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    Thread: Can you use music or sound as an anchor when trying to WILD?

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      Can you use music or sound as an anchor when trying to WILD?

      Hey guys, just had a quick question for anyone with WILD experience

      So, when I'm trying to WILD, could I theoretically play some soothing music/isochronic tones etc. on my phone or maybe even through headphones, and use that to hold my awareness? I feel like it would make it easier to stay focused but I'm not sure if it would make me 'too' focused and not able to fall asleep. Also, let's say I did use the music to successfully transition - would I just be hearing the music in my dream? Or once you're asleep does your body kind of block outside noise in a way? I'm wondering if that is true because if so it would make it way easier to know once you have fallen asleep; once you no longer hear the music you know you're asleep.

      But I don't know, I've never tried this before so I just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with it or any tips/information. Thanks for your time guys

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      Only one way to find out! Might also assist with a DILD, especially if during the dream you remember that you were listening to that music when you fell asleep. Eventually you might even start associating that music with dreaming. Give it a shot and let us know what happens.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jesslet View Post
      Or once you're asleep does your body kind of block outside noise in a way?
      It doesn't, it's possible to listen to a sound while sleeping, and hear that sound while dreaming, happened to me too.
      As for what you're suggesting, I don't think I've actually tried to use audio as an anchor for WILD before.. I used to play LaBerge's MILD induction mp3 while going back to sleep after a WBTB, with not much success, but I've always just let it play in the background, as either subliminal message or DILD induction, never tried to hold my awareness on it and actually listen to it. I'll give it a go for a while, after short WBTBs, thanks for the suggestion.

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      From what I've read about WILD, the mental activity that you should be engaging in should be kind of....technical or redundant. It has to be something where you mind is engaging in a repetitive exercise that puts you in a trance and forces you to focus on remaining in a zone...then the dream would be the thing that disturbs that trance and makes your realize...hey, I'm somewhere now. I've experienced WILD by counting backwards for example. This is an activity that requires focus and is repetitive. It keeps the mind awake but not stimulated by something that can elicit emotion. Music can elicit emotion, so I'm not sure if this would help. Isochronic beats might be different though...although there are some isochronic beats that are kind of spooky and scare me. lol

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