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    Thread: Your thoughts on curiosity ?

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      Your thoughts on curiosity ?

      Are you curious about curiosity ?

      What´s the importance of curiosity on sense of meaning in life, well-being, happiness, etc. ?

      Curiosity, being an approach emotion, can it take a therapeutic role in anxiety disorders and avoidance behaviours ?

      How to raise one's level of curiosity ? ( i would recommend lucid dreaming )

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      The balance between curiosity and caution will always be a diverse one, and society will benefit from the diversity of this trait. Curiosity kills the cat but fortune favors the bold. Just as on a political spectrum, progressives allow a society to adapt and stay on the cutting edge while conservatives retain the core values.

      I like to use sex as an example, because caution regarding one's choice of sexual partners is beneficial but a cautious sperm never spikes the egg. In short there's a time and place for both boldness and caution, and curiosity, I believe, stems out of the ground where the two meet.
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      I didn't even know curiosity was an emotion until last year, which is pretty sad( on me and also the public education systems which don't teach mental health very much) Anyways I learned that curiosity is vital to our survival. I think it may, for me at least be the most important emotion. Let me explain, when I was severely depressed I lost all curiosity, it's like my brain had altered or something( I don't know the science behind it) but I didn't care about what would happen during the days activities, so I would just stay in bed. But since then I am better and I really think it's curiosity that keeps me going, hell it's what made me read and reply to this thread also I definitely think can take a therapeutic role provided that the person has positive outlook/thought patterns( an example could be as simple as engaging in a conversation with another person) Curiosity can also be negative if associated with negative thought patterns , like when engaged in a conversation you could be worrying about if people judging you ect. Anyways I am going to end it here cause I don't know the last question but I think that lucid dreaming is all about curiosity for me
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      When you consider that we at some level have already done experiments in nuclear and high energy physics, that could potentially have destroyed most life on the planet, it's pretty safe to assume that our curiosity has no limits.
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