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      Problems with manually breathing during WILD

      So I've had multiple successful lucid dreams via the DILD method so I decided to give WILD a try however I've reached a road block.

      Everytime I attempt WILD I become aware of my breathing and it becomes manual, not sure why but I just automatically associate the two. I tried distracting myself by counting but at one point I counted to over 800 and I was still focusing on my breathing. Does this make me unable to attempt WILD or is it possible to use my breathing as an anchor somehow?

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      I used my breath as an anchor for a while and had a good few successful WILDs doing so. I just kept my attention on the breath as it came in and out and whenever my mind wandered I brought my attention back to the breath. Itís essentially just meditation. Eventually I did become too good at keeping my attention on my breath though and it started to keep me awake. These days I use a mantra in time with my breath which I find quite effective.

      When doing counting as an anchor I find counting to 10 over and over is better than counting to say 100 or more as it becomes more repetitive, more boring and harder to focus on which is kind of what you want as it helps you fall asleep quicker which is better than staying awake.

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