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    Ice Dungeon Lucid and FA

    by Shalink on 12-23-2013 at 12:50 AM
    Regular = Black
    Semi-Lucid = Red
    Lucid = Green
    Ice Dungeon

    Me and this group of explorers were heading to a dungeon for some reason that I wasn't aware of but that didn't stop me for going on anyway.
    So we reached this Dungeon and went in, it was a strange place and it was icy everywhere.
    Me and my group went up some stairs and came to a opening and there was a room that was rotating,
    I stopped to observe this strange room and went in, I then thought to myself "This is awful strange, am I dreaming?" I then proceeded to try a RC starting with the finger thru palm one and that didn't work so I tried again and got the same result then I did the plugged nose one and that didn't work, finally I tried to find something to read so I could test that and sure enough it worked and so I became semi-lucid , apparently I needed more convincing.
    I then entered the rotating room and kept sliding down I eventually got out of the room and I decided to just accept that this was a dream and with that thought I became lucid and went outside.

    So I was outside and I was wondering what I should do I then remembered that I am a part of a competition so I decided to try some flying I ran and leaped and thrust my arms forward like superman but it was short lived because I bent over and for some reason if I'm not as flat as a board I lose my ability to fly, for some reason my back was sore after that flying mishap.
    Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone chasing me, I felt like he was trying to kick my ass so I decided to get the fudge outta there.
    I then started to run down this street that was nearby, I was trying to run faster but it didn't work.
    I had the idea to pump my arms while I was running and it worked and I was so fast that I got tunnel vision.
    Then my dad showed up out of nowhere and then I got the idea to fight the guy chasing us and turned my upper body 180 degrees and somehow I was still running in the other direction.
    I then located the guy chasing me and came to an abrupt stop and clotheslined him.
    after that he got up and I focused on rock I flung it at his head with telekinesis and the dream ended.

    False Awakening
    I then awoke and my back was sore in the same place as the last dream so I assumed that it was from the chair I was sleeping in.
    So I got up and went to the kitchen and heard yelling upstairs, apparently there was a super serious game competition going on upstairs so I didn't think anything of it, and the dream ended

    dream competition night #5 two frags, dream and wbtb fail

    by Shalink on 12-17-2013 at 05:39 PM
    I am going to start off with the shortest one

    Fragment 1
    All I remember of this dream is some little kid asking if he could use my computer but I said no because I was using it.

    Fragment 2
    Well this dream was sort of like the game dead rising but the area was much smaller, it only used one street and it only went on for a single block.
    There were stores along both sides of the street but I mainly stuck the right side of the street because I didn't want to get killed by zombies.
    At the end of the street I was next to a fork on the ground so I decided to use it as a weapon.
    It was surprisingly effective as I was able to kill two zombies real quick like.
    I then saw a dog, I was assuming that the dog was a zombie dog so I tried to attack it but it kept running back and forth, so I then followed it down the alleyway in which it came from.
    I then picked up a wrench-like object and was able to land a blow on the dog's head and he let out a loud whimper I then realized that he was no zombie dog but he was my dog.
    I felt really bad after realizing that and I thought to my self. "What have I done?!"
    The dream faded soon after.

    WBTB attempt
    I stayed up for about 20-25 minutes thinking about the dream I just had and about becoming lucid, needless to say it failed

    Space dream
    So then I was thrust into this scenario in which I was part of an expanding empire that had the goal of making their empire, if you connected all the star systems with lines like connect the dots it would be in the shape of a ninja.
    They gave me a quick tutorial on how the ships traveled so fast by adding numbers and the more numbers were added the faster they were adding which I understood while in the dream but now it really doesn't make sense whatsoever.
    Also on a sidenote this dream was sort of like spore.
    I then was dispatched to help a ally escape from danger and I went off to help him but the ride was a long one so I watched a stream on the way there, the stream had DK64 playing.
    I then reached my location and helped my ally escape by blowing up a few enemy ships but before long I was sandwiched between two giant ships but I managed to break free only to crash straight into a even bigger ship which destroyed me instantly, luckily though I was respawned and went back into the fray this time I destroyed a few ships tailing my buddy and then we went back to our home system and ate at this weird diner which was retro and futuristic at the same time.
    The guy running the place asked me if I was interested in taking a biology class cause no one else wanted to and he had no other students, so I said "Sure I'll check it out." and after that it ended.

    Rafting down a river and fragment or halucination

    by Shalink on 12-15-2013 at 02:11 AM
    I've actually had a very similar dream to this before and maybe another time as well.

    So I was checking out a website about a competition that was taking place at the base of Minnesota river and on a video it showed previous winners and how they won, one was a young lady and the other was an old man. (I'm almost certain I witnessed the old man win in my previous dream.) so then I heard my mom shout for me that it was time to raft down the river so I went to what was pretty much google maps and looked at the river on the map before I went out.
    So as I was walking out every one was making there own raft to go down the river with so I grabbed a nice flat piece for the base and grabbed this interesting fence thing which sort of added a cubby looking thing on the back half of my raft.
    So I was going to attach the fence thing to the rest of my raft but the bottom half started going down stream but luckily my dad stopped it from going all the way down I then attached the two pieces together and I was going to catch up with my dad and my brother who started while I was putting my raft together.

    I then headed down stream and the river had turned into more of a slide of leaves and mud.
    After awhile I found that the leaves had turned red and there was spiky things which I noticed when I experienced a sharp pain in my foot and pulled off some weird looking thing.
    After awhile I noticed a crapload of spiders and bugs on me which creped me out severely but I stopped my self from freaking out to brush them off of me and while I was doing that I left my guard down and got another spiky thing in my foot, I then pulled it off and now was holding my feet in the air so I didn't get hurt again.
    After yet another while the stretch of red leaves ended and now the leaves were green again so the spiky things were gone and I had caught up with my dad and brother, my dad then pointed out berries that were hanging from vines so I took one and it was yummy, it was a very smooth berry and had the shape of a pear and the pattern of a strawberry.
    I then said "It's hot over here." my dad then responded "Then come up here it's a lot cooler." as he was climbing back up to the red leaves which made me question why he was doing that, weren't there spiky things up there?
    And then I said out loud confused about these events "Wait.. What?" then the dream promptly ended after my question.

    Now for the fragment or hallucination

    I was watching a pre-game warm-up for the Vikings against the chiefs (Those who watch or even know about American football will know what I'm talking about.) for a couple of minutes but the instance I tried to move it faded away so I'm not sure if it was a fragment or a hallucination?

    My Older Brothers House.

    by Shalink on 12-14-2013 at 12:50 AM
    Well I was at my older brothers house (this wasn't his actual house) and it was really cool.
    I remember that my close family was visiting his home and I think I spent the night there to.
    I did stuff like watch TV, Lounging about and check out his cars (they were really cool but I don't remember much about them other then there was two of them and they looked very expensive, actually now that I think about it every thing about the house looked expensive.)

    Well that's it, hope this was a semi-interesting dream fragment
    dream fragment

    1-UP and Dr.Octopus Lucid and Non-Lucid Fragment

    by Shalink on 12-06-2013 at 07:04 AM
    I am also adding in my second dream because I only remember a little of the dream.

    The Lucid
    I was running inside this hotel area for awhile before I heard my mom's voice, confused I looked around only to find nothing, but after awhile I realized that she was trying to wake my brother up for school so I became lucid from that fact alone. So after becoming lucid I ran around for a bit to be stopped in my tracks
    because the dream was fading and then I said out loud "No you don't!" and the dream went back to normal and it happened a few times but I stopped the dream from ending. Before long I was lying in a big pile of trash, I'm pretty sure I fell out of a window to get there, I also felt like I was dying so I thought to myself
    "I need a 1-UP." And what do you know a 1-UP falls from the sky and lands in my hand so I quickly ate it,
    It tasted like a dense marshmallow and looked like a fat cookie. After eating the 1-UP I promptly got up from the trash and saw Dr.Octopus staring me down like I was his arch-nemeses so we charge to each other and we both fired barrages of attacks, he use his metal arms and I used my tails which I don't know how I got but I was rolling with it, we then traded blows with each other and then he abruptly left and the dream ended.

    I guess my lucid was basically an EILD which I didn't plan

    The Non-Lucid Fragment
    This dream was set in the attack on titan universe and the soldiers were setting up a program which had civilians sub for injured soldiers so I was subbing for this girl named Pampus and it was about time that she should have been all healed up and me and some of the other soldiers were looking for her then all of a my view shifted to where Pampus was and she was eating ice cream with a friend the dream ended immediately after that.

    Oh and by the way I'm back to Dreamviews now http://www.dreamviews.com/images/smilies/smiley.gif