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    1. The Road to myself - NLD 14/05/20

      by , 09-26-2020 at 11:16 AM
      The Road to myself
      - Vague

      I am stood on the main road in my village at night. Itís eerily quiet and completely deserted. I stand in the middle of the road and feel excited I have the whole space all to myself and want to do or act something out and canít wait to have fun. Just then a van pulls up with headlights on. I get nervous and think he may be here to cause me harm. Feeling vulnerable I hurry home, dashing a little as I do to get away faster. As I walk up my street I see a hospital worker heading to his car and know it must be early morning.

      Analysis: The very first moment I felt a hint of lucidity. I couldnít recall what I wanted to do on that road but Iím sure this was me wanting to experiment with a lucid dream though I hadnít fully become lucid at that moment. It soon turned into a scary scenario though with the threatening and mysterious van showing up.

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    2. Tennis Ball man - NLD 15/05/20

      by , 09-26-2020 at 11:09 AM
      Tennis ball man

      Me and My wife are driving through a small Country village when we see a man juggling tennis balls and throwing them across the road. We realise he isnít going to stop when we pass and the car windows are hit with loud thumps as the balls hit us, the man seems innocent and not meaning any harm but my wife is rightfully annoyed and sounds her horn. I then look over my shoulder and see him hitting another car behind us. This car stops though and puts the window down. A rather aggressive looking bald thug starts yelling and swearing at the guy who now looks frightened. We stop to watch, the thug who starts throwing tennis balls back at the guys head and they bounce of his head but he is too scared to move. He gets a good telling off by the thug who says ďof all the things you could be doing with your life this is what youíve chosen? Youíll never get a girlfriendĒ his telling off becomes a bit more light hearted after that and the thug laughs more finding it hilarious but the tennis ball guy looks embarrassed. After the thug looks at us and we laugh and he shakes his head smiling as if he canít believe what the guy was doing either.

      Analysis: One of my first vivid dreams that I recalled in great detail. It was a rather odd exchange and I have no idea who this man was or why he was throwing tennis balls?
    3. The Universe in my head - Dream Journal Higlights

      by , 09-23-2020 at 07:41 PM
      This is a Highlight real of my Dream Journal. Iíve selected the dreams both NLD and lucid that I have found the most fascinating, exciting and even terrifying! Itís a journey into the universe inside my head. I hope to update regularly as I progress on my Lucid journey.