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    Thread: Why can't I get back to sleep after WBTB?

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      Why can't I get back to sleep after WBTB?

      I preformed a WBTB last night and the night before it but I couldn't sleep afterward. The first night I woke up as I usually wake up for a WBTB (after 7 hours) and I did the things that I usually do. I preformed a SILD and tried to get back to sleep as soon as possible but couldn't. The second night I tried to lessen the time (this time after 5.5 hours) and I did the things that I usually do and then preformed a MILD but couldn't sleep this time also and I stayed up from 4 in the morning till 7am
      What should I do?
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      I have this same problem sometimes too Ill have an alarm set and sometimes once i wake up im up.. like for good maybe i just need to find certain things that make me tired.

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      I had a similar problem this morning after a 35 minute WBTB.
      Usually I try to avoid becoming too aroused (especially mentally) by trying not to concentrate on anything. (I try to avoid too much activity and bright lights, etc.)
      If I worry about going to sleep then it seems to make it worse as I start to get the daily thoughts creeping in my head, etc. (I tend not to use MILD - not that I'm criticising it, as I rely on DILD personally.)
      With me, a shorter WBTB time helps, but it is a fine balance.
      Without knowing your routine it is hard to say in your case.

      Good luck however.

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      I agree with Utoo. Try to only have as little light as possible. Light inhibits the production of melatonin, which is the chemical that makes you sleepy. Also try not to do too much while you're up. Maybe just sit and think about dreamy things. Overall, I'd suggest playing with the time you wake up. Sooner or later you're gonna find the perfect and optimum WBTB time for you. Good luck haithem
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      It is possible to try too hard to get back to sleep. Now I focus on just relaxing and the sleep takes care of itself.
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