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      I internet. I have been away from the battlefields.
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      I only play one game. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/900972751362711649/12B6E7BCE767529EBCFC91B19232A2D025BF7D4F/
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      You should download the PSO2 character creator. download.pso2.jp/PSO2_CC.zip

      Look, I made a Judith: i44.tinypic.com/11lh6w5.jpg
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      It is exactly this kawaii {_____________}

      Which is to say, fairly kawaii.

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      Same look.
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    8. Let's see what we can do!
      I am also suspicious of your motives. ^ ~ Q
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      What a nice thing to say! ^ ~ ^

      I'm suspicious of your motives. ^ ~ ^
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      Well I'll have you know that if you choose Zelos, your POPS stays SAFE AT HOME.

      Think about it!
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    Granny's House

    by GestaltAlteration on 07-11-2010 at 10:30 PM

    In Grandmother's old house I lay on the living room floor watching the giant old television. I put a DVD on of some old show where a large cast sat around an oval table and acted poorly. There was also a segment of some talk show on medieval topics. The hosts tried to be funny but no one in the audience laughs. It seems I have six whole seasons of this show on DvD and watch it for hours. Eventually I look into the display of my phone and discover I can touch the screen and take out huge chunks of geography across the Earth. Later, out for a bit with the family we seem to be walking about a series of buildings next to an ocean. The others want to go to a restaurant so I point out a boat by the white support beam of a bridge above us. The vessel would take us to a restaurant floating on the water.

    Back in Granny's house Kyle and I were in the spare room off the entrance playing a card game that involved a fish tank and submerging the cards strategically. After this game I left for the kitchen area where, instead of the stairwell to the right, there was a queen size mattress. My friend JAH was sleeping on it. My mom was near and told me that there were mushrooms growing in the toilet from someone's poop. I went to see the offending toilet and found four thin and yellow shrooms and a short plump green one. I got the idea that pouring hand-washing soup into the toilet would detach the mushroom's roots and we could flush them. I returned to where JAH was and got distracted trying to wake him up so we could do something fun. He didn't seem interested.

    Fragments II

    by GestaltAlteration on 07-11-2010 at 01:41 AM

    Didn't sleep long and therefore only remember one small snippet.

    Dr. John Watson from Sherlock Holmes was narrating a dreamviews dream entry complete with images. He told a story of a werewolf.
    dream fragment

    A Chain of Dreams

    by GestaltAlteration on 07-10-2010 at 02:56 AM

    I woke up every hour after approximately four hours and recalled something each time.

    #1) Shim Lake

    The family drove up a road winding around a steep mountain. Past the guardrail I could see a beautiful shimmering body of water. Someone said it was called Shim Lake. We got to a resort of sorts. Next thing I remember I'm near the top floor sitting on a comfortable seat by a library. With a handheld device I am able to hear what other people around me are reading. Meanwhile, a friend sits in a garage-like room playing Everquest 2. His computer has an improbable amount of wires dropping down from the monitor.

    #2) PCS

    Back in my old high school the class is about to go on a post-graduation vacation but in order to go you had to fill out seven questions and write an essay (oddly similar to a dream I had a year or so ago). Matt D. is the only friend there in a dark wood interior. I finish the essay and two questions when I find out there's only an hour left. Feeling hopeless I ask Matt to let me copy off him but he isn't keen on the idea. I skip ahead and see the vacation spot which looks like a cartoonish city with a bright, elaborate sky. It's unclear whether or not I attended.

    #3) Mark75

    On some trip inside a carpeted room with two couches facing each other. Otherwise it was pretty empty. Mark75 happened to be there and he seemed preoccupied with a Sony PSP. He had short brown hair and wore huge sunglasses with swirls drawn over the lenses with a white marker. I asked what he was playing but he deliberately ignored me. Looking into the sunglasses I saw the reflection of Wario. I got bored and made an "eee" sound upon which Mark mimicked it in a goofy high-pitched tone. Later Mark wanted to use fishtank message board so he got on my computer but got distracted by looking through my image folder. I told him he'd be looking forever since I had been adding to that folder for well over a decade. I also recall a FOnewearl and a fish being somewhere in the dream but can't place where.

    #4) Awkward Church Skit

    My old teacher Mrs. Trejo was putting on a play during a church service. The play was of the Genesis story but instead of Adam and Eve there were two Eves. They both deliver nonsensical lines until one slips and says the F-word. The pastor looks dumbfounded and the actress is shocked at letting herself say such a thing in front of a church crowd. I recall at least a minute of deafening silence before the actress tries to continue the skit in a shaky and embarrassed voice.

    #5) Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentucky Kingdom was open again and I was entering line to the wooden roller coaster "Thunder Run". The line was more like a path through a field and I found myself dodging a lot of running kids moving in the opposite direction. Climbing the stairway and getting to the loading area I see the ride is more of a slow and boring version of Tilt-A-Whirl. The padded carts only held one person and were painted blue. A woman looking to be in her thirties made some comment on the poor American economy to which I reply in agreement. We get to talking and stop by a soda vending machine behind the stairs that gives less than an ounce of drink. We go back to get more later but it turns out having a second drink costs twenty cents. I tell her I have no money on me. She offers to pay but I decline after due thanks.

    Rare Media

    by GestaltAlteration on 07-07-2010 at 09:43 PM

    Entering the basement of an old country style shop I see oak shelves, vinyl records, cassette and DVDs lined everywhere for sale. I slip into a side room where famous actress Uzuki Yashiro (her appearance is that from the TWEWY video game) who shied away from technology but still used a message board service. She had a rare copy of one of the movies she played in and wanted to trade it for some other rare type of media. I later found out that just about everything there had to be traded for and couldn't be purchased with cash. Beyond all logic I wind up with the rare movie. Thinking nothing of it I leave again into the main area.

    A cowboy kind of guy had a towel on the ground had stacked up about fifty copies of a limited edition CD featuring Trace Adkin's "Muddy Water". I recall it being a black flip-open kind of case with bright colored writing. He had a customer on the other end of the towel who placed two CDs down wanting to trade. I recall being shocked because the two CDs were super valuable.
    I don't recall what. The cowboy wordlessly took them and gave the customer the Adkin CD. Later he began complaining because he didn't get the customer's cell phone number. In general he was a very terse and rude individual. On leaving I say goodbye and he says "yeah, good afternoon," in an impatient and forced way.

    The dream changes a bit as I enter the scene of a movie. It's a dangerous city street where some homeless teenagers and myself are packed in a grassy alley hiding out under sheets on some thrown away beds. One by one someone sneaks out to get a drink from the vending machine nearby. When I try to get up I experience a severe case of vertigo and everything around warps around unusually. I tell the others this. Some wise-craking leather jacket kid who I assumed was the main character of the movie took me and laid me down under an old grandma who was there with us. I wasn't amused and returned to my spot.

    Morning came and I'm told to stay concealed under the sheets as danger lurks. Some rowdy punks approach. Somehow a younger woman had gotten in bed with us homeless people and, for whatever reason, we had to look like we were having promiscuous sex with her or face getting beaten to a pulp. The jacket kid says they'll keep up the act while we get away. I get out of the sheets and the two of us walk towards the punks who seem convinced that we meet their standards. One of the bullies asks me who's sleeping with the woman. The jacket kid looks at me and says in an exaggerated voice "It was Rommel, right?" I nod, thinking he had some motive in lying about the name.

    Fragment I

    by GestaltAlteration on 07-07-2010 at 09:37 PM

    #1) The evil group Metarex from the anime Sonic X were standing in such a way to form a plus sign. The environment was dark like a void. A giant marble came crashing towards them.

    #2) I was in a dining room of a 19th century home. All the furniture was covered with white sheets but candles on stands were still placed over the long table. Some grown men and women wearing modern day clothing were there and lit the candles. It seems we were trapped in a 19th century version of Battle Royale.

    Below were notes made upon waking. Don't recall.

    - Radio
    - Hotel
    - Road home
    - Woman
    - Went to sleep.
    dream fragment