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    I live underground

    by Sentaku on 03-10-2011 at 04:30 PM
    The only dream I can remember right now is that I was in this store to buy something and I felt really tired so I looked around and found two packages of Ephedrine and thought "That will wake me up for sure". I reached to grab a package and someone beside me grabbed both as I was grabbing one. I yanked one of the packages from his hands and said "Why thanks, you're so polite" and walked up to the counter, paid for it, and left.

    Of course I was almost instantly at my destination which happened to be a hole in the ground. I dove into the hole and it led to a small tunnel which I crawled my way through and lead into this large underground room full of people sitting around drinking and telling stories. I don't really remember the context of the story I told them but they gave me this bottle of glowing blue liquid. I thanked them and I drank it. It sort of tasted like Smirnoff Ice.

    Guitar for rap!

    by Sentaku on 03-09-2011 at 04:18 PM
    The first dream I remember was that my mother had a fatal disease and one day she went out for a walk with her fiancÚ and her disease took a turn for the worse and I was mourning her death.

    The next dream I remember was I that I was looking for places to do course work on a laptop that I had (In reality I don't have a laptop) in the worst possible place. The first place I went to was the theatres. There's a gap in my recall about what exactly happened in the theatres an I remeber leaving the theatres and walking into the parking lot where there is another gap in my recall... but the next place was a public cafeteria and I remember talking to some people there but I don't remember the conversations. In the end I remember somehow completing a whole unit in this dream despite the fact that I visited the worst places for concentration.

    The final dream I remember was that I was making guitar fills for different rap songs and Oneironaut was listening to them. I remember making solos for one song and warning him to only play it on half volume because I forgot to equalize it out and the volume of the guitar almost blew the speakers out. A few of the solos were pretty creative, I might actually try writing a few of them. It's kind of funny because one of them had Flying In A Blue Dream by Joe Satriani in it and I usually associate that song with flying in lucid dreams.

    I feel like there was one other dream I was quite excited to write down because of it's originality and it was an overall good dream. But obviously it can't be that good if I forgot it all... Hopefully I'll remember it later.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dangerous amusement park ride and MIND CONTROL

    by Sentaku on 03-03-2011 at 04:38 PM
    Well, I had a few other dreams before this but I was far too lazy to get up and write them down. Maybe I'll remember them later...

    I woke up and was too tired to look at the clock and I must have slipped back into a dream that I was sitting at this computer reading the DV chat and said to myself "Oh, the timestamp says it's only 7am, I can sleep for another hour or two"

    Next dream I was in an amusement park on this ride that was a giant yellow metal wheel that spun. You didn't get strapped in or secured to this wheel at all, you just held on for dear life. I found this quite easy to do and the ride was a lot of fun. I saw a kid on the ride next to me try to spit on someone on the ground and yelled "That's disgusting!" to the kid. I remember I was there with this couple that were in front of me and they said something to me but I don't quite remember what it was.

    The ride stopped, I got off and walked around the park for a minute and started to walk by this jungle-gym type thing and saw a blonde woman (Who looked a lot like Olivia from fringe) walk up and sit beside this young boy. Instantly I knew I was there to inject them with a mind control drug. I got a syringe out from my pocket and threw it like a dart at the woman and it hit her on her lower back. I didn't give the drug to the kid and I over heard the woman talking to her son about how he is suddenly uninterested in anything in school. Then I woke up.

    Updated 03-03-2011 at 10:47 PM by Sentaku


    Bank records

    by Sentaku on 03-02-2011 at 04:18 PM
    First dream all I can remember is me looking around my house saying "I think I should put my contacts in, I can't see anything..." but I never did put my contacts in.

    Next dream I was looking at my bank statement online on my iPod touch and I was wondering why I had less money than when I first looked at it since I didn't spend any money. It showed that 2 withdrawls of $12 came out for "bank fees". I showed my girlfriend and she said "you should probably call them" so I was about to reach for the phone and I said "Wait..." and looked at the date. One of them was a bank fee for February and one for March that came out on the same day, just late for February and early for march. Since my bank does weird crap like this sometimes I just let it slide

    Kind of a boring dream...

    Updated 03-02-2011 at 04:24 PM by Sentaku

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Really short flying attempt

    by Sentaku on 03-01-2011 at 03:22 PM
    It started like a lot of my LDs do. In the house I grew up in. I woke up at 10:30 AM (Yes, I could read the clock perfectly) and I didn't RC like I usually do. I walked down the hallway and into the living room and saw presents on the couch and chair and thought "That's strange, the only thing I can think of coming up is my birthday and that's more than a month away" I noticed the TV was playing something as I look at my hands because I notice how everything is quite strange and I hear an older style camera flash and see a flash come from my hand. So by this time I know something is strange and I do the Nose pinch RC and realize I'm dreaming.

    I walk out the front door and look around. It's a warm summer day (In reality it's a cold and crappy winter day). I enjoy the scene for a second, I look at the trees, the grass, the sky and I get the sudden urge to fly off. But before that I realize that the dream is sort of fading a bit so I rub my hands together and then rub my hand on the truck in the driveway and look around the scene one more time. The clarity has increased dramatically! I was absolutely amazed at how real everything was (Even though I've had many LDs that seemed this real, if not more clear than this). I decide it's time to take off and fly, I start running up the dirt road at incredible speed and jump. I start gliding through the air but then land again. I then remember Slash112 and his liking of Iron Man and thought I would give it a try. I imagine rockets on my hands and feet and aim them at the ground for takeoff. I fly sort of sideways into the trees and up into the air a bit, but then fell into the forest. I immediately try to take off again but the LD has faded too much and I wake up.

    I look at my clock and it's 10AM, I do the nose pinch RC again and realize... Sadly, I'm not dreaming