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      Scale for Examining Lucidity in Dreams Part 2

      I want to begin this post, by saying "Thank you!" to everyone who have participated in phase 1 of my research. I got 4 times the response I was hoping for, I was astounded by the number of people who replied, so a big THANK YOU for that. I have gathered valuable information and valuable feedback, which made me realize what were the flaws in my scale.

      Now, I have made Google Forms document for the Part 2 of my research. I would like to ask you to participate in this part as well. You can access it by going on this link.

      Thanks in advance!
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      Okay, here's the thing:

      I know I said this before, but it must be said again: I was taking your new survey and, though the instruction clearly says that the questions are for both lucid and non-lucid experiences, confusion will likely still occur.

      This is because the answers to the questions will be very different, depending on whether you are reporting from a position of lucidity or not. The answers to how senses work, perception of DC's, access to memory, influencing the storyline, etc., are extremely different, depending on whether you are lucid or not. In other words, these questions cannot be answered correctly by people who have LD's, because they will probably have two very different answers (a LD-based answer, and a NLD-based answer) for almost every question, but can only report one.

      I can't imagine what information you are trying to glean with questions that must have two different answers... and I say "must" because those differences are sort of the point of lucidity. I'm glad you got lots of responses on your last survey, but I fear that the information you are getting may be flawed, since dreamers must choose to base their answers on LD's or NLD's, answers that will usually be different for each state. I think that these questions really should be split between lucid and non-lucid dreams, if you want to get accurate answers.

      Sorry in advance for the critique. I could of course be wrong, or I simply do not understand the survey, but I felt this needed saying.

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