None of the things your read here are correct. Most are fake and un-real. Nomad is crazy, and others are not that better.

I'm curious, but not stupid. There are things you don't know. I know. There are ways of doing things that people would claim to be non-normal. I can't explain them like you can't and anyone who says they can is a false prophet like nomad and others. I can only give one word of advice, and that is to use both your brain to be open, and closed at the same time, resist stupidity and understand only what you experience yourself. I can tell you that we are individual but trapped by the same logic which is what you experience may not be what they do. You won't learn anything from anyone, keep logs and experience yourself ^& do not follow false prophets as they are just distractions.

This is not religious or factual & provable.

This is just what i know, take that as advice of someone who has gone too far.