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    Thread: I shared a dream with my twin sister!

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      Exclamation I shared a dream with my twin sister!

      Hello everyone! I'm new to DV. Just a few nights ago I posted how I would get scared out of paralysis by hallucinations. We'll, last night I put on some music as I went through it and it helped a lot.

      So my twin sister was sleeping the same time I was, but she was at my Dad's house for the weekend. My sister got me in to lucid dream and has always made me jealous because she claims to have dreams that she can control naturually, almost every night. She calls it "dream controlling" or manipulating, so that tells me she doesn't go to tutorials for it.

      Anyway, as soon as I entered my dream from paralysis I was sitting at a table in an old 1920's diner facing my sister. She was talking to me as I was entering, but I couldn't understand what she said. I thought she was just a dream character so I said, how did you find me? She then told me that I was her dream character. I instantly got confused, we both thought we were each others dream characters. I thought of "shared dream", got excited and woke up with my heart beating. I slept through the rest of the night and when I got up I instantly called her and asked her what she dreamed about. She said she imagined me in a coffee shop, and could hear some faint background music that was "techno". (She hates techno). It was the same exact scene, and the background music she heard was the music I fell asleep too! HOW FUCKING CRAZY!?!?
      I don't think she believes me about me having the same dream, but I DID. We talked to eachother in the same dream with the same background music in the same setting!

      Maybe it's because we're twins? Believe what you want but I'm so excited. Is this a breakthrough? The first "shared dream"? I'm going to try to meet up with her in another dream if I can. Unfortunately, the one that I described above lasted about 10-20 seconds.

      CRAZY! Tell me what you think!

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      That sounds like a shared dream to me. and I've had many. Sure i think it's easy to share dreams with family.
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      Sounds interesting. Perhaps you should try to have another but instead of talking to each other directly, both of you write down the dream you had on a piece of paper, then compare them with each other.
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      This is interesting, i've always been a bit "iffy" with Shared Dreams, i know its claimed to have been done and what not but i've never really looked into it personally and then reading this makes me re-think it, is this a seriously real thing? Research is in order now

      BTW, Good work!!
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      Wow! I second Araishu's suggestion

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      this sounds amazing now i want a shared dream

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