM by Aquaries