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      2 Player Questions Game

      Ask yourself a question and answer it, and the next poster has to answer the same question you asked, and then ask himself a question to answer.

      What would I do if I can do anything?

      Steal a heck load of pudding and eat it while watching my favorite episodes of Adventure Time!
      I fill my heart with fire, with passion, passion for what makes me nostalgic. A unique perspective fuels my fire, makes me discover new passions, more nostalgia. I love it.

      "People tell dreamers to reality check and realize this is the real world and not one of fantasies, but little do they know that for us Lucid Dreamers, it all starts when the RC fails"
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      If I could do anything, I'd go 1000 years into the future.

      What bad habits do you want to break?

      Procrastinating, getting distracted by social media at night then having trouble falling asleep, binge watching Futurama till ungodly hours of the day(damn you Netflix and my lack of self-control!!!), cracking my knuckles & being a night owl...

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