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      Having trouble falling asleep?

      Lately, i have been getting back into lucid dreaming practice. However, my routine is, I go to bed at 10 and wake up 2:30 in order to try FILD. I noticed that I was unable to fall asleep for 4 straight hrs and by the time I was getting drowsy, 2:30 had arrived. I noticed that my mind is quite active during those 4hrs and as well, I usually eat dinner right before going to bed, so perhaps that is a factor. Does anyone have any tips from to fall asleep?

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      This is an old thread but I have insomnia so I am posting anyway. First of all don't do the alarm thing. You don't control how long it takes you to fall asleep and sleep cycles are not really cookie cutter 90 minutes like everyone says. Cut the alarms and let your body wake up naturally whenever it does, such as to use the bathroom. Then remember your intention to do FILD or write your dream. The alarm thing is common advice but really it is bad advice coming from a desire to oversimplify the process of sleep. Sleep cycles do not always fit into boxes in multiples of 1.5.

      Also about eating before bed I heard that its better to wait a few hours before sleeping. Digestion actually makes the body more active because digesting takes a lot of energy. So digesting food might actually keep you awake especially if your dinner contains any sugars or (hopefully it doesnt) any caffeine.

      Also, try turning off the lights or dimming the lights closer to bed. Maybe get orange glasses to help with melatonin production closer to bed if you can't get away from the synthetic light. Get blue light filters on your devices if you don't laready.

      Water by the bed is a good idea I have a few sips of water each time I get up to remember a dream and use bathroom

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