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    Join the whole gang on some wild and wacky adventures through the U.S.E.R.-verse!

    1. Granny's House

      by , 07-11-2010 at 10:30 PM (GA's DJ)

      In Grandmother's old house I lay on the living room floor watching the giant old television. I put a DVD on of some old show where a large cast sat around an oval table and acted poorly. There was also a segment of some talk show on medieval topics. The hosts tried to be funny but no one in the audience laughs. It seems I have six whole seasons of this show on DvD and watch it for hours. Eventually I look into the display of my phone and discover I can touch the screen and take out huge chunks of geography across the Earth. Later, out for a bit with the family we seem to be walking about a series of buildings next to an ocean. The others want to go to a restaurant so I point out a boat by the white support beam of a bridge above us. The vessel would take us to a restaurant floating on the water.

      Back in Granny's house Kyle and I were in the spare room off the entrance playing a card game that involved a fish tank and submerging the cards strategically. After this game I left for the kitchen area where, instead of the stairwell to the right, there was a queen size mattress. My friend JAH was sleeping on it. My mom was near and told me that there were mushrooms growing in the toilet from someone's poop. I went to see the offending toilet and found four thin and yellow shrooms and a short plump green one. I got the idea that pouring hand-washing soup into the toilet would detach the mushroom's roots and we could flush them. I returned to where JAH was and got distracted trying to wake him up so we could do something fun. He didn't seem interested.
    2. Fragments II

      by , 07-11-2010 at 01:41 AM (GA's DJ)

      Didn't sleep long and therefore only remember one small snippet.

      Dr. John Watson from Sherlock Holmes was narrating a dreamviews dream entry complete with images. He told a story of a werewolf.
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      dream fragment
    3. A Chain of Dreams

      by , 07-10-2010 at 02:56 AM (GA's DJ)

      I woke up every hour after approximately four hours and recalled something each time.

      #1) Shim Lake

      The family drove up a road winding around a steep mountain. Past the guardrail I could see a beautiful shimmering body of water. Someone said it was called Shim Lake. We got to a resort of sorts. Next thing I remember I'm near the top floor sitting on a comfortable seat by a library. With a handheld device I am able to hear what other people around me are reading. Meanwhile, a friend sits in a garage-like room playing Everquest 2. His computer has an improbable amount of wires dropping down from the monitor.

      #2) PCS

      Back in my old high school the class is about to go on a post-graduation vacation but in order to go you had to fill out seven questions and write an essay (oddly similar to a dream I had a year or so ago). Matt D. is the only friend there in a dark wood interior. I finish the essay and two questions when I find out there's only an hour left. Feeling hopeless I ask Matt to let me copy off him but he isn't keen on the idea. I skip ahead and see the vacation spot which looks like a cartoonish city with a bright, elaborate sky. It's unclear whether or not I attended.

      #3) Mark75

      On some trip inside a carpeted room with two couches facing each other. Otherwise it was pretty empty. Mark75 happened to be there and he seemed preoccupied with a Sony PSP. He had short brown hair and wore huge sunglasses with swirls drawn over the lenses with a white marker. I asked what he was playing but he deliberately ignored me. Looking into the sunglasses I saw the reflection of Wario. I got bored and made an "eee" sound upon which Mark mimicked it in a goofy high-pitched tone. Later Mark wanted to use fishtank message board so he got on my computer but got distracted by looking through my image folder. I told him he'd be looking forever since I had been adding to that folder for well over a decade. I also recall a FOnewearl and a fish being somewhere in the dream but can't place where.

      #4) Awkward Church Skit

      My old teacher Mrs. Trejo was putting on a play during a church service. The play was of the Genesis story but instead of Adam and Eve there were two Eves. They both deliver nonsensical lines until one slips and says the F-word. The pastor looks dumbfounded and the actress is shocked at letting herself say such a thing in front of a church crowd. I recall at least a minute of deafening silence before the actress tries to continue the skit in a shaky and embarrassed voice.

      #5) Kentucky Kingdom

      Kentucky Kingdom was open again and I was entering line to the wooden roller coaster "Thunder Run". The line was more like a path through a field and I found myself dodging a lot of running kids moving in the opposite direction. Climbing the stairway and getting to the loading area I see the ride is more of a slow and boring version of Tilt-A-Whirl. The padded carts only held one person and were painted blue. A woman looking to be in her thirties made some comment on the poor American economy to which I reply in agreement. We get to talking and stop by a soda vending machine behind the stairs that gives less than an ounce of drink. We go back to get more later but it turns out having a second drink costs twenty cents. I tell her I have no money on me. She offers to pay but I decline after due thanks.
    4. Rare Media

      by , 07-07-2010 at 09:43 PM (GA's DJ)

      Entering the basement of an old country style shop I see oak shelves, vinyl records, cassette and DVDs lined everywhere for sale. I slip into a side room where famous actress Uzuki Yashiro (her appearance is that from the TWEWY video game) who shied away from technology but still used a message board service. She had a rare copy of one of the movies she played in and wanted to trade it for some other rare type of media. I later found out that just about everything there had to be traded for and couldn't be purchased with cash. Beyond all logic I wind up with the rare movie. Thinking nothing of it I leave again into the main area.

      A cowboy kind of guy had a towel on the ground had stacked up about fifty copies of a limited edition CD featuring Trace Adkin's "Muddy Water". I recall it being a black flip-open kind of case with bright colored writing. He had a customer on the other end of the towel who placed two CDs down wanting to trade. I recall being shocked because the two CDs were super valuable.
      I don't recall what. The cowboy wordlessly took them and gave the customer the Adkin CD. Later he began complaining because he didn't get the customer's cell phone number. In general he was a very terse and rude individual. On leaving I say goodbye and he says "yeah, good afternoon," in an impatient and forced way.

      The dream changes a bit as I enter the scene of a movie. It's a dangerous city street where some homeless teenagers and myself are packed in a grassy alley hiding out under sheets on some thrown away beds. One by one someone sneaks out to get a drink from the vending machine nearby. When I try to get up I experience a severe case of vertigo and everything around warps around unusually. I tell the others this. Some wise-craking leather jacket kid who I assumed was the main character of the movie took me and laid me down under an old grandma who was there with us. I wasn't amused and returned to my spot.

      Morning came and I'm told to stay concealed under the sheets as danger lurks. Some rowdy punks approach. Somehow a younger woman had gotten in bed with us homeless people and, for whatever reason, we had to look like we were having promiscuous sex with her or face getting beaten to a pulp. The jacket kid says they'll keep up the act while we get away. I get out of the sheets and the two of us walk towards the punks who seem convinced that we meet their standards. One of the bullies asks me who's sleeping with the woman. The jacket kid looks at me and says in an exaggerated voice "It was Rommel, right?" I nod, thinking he had some motive in lying about the name.
      Tags: movie
    5. Fragment I

      by , 07-07-2010 at 09:37 PM (GA's DJ)

      #1) The evil group Metarex from the anime Sonic X were standing in such a way to form a plus sign. The environment was dark like a void. A giant marble came crashing towards them.

      #2) I was in a dining room of a 19th century home. All the furniture was covered with white sheets but candles on stands were still placed over the long table. Some grown men and women wearing modern day clothing were there and lit the candles. It seems we were trapped in a 19th century version of Battle Royale.

      Below were notes made upon waking. Don't recall.

      - Radio
      - Hotel
      - Road home
      - Woman
      - Went to sleep.
    6. Beach Science and Combat

      by , 07-06-2010 at 09:08 PM (GA's DJ)

      It began on muddy waters of an ocean (no idea why the ocean was muddy) with two giant engine-propelled rafts moving while facing each other and keeping a consistent distance apart. Each raft had four players. one was a driver, another a turret gunner and two near the back a rifleman, possible Master Chief from Halo, and an RPG holder. I was the latter in the back right corner where the rocky shore was close to my right flank. I recall running up and popping off rockets that killed a lot of my opponents. I only had three shots though and ran for whatever little cover I could find when the opponent RPG holder lobbed rockets towards us. I recall getting slain.

      Later that afternoon on the beach I came before a five-story Japanese style building on the shoreline with dozens of docks branching out from it in all directions. Turns out it was a research center. My two younger cousins were running around inside as it was their birthday. Stumbling upon their presents all on a giant table I find my mom there and try opening one of the small black boxes. Surprisingly she doesn't get mad at this.

      Later I run into a very old looking man with decaying teeth and only some hair remaining. He recognizes me in amazement yet I do not. I pick my brain and realize he was a teacher a few years ago. He asks how I still looked so incredibly young to which I respond I'm the son of the student he remembers. He does not question further and neither do I seem to question the reason I've (or he has) apparently leapt ahead in time. He takes me down a set of stairs into his secret laboratory that's really just a bright white carpeted area with a hot tub installed and a bunch of workers chatting around said tub. There was even a sink in the corner with a Dexter's Laboratory toy and a sliding glass door where you could look out upon the ocean.

      Leaving, I end the dream walking along the planks over the sand where the place is now bustling with thousands of young adults. They're all talking about how today was the last day of school. Some students mistake me as one who'll join them on some field trip. I feel kind of bad that I can't share their happiness but shrug it off.
      Tags: combat, ocean, teacher
    7. Broken Toys

      by , 07-05-2010 at 11:52 PM (GA's DJ)

      Much like the past few dreams it was dark and rainy. I was a passenger in a super low-riding car in the back left seat. There were no car doors. We (me and others I didn't identify until the end) came and stopped at a red light with lots of vehicles in front and behind. I was playing a DS game at the time. Instead of putting my DS (as well as a GBA and Alphasmart Neo I had with me) on the seat next to me when I was finished I put them on the road that was almost horizontal to my seat. When the car started up again I realized my error and told them to stop. Unfortunately the cars behind got impatient and began honking horns to high heavens. I told them to just go on and I leapt from the car. Enough distance had been made before I jumped out that I had some ways to walk to get to my assets.

      I found my GBA on the road smashed with exposed microchips and shattered screen. My DS and Neo were by a black man sitting on some stairs leading up to an apartment building. He asked me what the Neo was and I told him it was an electronic typewriter. He acted like he wanted to buy mine. I told him mine looked pretty busted up and gave him the website to buy his own. After profuse thanks I gathered the items and prepared to leave. The black man didn't seem satisfied with my thanks and kept acting like he wanted me to give him something. In the end he wound up spitting on my hand and my hair for no good reason. I told him I had had enough and quickly retreated.

      The rain picked up. My DS was bent and the stylus twisted at an odd angle. The game I had been playing, much akin to "The World Ends With You," had screwed up audio and the picture fizzled and became blurred at times. I felt most sad about not being able to finish the game I had become so engrossed with. I continued up the street wondering if I would ever again run into the people I had been riding with. Near a parking lot a beautiful, tall woman with long ebony hair holding a tiny cocktail umbrella acted like she knew me. She held the little umbrella over me catching but few of the raindrops and led me to where a giant white SUV was parked. Odd that our low-riding car grew such big wheels. The driver came out. He was Sho, the guy in my avatar, or also a character I adopted for M.E.I. Network Act VIII named Brent.

    8. Quilts

      by , 07-05-2010 at 11:37 PM (GA's DJ)

      In a comfy carpeted room with a giant bed straight ahead and a bunk bed to the right I stood there admiring the two quilts. One was gray and the other red. I had on a ski mask for whatever reason and had come home from JCC, referring the dream I had earlier today. Mom and I had talked briefly about getting the right classes. Dad came in and picked me up by the neck playful in the context of the dream but it would obviously hurt in real life and only put me back down when he saw a UK logo on the ski mask. Later that night I'm sitting on a comfy chair before a TV in some corner. Sitting next to me on some leather seats is my uncle Jon and some rich fictional fellow with a monocle complete with rare breed of cat purring on his lap. The television media (most likely Fox News based on color scheme) starts talking about my brother Kyle and how he represented some company that insulted a famous celebrity. The celeb wants Kyle put away for fourteen some odd years. I'm shocked by this. The rich fellow asserts that the charge will most certainly be dropped since my brother was merely representing a company and was not a free agent on the matter. I feel a little better.
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    9. Action Guy

      by , 07-05-2010 at 06:54 PM (GA's DJ)

      The dream began in a classroom on a stool by a high brown table. My old high school friend Matt D. was there and the teacher was before a small chalk board. She was white-haired and scrawny and began teaching on a subject that made absolutely no sense using bogus terms. Eventually I ask what she's talking about only to have her get really pissy with me. I mutter to Matt that I'll have to drop this class who replies he will too. The rest of the students seem to have no issue following along. Later the teacher has everyone spell out a word and change it to capitol letters, noting how the "stems have changed." I thought this part easy but somehow I missed the entire point as it related to some imaginary complex mathematical principal. I tell Matt how frustrated I am to continually get paired with terrible teachers who never take the time to actually teach. I then remind him how last semester at UofL caused me chronic depression for over two months.

      After class a fellow student comes up and tells us we have to visit the counselor on Thursday for lunch tickets and Matt exclaims we don't have that long to waste. I say we must get a new class by Tuesday, being tomorrow. I part ways and go into a lobby of sorts that reminds me of the interior of a Busch Gardens building. It's dark and rainy out the windows and it dawns on me that I'm back at JCC. I place my red backpack on a ledge where the white-haired teacher storms past, rummages through my backpack, finds a dollar bill near the top, seems to get bored and leaves without taking the bill. Someone who witnessed the scene laughs.

      Eager to go get a new class I realize my next one begins in fifteen minutes. I look at a schedule to find it's some sort of "Justice" class at the one-hundred level. I find and read a description about how one learns to become an action girl or action guy. These crime fighters can phase into an astral realm. Perfect for stealthy operations. I see that the class is in the "Special Interest" building. I picture in my head Southeast Christian Church (shoutout to a dream I had possibly years ago) but wish to confirm it. I run up and ask a man but am interrupted by a girl who wants his attention. I wait only to find the man has transformed into a woman on looking again. This time I use the term "ma'am" only to get a "wish I knew" response. I return to my backpack. When I try to pick it up it collapses apart and books fly everywhere. I sigh, getting out a PB&J sandwich and wishing JAH still went to school with me, at this point too flabbergasted to gather my belongings together. An older lady sitting in a chair watches me. I learn she herself is an action girl. I feel a legitimate excitement for my next class, however, but I'll never know if it was any good seeing as how I woke up.
    10. Creepy Semester

      by , 07-04-2010 at 09:06 PM (GA's DJ)

      I live in an apartment near a new school campus of sorts. It's five stories high surrounded by a bustling town with churches, monuments and busy roads. My brother and I are roommates and we both have girlfriends with us. Mine is a plump black-haired woman and while nice I'm surprised to find I have absolutely no feelings towards her. We had supposedly gone out for a long time and she was about to leave with her dad to do something for a couple of days. I'm relieved and start to articulate plans to break up with her but am unable to come up with anything that wouldn't completely hurt her feelings. I'm playing some sort of card game when she comes in and asks point-blank if I wanted to come with her on this trip with her father. I feel pressured and mutter out a yes. It was then I realize I don't even know her name and look at an ID card she had nearby. My thoughts were "What would her dad think if I didn't know how to pronounce his daughter's name?" It was something weird and unlike real life so I don't recall the name now. Sometime soon after this I work up the courage to tell her that I want to break up. She takes this with both anger and sadness, and from then on intentionally ignores me. Still, I literally had just met her after all.

      My brother Kyle, his girlfriend and I go to the cafeteria in the school complex (complex being a better term than building given its fortress-like size and feel). One wall had a cutout where a stack of hay was piled up probably referencing the dream I had the night before. Rows of tables were set out each belonging to a certain family. The three of us began eating without regard to who the food belonged to and eventually worked our way into a corner where a bunch of pizza was lined up. One lady asked me how I knew the family who brought the pizza. Thinking Kyle might actually know I pointed to him and made up that he was acquainted with a gentleman in a business suit standing nearby. She didn't let it drop there and hailed Kyle over. On being asked Kyle got mad and began yelling so the whole cafeteria could hear that he ate the food of other people so he could get a tax write off. It made sense at the time.
      Moments after this I left alone.

      Being near the top floor I get into an elevator and press to go for the ground level. On the way down the lights go off, the elevator car slants slightly and a loud grating sound fills my ears. It soon becomes apparent that the elevator has stopped and I'm stuck within. I locate the emergency call button. It didn't work at first so I held it down. Red lights flash and an alarm sounds whereupon the elevator doors open. I'm between floors but there's enough space at the top for me to climb up and get free. A muscular man who knew me said he was paying me back a favor (I recall nothing about this) and there I meet up with a few nondescript fictional friends I supposedly knew. I pull out an old large journal to record the happenings. My friends want to go to the ground level and like a complete mook I suggest the elevator. We get in to find the floor opens up in the middle where anyone could fall to their doom. In fact, each level had such an opening floor. I advise the others to hug the wall when one of them, possibly the girl who was with Kyle, falls to the level below. She is unharmed but the floors seem to open up more. Eventually my friends each start falling. Then some chandelier-type fixture from the ceiling comes undone and crashes down. Each friend dies a horribly gory death. Making matters worse I kept rewinding time and watching the same scene over and over with no ability to help.
      There were a lot more incidents of death and disturbing injuries in this dream but the memory has faded on many of them.

      Somehow I make it down the elevator shaft only slightly scathed. Instead of being on the ground level I'm in the basement alone since everyone else was dead. I find an old cassette tape in a nightstand that stood in the center of that sewer-like environ. I began to ponder how using a tape recorder instead of a journal would be safer as I could be more alert-- seems I was writing in my journal when my friends initially fell. I forget how but I manage to weasel myself outside the school complex. I begin to wander the city. I pass by a group of nuns and a rivaling school that was much smaller in size. I take a break in front of a factory on a crate next to a row of bags, cans and broken computer monitors. Writing again in my journal a gruff worker notices me and starts a conversation having noticed I wrote "Act XIII" at the top of the page. I don't feel comfortable talking with him so I find a way to slip away.

      It becomes night. I lost my shirt somewhere and the rain feels cold. Some people look at me and mutter how the nuns wouldn't accept a poor man like myself. I come to a point where I must cross two six-lane roads. All I can see are oncoming headlights and the silhouette of a GIANT TARANTULA WALKING ON TWO LEGS creeping up behind me. Freaked I then must cross a busy street and stay clear of the rapidly approaching spider. On multiple occasion I swear I feel the fangs of the tarantula all the while dodging speeding cars in a frenzy. I make it to the other side and into a small supermarket. Conveniently a doctor, my dad and a few others were there to receive me. The doctor asks me strange questions to confirm I haven't been poisoned by the mutant spider. One involved seeing how well I could pray.

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    11. IUSE + DSi Chat 'n' Games

      by , 07-04-2010 at 03:52 AM (GA's DJ)

      Dream 01:

      It's night and I'm with dad visiting IUSE college campus. The building is lit up and reminds me of a pyramid with two sides stretched out horizontally longer. I find out the campus is actually split into two across Louisville (odd, being an Indiana school) and dad drives me to the other building to show me the way. Turns out one has to go over a crazy narrow road with sides that loops around and go vertical at certain points. My dad drove on the wrong side multiple times and I insist that I'd rather die than drive over such a crazy road. Once we reach our destination--I vaguely remember seeing a lit Farris Wheel--I get out and walk around. The part I see reminds me of a dark alley with flea market booths. I see advertisements for beer as I go along.

      Dream 02:

      In the back apartment of the Florida house I'm chatting with Ninja Poe Bear, someone I knew from AHD forums in 2003-2004, over the Nintendo DSi. We talk about this puzzle game involving moving across squares. While the conversation continues some of the letters on the keyboard begin vanishing making articulating what I want to say harder and harder. Supposedly the disappearing keys were part of the same game we were discussing.

      After this I envision part of the game as if it were reality. I was before a dark barn loft covered with hay that I wanted to climb into, despite being slightly scared to do so. I find a dim light once up there and am surprised to find some hobos. They seem hostile so I leave for a bit. I come back and the hobos have replaced the dim light for a really bright one and suddenly seem nicer. I don't stay long but instead head for the back of the loft where a door leads out into a bright and sunny desert town with stone buildings stacked upon one another. I see a few people and note a clothes line before returning to the loft. Apparently to exit I had to stuff myself into a small tan box that the hobos owned. I did so and sure enough my mind returned to the Florida house.

      I look out the glass sliding doors of the room and note a Kroger's where the driveway and neighbor's house should have been. I think about how I want both eggnog and nicotine gum but have neither the funds nor motivation to go over to it. My mom comes in insisting things be cleaned up and I retreat to a boxed in area I constructed using cardboard and other cheap materials for the purpose of isolation. I believe I got this from my friend JSD who had something like this made for himself IRL.

      I woke up. :3