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      Seeing 1-4 levels of CEV and more?

      To start off I wanted to post a link to what I'm referring to, but my account is 0 days old so I can't. Just google Closed-eye hallucination and read the wikipage.

      As far as I can remember, I've been seeing things that people who I've recently asked don't seem to be able to relate to.
      I've asked my parents about this multiple times, but when I was younger, they gave me some explanation and I was content with that, but recently when I've asked again, they have mostly just been confused.
      But finally a few days ago, I found a term I can slap on some of these things.

      My reason for making this post is to discuss with you all wether or not what I see fall into these levels of CEV.
      I'll be trying to remember and write down exactly what I can do. But since I might forget some things, questions are very welcome.
      I'd suggest you take a look at the wiki page for more clarity on what I say.
      Also keep in mind that I'm seeing these things fully awake.
      Now let the mess of an explanation begin.

      Level 1: Visual noise

      This is what I'm most sure of that I see. Or rather, I've never not seen this when I close my eyes, since I've never had a complete darkness.
      It's exactly was the explanation on wiki says. I usually forget about it and can easily ignore it with eyes open, but if I focus a little I can see this visual noise instantly.

      Level 2: Light/dark flashes

      Now this is an annoying thing, if wiki is referring to something like what this reddit user has said:
      "It's like the lines originate in the center and kind of...grow outward, so it just alternates between black and white."
      Though it doesn't specifically grow outward and can be inwards too I think.
      I mostly see this only with eyes closed.
      It doesn't always happen since I have absolutely no control over it. I once tried to control it, but I'm pretty sure I almost ended up hurting my eye in the process.

      There sometimes are also just blobs.
      If I focus too much on them, it's as if they start absorbing some sort of energy and become the brightest (or darkest, I don't really remember how that worked), just the most visible or outlined thing. Not sure how to explain it exactly.
      If it's done long enough, after opening my eyes, the blob will stay and turn the opposite color (with eyes closed-black, with open-white or the other way around).
      That way it will continue to be there and freak me out like a fadeout from a bright object which just doesn't seem to go away.

      If the blob spreads to my whole field of vision, then sometimes it starts to flicker like a strobe light.
      Though this usually only happens with white blobs.

      Now this is where the most interesting parts start.

      Level 3: Patterns, motion, and color

      Now, even though I think I have seen things similar to fractals as said in the wiki, this is not even close to what I see every day at any time.

      The "smallest form" that my patterns are made out of is a very small, glowing in a certain color circle.
      From these circles everything is formed.
      The most common pattern I see are these snakey-type one colour lines which are moving around.
      They vary in size, but most of the time they all concentrate around the middle of my field of vision.
      I can change at least 50% of them, though never all, to the colour I think of.
      Also at random times, letters I think of are formed with these snakes. Though I will get more into this in the next level.

      Did I mention that I can also see this with eyes open?

      But there is also a crazy mode.
      A more uncommon thing that happens is when I go to sleep when I'm more tired is that these circles and snakes appear throughout my field of view.
      This is when it seems like any shape or form is allowed. Everything usually gets filled with craziness.
      Common themes are: pixel-type of things, yellow smiley faces that fill up my field of view, balls with 2 lines next to them.
      But it's usually some small things which fill up my whole field of vision, or something something one and big.
      I don't know wether or not this can also happen with eyes open (at least in a lit room).
      I can also trigger this myself if I focus. The feeling is something like, you trying to find and focus on the glowing circles and snakes from the mess that is my darkness. Then they seem to appear.

      Also, apparently small rainbows are now "in" for my brain. They seem to appear almost as commonly as the snakes.

      Level 4: Objects and things

      This is the second thing that I do not know wether or not fits in this level.

      Basically what this I have is that, in reality, the layers of the dark and gray can be manipulated. Or more specifically, used to display an image corresponding to my thought.

      The way this seems to work is, I think of something and, basically, you could say that a drawing of this appears in the "darkness" layer of my vision.
      It is made up of the colors of darkness, so it's basically a black and white picture/drawing.
      After experimentation, I found out that the pictures that show up are actually random. To make a specific picture appear takes extra effort.
      The pictures also have random levels of detail.
      For example, if I think of the Eiffel tower, it always shows up the size of a small metal keychain, and every is very nicely visible.
      But if I try to force a different picture of it, it for example is from a different angle now, the Eiffel tower looks more realistically sized, and you can barely discern any beams.

      I can also see these things with eyes open in a lit room. So in the end, I don't know if this actually has anything to do with the darkness layer.
      Maybe it's a layer of it's own. It just seemed to not mix with neither the light blobs or colour snakes, and seems to fit well with the darkness.

      Interestingly enough, it's very hard to imagine words and specific faces of people.
      Even though letters are as easy to do as shapes.

      But an interesting thing, is how I can think something along the lines of "faces", and this also triggers pictures.
      This makes a few pictures appear at the same time and keep changing.
      In the example of faces, I then see either full faces or parts of faces.
      These faces can be of any type real, cartoony, or just completely non-human.
      I assume these are all faces that I've seen at some point.

      It isn't really possible to draw on this darkness I think.
      Every time when I try to draw Something in the way that I imagine seperate lines, the drawing basically gets auto-completed instantly like text in Google.

      "When this level is reached, the CEV noise seems to calm down and fade away, leaving behind an intense flat ordered blackness"
      This does not seem to be the case here.

      "A side component of this is the ability to feel motion when the eyes are closed."
      Ooh, now this is a cool thing. I don't know if this means what it means to me, but it seems related at least.

      I can simulate vision of my hands and other extremities.
      The way it happens is, when I close my eyes and focus on doing this, a picture of my hand appears representing the position of my hand in real life.
      If I move my real hand, the picture moves along, if I move my finger, the finger in the picture moves accordingly.
      But it's only a representation. Because of that the distance or size of the hand differs from real life.
      But also because of this, I can see from impossible angles. For example, I can see my hand when I place it on the side of my head, from my normal first-person perspective.
      Though the pictures are only pictures, and so for movement, what happens is that just more pictures appear and disappear. It's like a very low-frame video.
      But for example, if I move my finger up and down quickly, I only see the 2 pictures of it being up and it being down. But between them, I can still see that some movement happens, or at least that something happens when I move my real finger.

      So, although this is very flawed and easy to tell that it's a simulation, it's still pretty good for what it is.
      In a situation where I'm under my blanket, in a dark room.
      Since it's completely dark, there are no details to the blanket, so I can easily simulate it by imagining a space in front of me, and simulating the slight movements of the blanket that I know by using my other senses.
      And now, if I'm not fully awake, I can move my hands around, but it will actually not be easy to instantly tell that I have my eyes closed.

      Another interesting thing is, if I do something repetitive throughout the day, that something will continuously appear when I close my eyes, in a similar way as faces.

      Also, if I suddenly wake up from a dream, the last picture of the dream that I saw will stay visible as a burn-out image for a few seconds.
      Though I don't know if this is in any way related to CEV or is unnatural.

      That's basically it.
      The only thing else that I have is, if I look closely, then I can see a weak afterimage of anything I look at after I look away from it. But I think that's only because my eyes are always tired.

      Again, all of these things I see when I am fully awake (except the dream thing I guess), with my eyes open, in a lit room.
      But of course, not being in either a dark room or not closing my eyes, greatly decreases the effect of all this.

      That's my experience, I'll be waiting for responses that will finally satisfy my curiosity.
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      Well I'm starting from the bottom since I read from the top down.

      The only thing else that I have is, if I look closely, then I can see a weak afterimage of anything I look at after I look away from it. But I think that's only because my eyes are always tired.
      That's normal for everyone I believe, it's how those color changing illusions work.

      So for my experience I have pretty strong visual snow and a pretty active imagination which kind of back fired on me when I was little. Playing with the whole visualization thing I've found the easiest way to manipulate what you call the dark layer is to think of an image then kind of imprint that image onto the layer.

      I've always thought of the layer as kind of an overlay over my regular sight. Almost a filter that I'm seeing past in my daily life.

      The pattern I used to see the most would be faces appearing and disappearing, but now it's usually tons of lines stacked like boxes on top of each other, but the lines are always moving while seeming to stay in the same place. That and tons of little circles like beads over the entire field of vision.

      For drawing it helps a lot to use your hands and just draw a line where your finger goes.

      I might edit this post later to add more. It's an interesting subject.

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      Do you see the lines and beads in the darkness layer or are they separate things like in level 3?

      Also, I cannot relate to you saying that the layer is an overlay. I feel that way literally about all of the other things I mentioned but just not that. For me the darkness is purely a replacement for vision that I can only (obviously) see when I close my eyes.

      Edit: Although, what am I saying. The darkness layer is literally your eyelids so of course it's an overlay lol.
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      Yeah for me I can see it all the time with my eyes open and closed so that's why it's like an overlay for me.

      Do you see the lines and beads in the darkness layer or are they separate things like in level 3?
      They'd still be in the same layer, they basically just replace the visual snow.

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