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      Hi buddy!
      love this site, thanks for recommending it! I'm gonna try a few more techniques tonight
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    Travelling to another planets and becoming lucid during a False Awakening

    by sramsay12 on 03-19-2018 at 08:09 AM
    Had some crazy good dreams last night, and for the first time I became lucid using actual logic and also became lucid again in a false awakening!
    Also met my Anima again, twice!

    I can't remember exactly how this dream started, but I decided that I was dreaming, spontaneously. I then "woke up", into a false awakening. I immediately became suspicious about whether I was actually awake or not, and did the nose RC. It kind of worked, i could barely breathe through it. I had a look around the room and thought "Right, where am I? How did I get here?" And realised I was probably still dreaming. I looked at my right hand, and watched as my four fingers morphed into five. Definitely dreaming, then.

    I ran towards a window and jumped out of it, flying outside. I was in some sort of alien city at night time. The sky was a hazy reddish-purple. There were strange robots and ships in the sky. I moved up or down depending on how I angled my head, but had to flap my arms once or twice to start going back up again.

    I was in some strange hotel-like place. There was a girl there who I started a relationship with. She wanted to meet me outside in half an hour so we could go for a night-time walk in the forest. She went for a shower and I went to my room to brush my teeth. To get there, I had to lift up a slate at the bottom of a wall, and crawl under it through a small crawlspace to get to my room. I began struggling to breathe, and when I got to my room I sadly decided I'd have to cancel meeting the girl outside because I couldn't breathe properly.

    This seems to have followed on from dream 2. I was suddenly on what appeared to be the moon. I had some friends with me along with the girl from dream 2. There were various kinds of spaceships around us. Other people were there, they owned the spaceships.
    I became bored as there seemed to be nothing to do here. I started shouting at my companions, asking them why the f*** we got ourselves stranded on some backwater moon. They informed me that it was all my idea, because I was bored with the hotel.
    Makes sense. Don't like your hotel? Leave the planet.
    I walked off with my "girlfriend", and started talking to her about stuff. I remembered my last dream and became lucid, but decided to just go with the flow because I liked this girl. As we walked, it became clear that only one part of the planet was like "the moon"- we found a small town or city, that I can only describe as looking Japanese. Modern Japanese, very urban but just not Western-looking at all.
    I enjoyed talking to the girl and found there was something familiar about her.

    I only realised what was so familiar after I woke up. This girl was my "Anima", or inner feminine spirit, however you call it. I realised that in one of my recent lucid dreams, I had summoned her and asked her to start appearing to me in my dreams more often and to help me maintain lucidity.

    3. In this dream, I had a young son- supposedly one year old, but really he acted and looked more like 4 or 5. I didn't realise at the time, but he looked IDENTICAL to how I looked as a toddler, and we got on very well. He listened to everything I had to say and seemed to be in awe of me. I now think that this boy was representing my inner child, a younger version of me that I don't give enough attention to in my adulthood.

    Thursday 1st March 2018

    by sramsay12 on 03-03-2018 at 08:53 PM
    I was in a multi-storey building and had a can of beer. I went up the stairs to the top floor. I went into the bathroom there to drink it because there was cameras everywhere else. I held the door shut because I had a feeling something might try to come in. Then suddenly, I was in another building that seemed a bit like the inside of a mall or hotel. I became lucid and did the nose plug RC to confirm. I willed my Anima to appear and she did. I told her that she would be my companion in my next dreams.

    Wednesday 28th February 2018

    by sramsay12 on 03-03-2018 at 08:50 PM
    I dreamt that I was in some sort of indoor market. I started talking to someone about lucid dreaming, and then realised I was dreaming. I did the nose plug RC to confirm. Then I looked at my fingers- 7 on each hand. I also tried the finger-through-palm RC but it didn't work. I tried to make the ceiling disappear so I could fly outside, and woke up during the effort.

    Thursday 22nd February 2018

    by sramsay12 on 03-03-2018 at 08:48 PM
    1. I was talking to someone about the movie Butterfly Effect. I said that apart from the whole time travel thing, the plot was fairly realistic. Someone started arguing with me about it, and I said that Tommy setting fire to Crockett is the sort of thing that happens in real life.

    2. I was in a car with an older man who turned out to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. We were arguing and I said that it's his fault that Darth Maul keeps dragging me out of cars and trying to kill me, because Kenobi failed to kill him on Naboo.

    3. Donald Trump was sitting at a desk next to a politician who was competing with him for the presidency. Trump was much bigger than the other man and appeared to intimidate him. He ridiculed the other man and imitated his facial expressions.

    Monday 19th February 2018

    by sramsay12 on 03-03-2018 at 08:44 PM
    When this dream started off, I was in Labyrinth (from the nosleep horror story on Reddit), in the room with the jackets, spiders and the hidden key. I was bitten on the finger by one of the spiders while looking for the key, and it left a massive hole there. I became scared that the spider had laid eggs inside my finger. I found the key in the next jacket and was teleported outside the room.
    I was then talking to my mother in a canyon. We turned around and there was a street behind us. Jack (my 7-year-old brother) was driving a black car back and forth. After a while he went straight past us down the street. I became lucid and flew after him.
    The car changed from black to bright green. I landed in front of it and for some reason decided to throw it into a field. I realised that he might get hurt so I flew under it and caught it, setting it down gently. Jack wasn't inside it anymore though, instead there were two men with blue afros.
    I decided to go back in time to find Jack.