The Challenge:
This year's theme is Dungeon. You get to create your own Roguelike Dungeon, a long journey, and alter Gods. You Got This!

The Rules:
- You must complete each task in a separate lucid dream; you can't do more than one in the same dream.
- DEILD and L-DEILD are only permitted for a single ToTY (meaning, only one ToTY per chain of dreams.) You must record your dream in your preferred dream journal (you do not need to come here) before you can work on another ToTY.
- You may do more than one Task per night, as long as the previous dream task is already recorded.

And here are the tasks!

Never Say Die - You make your first foray into the dungeon! Unfortunately, it goes about as well as can be expected for a beginner (ie disastrously). Die at any floor within the dungeon. Then, respawn in the dungeon's entrance.

Dungeon Cuisine - You never imagined this structure could span out as profoundly as it has. Supplies are running low. You're going to have to get... creative with your rations. Find sustenance wherever you can, be it from strange fungal growths, or even from the corpses of monsters. Notice what happens to you when you eat such bizarre food. Is it poisonous? Does your body mutate? Do you gain powerful traits or abilities?

Loot Self-Appraisal - A good adventurer knows how to make the best of the equipment they find in the dungeons. Of course, they'd first have to figure out what said items are, and what they can do. Find four different unidentified pieces of equipment in the dungeon, anything from weapons, armor, wands, rings, tomes, potions, scrolls, etc. Test the items to see how they function. Are they magical, or mundane? Are they blessed, or even cursed?

Lost Puppy - Just as you're about to make your next delve, a little girl calls out to you. She tells you her puppy ran off into a particularly brutal, monster-infested 'side-branch' of the dungeon, and hasn't returned since. Being the daring dungeoneer that you are, you offer to help. Carve your way through the monsters and retrieve the lost puppy.

Shoplifting Bonanza - Several floors deeper in the dungeon, you stumble upon a curious shop offering a fine selection of goods. Unfortunately, all the merchandise is being sold at a ludicrous mark-up. You figure a five-finger discount is in order! Take everything you think you can carry, and get out. But beware! The shopkeeper is much more dangerous than they seem! What's more, an endless horde of guards will be sent to stop you. Escape ASAP!

Altar of the Gods - Scattered throughout the dungeon are altars dedicated to mysterious and ancient entities. Rumor has it these beings will grant supernatural aid in exchange for service. Make an offering on one such altar, and receive the blessings of a god. Alternatively, desecrate the altar to receive their wrath!

The Wizard of O'Rieno - Finally, after a long journey, you arrive at the final floor of the dungeon. Somewhere within, you know you'll find the legendary Jewel of O'Rieno. So too will you find the dreaded Sorcerer of O'Rieno. It's time to prove yourself. Defeat the Sorcerer, take the Jewel, and leave. But watch out! The Sorcerer of O'Rieno is practically immortal; so long as the Jewel remains in the dungeon, the Sorcerer can return from death at will! A daring escape is your only hope!

Good Luck!!:

Feel free to post any attempts and accomplishments in this thread. Good luck and have fun!

Spoiler for Members who have completed the task: