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    The Fruit Tiles

    by Tiktaalik on 11-29-2021 at 09:00 PM
    The Fruit tiles
    Lucid #13 - DILD

    Iím sitting on the sofa in my parents living room watching TV with them. I notice some familiar tiles on the programme Iím watching, theyíre white kitchen tiles and have images of different fruit on them. ďI recognise those tiles?Ē I say unsure where from. I then notice something to my right and see the wall next to me is also layered in the exact same tiles? Iím confused by this odd coincidence and it triggers me to RC. I see random scribbles of text on each tile and do a text change check. I look away, not believing it will change as Iím sure Iím awake right now but as I look back the text has indeed changed! Iím in disbelief! So much so that I donít believe it and do the check again. It changes again and again a third time. I canít believe itís a dream and I was so sure I was awake! I think I must have fallen asleep just now whilst watching TV and this was some kind of false awakening (In reality I was simply asleep in my own bed).

    I get up and walk across the room and through the door which randomly leads straight into my brothers old bedroom. I believe thatís where Iím currently sleeping and think it would be cool if I went in there and somehow found my body asleep in bed! I open the door, itís dark but sure enough under the covers is the outline of my body. I dash in and start shaking my body. ďRise and shine!Ē I yell with glee. My body isnít waking up though and I start to realise itís just an inanimate dream character instead. The dream then fades away and I enter the void. I remember to try spin to see if that can re-stabilise the dream but without a body I just feel a dizzy, spinning sensation in my head, as If my consciousness is spinning in circles. It doesnít lead to anything and I wake up.

    Lucidity: Low
    Trigger: Oddity
    Reality check: Text change
    Length: 1.5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Lucid count: 13

    Analysis: Very low level lucid. Clearly wasnít thinking straight as I was half believing I could interact with my sleeping body in bed. A successful RC though and it was good to see that I remembered to try spinning even though it didnít work. The fruit tiles were actually from an old flat I used to live in for a short time.

    Updated 12-02-2021 at 10:51 PM by Tiktaalik


    Summon the T.Rex!

    by Tiktaalik on 10-28-2021 at 07:01 PM
    Summon the T.Rex!
    Lucid #12 - DILD

    Iím walking through my childhood neighbourhood at night, talking with a group of friends I used to have but havenít spoken to in a long time. One of them playfully tackles another onto the grass and they start play fighting. Iím tackled as well and grab hold of my friends coat to wrestle with him. I suddenly realise the coat is weightless and as I lift it up I find itís empty? Heís gone!? I look around and see now everyoneís gone!? Not only that, itís now day light?! ďIím in a dream!Ē I realise!

    I try to remain calm as things feel a little blurry and unstable. I quickly grab some kind of concrete post and feel itís rough texture to ground myself and engage my senses. I then see some leaves on a tree and pluck one from a branch and inspect its veins. Iím then distracted by a car coming down the road and remember my goal to go along with the dream plot like an actor in a movie. I run in front of the car and yell ďstop!Ē The car stops and I go and bang on the window. Not knowing what the plot is I decide to make up my own and say ďthereís a T.Rex coming, let me in!Ē The couple in the car donít react and remain eerily still, looking forward like emotionless A.I. characters. They then drive off down the road and Iím left disappointed by their lack of participation. Suddenly I hear screams and see people running around the corner and up the road toward me, followed by a giant T.Rex! Iím amazed that I managed to summon a realistic dinosaur but Iím also a little nervous as it stomps toward me roaring.

    I either forget the next part or the dream jumps as I find myself hiding behind a wall and the T.Rex is stomping around and looking for me. I go in a large crate hoping to find a shot gun but itís empty so I pretend I have a shot gun instead. The dinosaur finds me and I pretend to cock my imaginary gun and shoot it whilst making the sound effects with my mouth like I would have done as a kid. It doesnít do anything so I run away as fast as I can up a tight spiral staircase with the T.rex hot on my heels. Itís become like a video game and each time it catches up I turn and shoot it with my imaginary gun hoping it will knock it back. The staircase seems to be going on forever and Iím a little scared the T.Rex will actually get me and hurt me even though itís a dream. Thankfully I see Iím a few steps away from the top and going to make it but my relief is followed by blurred vision and a sudden wake up.

    Quality: Medium
    Trigger: Oddity
    Reality check: None
    Length: 2minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Go along with the plot
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6-7am
    Lucid count: 12

    Updated 11-29-2021 at 09:01 PM by Tiktaalik


    False awaken & Fly!

    by Tiktaalik on 09-26-2021 at 08:39 PM
    The guide on the scaffolding
    Lucid #10 - DILD

    Iím entering a large city building block and heading up some wooden stairs. I enter a large room with layers of scaffolding and multiple wooden platforms rising up to the high ceiling. I see a friendly older lady stood on one of the platforms above wearing a suit and glasses. She smiles at me as if sheís been waiting for me to arrive. I climb a ladder up to the platform sheís stood on and as I reach the top she starts explaining something to me but I canít remember what it was. I wonder if sheís some kind of dream guide? (At this point Iím aware itís a dream but Iím not yet thinking clearly) She says a word that I donít recognise. I ask her what it means and she uses an analogy to explain it. It makes sense and I make a mental note to check the word when I wake up (annoyingly I forgot what it was!)

    It all gets a bit vague here but the next thing I remember Iím sat on one of the higher levels of the scaffolding with my legs hanging over the edge. Iím looking around at how real everything is and think Iíve been in this dream for a while now, maybe even 20 minutes (upon waking I donít believe this is correct) Iím quite impressed and the realism is uncanny to real life. After, I pull out a tube yogurt and start eating it. The room suddenly changes and Iím stood in the middle of a colourful, racing game track, like Mario Kart, with little cars racing toward me. As I keep eating the yogurt the dream keeps changing to different scenes like flicking through tv channels. Most of the scenes are racing car related though. I think it must be the sugar in the yogurt having some weird side effect on the dream? Everything then fades and Iím left in the blackness of the void.

    Iím only here for a few seconds before I feel acceleration, like Iím been pulled back into the dream. Itís similar to the sensations Iíve experienced during a WILD transition. I think I say something to myself like ďHold on, hold on!Ē as Iím pulled in. Whilst still in the dark I feel a floating sensation followed by an intense spinning like my whole body is spinning like a tornado. I worry my real body is doing this in bed and suddenly I awake on the floor in my childhood bedroom. I think I must have fallen out of bed and luckily I didnít hurt myselfÖ

    Stability: High
    Control: Low
    Clarity: Medium
    Awareness: Low
    Length: Low

    Trigger: None
    Reality check: None
    Length: 3 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:30am
    Lucid count: 10

    False awaken and Fly!
    Lucid #11 - DILD

    I awake suddenly in a strange bedroom sat up in bed next to my wife. Iím over the moon as Iíve just had a lucid dream! I tell her about it and explain I nearly had a WILD. I then get out my phone and Iím eager to write it all down. ďWhy are you writing it down, thatís weird?Ē she says. I ignore her and open my dream journal. Just then a random lady comes in through the door wearing a face mask. Iím surprised to see her and wonder why sheís just walked into the room? She holds a phone in her hand and comes up to the bed as if ready to take a photo. Iím really confused. She then asks permission and starts pulling the covers off my legs. ďNo!Ē I say and pull them back. It all feels very bizarre and then it hits meÖ Am I still dreaming? I lift my hands to do a finger palm reality check. I know it rarely works so I try to really focus and start stabbing my finger into my palm relentlessly. At first it doesnít do anything and I get annoyed. ďCome on!Ē I grumble and just like that my finger starts to feel like itís prodding clay and soon my finger makes a small hole. Itís a dream! Iím in shock and there is no doubt. The lady sighs and does a Ďdamn it!í gesture with her arm as if sheís disappointed I figured it out. Iím not happy and a bit annoyed she was trying to trick me. I jump out of bed and exit through a door next to the bed straight into a back street. ďSee ya!Ē I say, delighted to be free.

    I walk outside and see ahead of me a pleasant looking suburban neighbourhood, with some grass and a big tree. I look up and see blue sky and know the conditions are perfect to fly. I donít waste any time and do as I planned. I stand straight, look up at the sky, put my fist in the air like superman and push off from the ground. I instantly begin to float upwards and Iím excited itís working but itís very slow, like Iím been pulled up by a slow tractor beam. I reach the height of a house but then feel like my body is weighing me down and gravity pulls me straight back to the ground.

    I try again and this time I float up steadier and I am pulled up past a house and a tree and watch as they get smaller and smaller below me. It seems Iíve got the hang of it and look back to the sky and see the clouds high up that I want to reach and keep my fist firmly pointed toward them. I feel like Iím getting really high now so I look back down again and see a birds eye view of rows of houses from far above. I should be frightened by the dizzying height but Iím not and think itís so cool! I look back at the sky and pass through wisps of thin cloud and then through a big thick grey one. This makes everything go a bit blurry and as I look around all I can see now is clouds and what could be the faint blue glow of the earthís atmosphere. I wonder if I should keep going and attempt to reach outer space but I decide not to over do it and enjoy this experience instead but just then all fades and I awake (for real this time).

    Waking Notes:

    Interesting overall experience with some dreaming firsts. The first dream was very low level lucid and I wasnít thinking as clearly as Iíd like and forgot a lot of the details. Things got rather confusing after as I experienced a WILD/ DEILD kind of experience and lost lucidity along the way and had my very first false awakening though it wasnít set in my real bedroom. Thankfully I noticed the strangeness of the new dream and was able to regain a higher level of lucidity. I remembered my dream goal and took off from the ground as planned for the first time. It wasnít quite the exhilarating flying experience I had imagined but a great first step. My focus on flying upward toward the sky was maybe why my flight was so linear.

    Stability: High
    Control: Medium
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: Medium
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Dream oddity and RC
    Reality check: Finger palm
    Length: 5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Learn to Fly
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:30am
    Lucid count: 11

    Snowflakes in Norway

    by Tiktaalik on 08-11-2021 at 10:19 PM
    Snowflakes in Norway
    -Lucid #9 - DILD

    Iím walking down a wide path, it looks like a back alley of some sort and has fences either side. Iím with my wife and talking to her about Lucid dreaming. I ask her if sheís ever had one. She thinks for a moment and then says ďyeah I think I haveĒ. ďYeah most of us have had a spontaneous one at some pointĒ I explain.

    We keep walking and then, as Iím talking I start to wonder if this is a dream? Iím not sure why but something feels odd about the scene and where I am. ďWait, Is this a dream?Ē I stop and say with an amused and doubting smile. My wife looks at me amused and I feel silly even considering it but I decide to check. I look at my hands and stretch and curl my fingers. They look real and there is no reason to doubt them. I look around for more clues. Everything about the world looks 100% real and Iím pretty sure Iím awake.

    ďIs this a dream?Ē I ask again and chuckle awkwardly as Iím really not sure and she probably thinks Iím mental right now. Though it feels a little silly I do the finger palm check and start stabbing my palm with my finger. It doesnít go through but a very slight sponginess on my skin makes me question things again. ďNahĒ I say and wag my finger, not wanting to be fooled. ďIím sure this is a dream?Ē I then see a metal post which has some text on it. I decide to do the text change reality check. I concentrate on a word, look away and then back again. I wasnít expecting anything from this but as I look back the word has indeed changed!!! It hits me, I am dreaming! I canít believe it and never before have I felt so sure things were real and now Iíve proven it Iím still in disbelief.

    In excitement I clap my hands together and say ďRight!Ē, as if I canít wait to get stuck in and have fun but as I do a worry passes over my mind and I see again how real everything is. I then wonder what if Iím mistaken and this isnít a dream? It could mean I do something dangerous or regrettable in real life. I decide I need to do the Check again so there is no doubt. I look back at the same text and away again. As before the text changes to gibberish. I do it one last time to be safe and the text changes again and even glitches and looks to be sliding off the post. There is no doubt now this is a dream and Iím amazed!

    Iím not sure if the dream jumps here or if Iíve forgotten a section but the next thing I know Iím in a crowded gift shop. I remember I want to try flying so I need to get outside. I see an emergency exit which people are leaving through. I hurry out the door but as I leave I look back and see my wife is walking on, oblivious to the fact I have ditched her. I know sheís a dream character but still I feel a little bad.

    I leave and arrive outside next to the big building I was just in which is layered in shiny black metal. I look ahead and itís right on the shore of a giant frozen lake and beyond are large snowy mountains. The sun is just setting behind them, creating a beautiful orange glow which lights the mountains and shimmers on the frozen lake. I walk up to the lake and Iím in awe along with other spectating tourists. Itís so beautiful and Iím sure Iím in Norway. I really want to take a photo but I know it would be pointless in a dream.

    I then look around some more and see huge snowy mountains to the side as well, shrouded in dark cloud. I remember my mission to fly and look up at the night sky and the black cloud and wonder if I can do it? I then see hundreds of large, snowflakes falling from the sky, which gently flutter to the ground. One hits me on the head and I feel a cold wetness as it melts. Iím a bit annoyed the dream has manifested these obstacles and so I look up to the dark sky and say ďSnowflakes stop!Ē For a moment I think itís worked as they ease off but then a second wave appears from the blackness above and start falling. I donít know what to do about it and then the dream ends.

    I started off talking about dreaming so my mind must have been focused on it. It took me a while to convince myself it was a dream but it was nice that I stuck to my suspicion and didnít give up. Once again the palm reality check was unreliable but I decided to try the text change RC which I noticed worked in another lucid dream. It worked again this time and is definitely my most effective reality check. It was funny how I had to double check, thatís how real and genuine it felt. I was so convinced and it taught me just how real dreams can feel. It was a nice location I found myself in and I remembered my dream goal but sadly the dream then worked against me and those damn snow flakes just wouldnít stop. I then woke up and itís hard to know why. It was so abrupt it may be just that the REM period had ended. Either way it was a cool experience even if I didnít get to achieve my flying goal.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: Low
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Talking about dreaming
    Reality check: Finger palm & Text change
    Length: 5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 2:30am
    Lucid count: 9

    Updated 08-11-2021 at 10:26 PM by Tiktaalik


    Bleached Hair/ DEILD attempt

    by Tiktaalik on 07-15-2021 at 05:14 PM
    Bleached hair
    -DEILD attempt

    Iím upstairs with my wife. The house is in total darkness but I can make out her hair has changed colour and has gone a bleach blonde and looks oily and curly. I canít believe whatís happened and I assume something must have gone wrong with her hair dye. ďIím sorry to tell you this but somethings happened to your hairĒ I say. She gets up and walks to the bathroom.

    I suddenly feel odd, as though this isnít real but it all looks and feels so real? I then go to turn on the bathroom light for her but no light comes on only a faint flicker? I think thatís odd and I suddenly feel uncomfortable in the darkness with no light. Itís then my wife turns and jumps on me, grabbing me like sheís some possessed creature.

    This scares me and the struggle jolts me out of the dream and into the dark void. Iím now fully aware Iíve just exited a dream. All is black and I know I can get back into the dream if I try. ďDive, dive, diveĒ I repeat to myself. This was a mantra I had heard on dreamviews when attempting a WILD. It was all I could think of on the spot. I start to feel that pulling and falling sensation as if the darkness is pulling me into another dream but then I hear the sounds of the waking world and suddenly feel my body in bed. I am awake.

    Analysis: Another nightmare scenario and again it took place in my house around my bedroom which is where they tend to occur. Funny thing is this time I wasnít even sleeping in my house! Again as in other similar nightmares it all took place in the dark and the light switches didnít work. A common nightmare trait and probably a fear that stems from childhood. It seems to be this that triggers some of my nightmares. Itís as if as soon as the light switch doesnít work I decide something scary is happening and the dream morphs to fit that fear. In this case my wife turned possessed and attacked me which knocked me out of the dream and into the void but at the same time made me aware I was dreaming! I was almost lucid in the dream as well. I noticed something was off at the start but I was taken in by how realistic it all was. When I ended up in the void though I was lucid and able to think clearly enough to try get into another dream but the attempt sadly failed. Maybe I was too awake at that point.

    Updated 08-02-2021 at 07:59 PM by Tiktaalik