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      How to Knock Yourself Out

      I found this on some random forum. Its a guide on how to knock yourself out. I havn't tried it yet, but it might be a way to quickly attain lucidity.

      Knock yourself out. With no damage to yourself!
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      haha, me and my friends used to do this. We would stand against something and someone would hold their hands against are necks for a bit, and we would hallucinate and black out for like 5-30 seconds. Surely it wasn't safe hahahaha
      the last time we did it was when my friend fell to the floor, was blacking out and hallucinating, he couldn't hear us, it lasted for a few minutes, he woke up crying and fighting because he said someone was attacking him in the dream thing...
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      If you do this enough, I'll bet there can be some damage.

      All you're doing is cutting off blood circulation to the head; either that or you're going without oxygen and therefore fainting. You don't dream when you're fainted, and even if you were to dream about something, you definitely wouldn't remember it.

      You may hallucinate, but that's not sleep paralysis nor a dream - it's your brain's way of saying "what the hell man, stop doing that right now!"

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      I recommend a mediocre audiobook.
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