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    Thread: WILD suddenly stopped working

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      WILD suddenly stopped working

      Something really strange just happened, I had a period of very easy WILDing, but for some reason it suddenly stopped working. Same sleep schedule, same alarm hour, same alarm sound, same everything. I'm doing everything just like when it worked, using a timer to wake me up then laying still, relaxed, and normally, within a few seconds I would have WILD'ed, but not anymore, for some bizarre reason, literally nothing is happening anymore, I just lay there for almost a minute without anything happening then fall asleep unconsciously (I tried to stay conscious during this period but failed, for me it needs to happen very quickly upon waking up because my ability to focus is crap when I'm 95% asleep).

      Does anyone have any idea why it suddenly just stopped working? Because I'm dumbfounded, the only thing I can think of is not being in REM, but that would mean my REM period shifted quite dramatically and it has no reason to do so. Not to mention that my timer goes off at multiple times during the morning, to have more than 1 chance, it covers quite a wide range of time, but every single time, like I said, nothing happens, I am very, very confused..

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      I have read from a study that REM interruptions leads to transformation of the REM schedule and timing the following nights.
      it could come from this.
      We are not supposed to stay conscious during REM sleep Onset, so I presume nature takes back it's rights when it can.
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      are you using any intoxicants the night before? Look at any of them, even caffeine. LDing in general is this way, it comes and goes in waves.
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