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    Thread: What if money were no object?

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      What if money were no object?

      The question is originally posed by Alan Watts, it goes something like:

      What if money were no object? How would you REALLY enjoy spending your life?

      In the course of our life there are many factors that pretend to be important in our daily decision making, one major factor is money. But it is only a human thought concept, which all the other mammals find ridiculous and therefore don't pretend to be in need of to survive. Our human game is to pretend that it is the only valid symbol for freedom, value and abundance. That is why we plan like 'get a degree -> get a job -> conform to society -> sell your soul -> then you are 'free', then you are an acceptable human being'.

      So what if no one believed in it and it really didn't matter what arbitrary number there is on your imaginary bank account? Would your life be the same or drastically different? Put all money issues aside for a moment and imagine: What would I really, REALLY love to do with my life? (Then go out and do that!)
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      Money itself and its use is so broad that it's often hard to try and eliminate it as a necessity. It has its own levels of how one moderates it to get the essentials and maybe a few luxuries once in a while, but even if the question presumes it's no object, living a life where resources are limitless would seem ideal, but would still have its faults.

      However, I don't think that alone would drive people to continue striving to be some profession/career they want to take part in (maybe temporarily, but doing it long term is the challenge). Money, just like a government and other models of authority, is a necessary evil simply because the vices of men and women would become more apparent rather than everyone pretending they're not perverts or people with sexual urges.

      And then you have to consider that people will eventually have to get resources from others, and if the question doesn't imply there's limitless supply of resources, it would just end up in a mess. People would rally their own groups, authority figures and members with them will just create a system of deception and lies, and people aiming for power and control; which just means it'll just come back to how part of this world really is.

      Even if you could eliminate the parameters of getting a degree > job> and so on, this implied world where money has no value has the risk of resources dying very quickly and for the wrong reasons. How a person defines how resources should be managed is a matter of opinion, and even if the question.


      But to just give my opinion on this world if money were no object, I would:

      - Have a house of my own with a wife that has her own dreams/goals being lived out as well

      - Have many art supplies and tools that expands for all types of media of Art

      - Make a small business (even though the money itself isn't tangible in this case) because of how the business itself makes me want to become more productive.

      - Have more time to analyze my dreams a bit more, do meditation, hypnosis, basically start becoming someone that seeks knowledge as much as they can and learning as many skills, concepts, etc. as possible

      - Maybe have a bit more interest in other people's lives seeing as my own problems and such are resolved

      - If the reality itself means limitless resources, the people who manage them would become useless seeing how it's easily obtainable

      Even if money were no object (and it's really just faith-based in some way in reality), how it has its own use in trying to have decent transaction with others, an example of materialism to express success, or whatever, my ability to consistently find passion in the things I do that can come easily to me now would also be my greatest limitation if I ended up in a relapse in this type of reality.
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      Then the world would be fucking awesome.

      You can trace back almost any seriously bad thing anyone's ever done back to money.

      If we could just do anything without having to stress over money, that would be a bonus as well as less murders/dictators/stuff. It would be amazing. Frankly, I think a lot of things (like money) had a good intention, but then got screwed somewhere along the way, and now its just some bad thing we have to live with.

      Not sure if my rant got through, but really the first 7 words were all I wanted to say.

      PS: Your from Copenhagen? Copenhagen Suborbitals! Woo!
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      having a little piece of land somewhere remote with little village/community near by have some farm animals grow fruit and veg have a handsome strong husband who works on the farm with me and have lots of babies who would grow up to also learn to live off the land and be hard working healthy and strong :]
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