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    Lucid Dreamer from Northern England. Began practice on 10/05/20. My aim to explore the inner workings of my mind and create real experiences both fun and transcendent. Currently practicing MILD and multiple WBTBs with a dream Journal.
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    Movies, Writing, Psychology, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Art, Travel Nature, Lucid Dreaming


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    The Pregnant Man

    by Tiktaalik on 01-04-2021 at 09:37 PM
    The Pregnant man
    -vivid - semi lucid

    Iím sat on a sofa in a living room among a few other people. Just then the door opens and in walks one of my old friends who is male. Iím shocked to see him (I havenít seen him in years) and notice he is holding his belly and has a round bump sticking out? Heís pregnant! I canít believe it and now wonder if he has always been a woman and I never knew? ďYour pregnant, how!?Ē I say in disbelief. ďHips syndromeĒ I think he says and I see he has child baring hips as well. ďDonít ask!Ē he chuckled. Itís all really really weird and I suddenly doubt everything. I chuckle to myself in shock. ďThis is a dream right?Ē I say. ďThis has to be a dream?!Ē He just looks at me and doesnít answer. ďIt has to be!Ē I look around and at the sofa Iím on, itís my parents sofa with all their big cushions and looks so real. I then look at him and ask ďseriously tell me honestly, am I dreaming?Ē He doesnít answer and just looks at me with a pleasant smile. I then look at my hand and see how real it looks. Thereís my wedding ring. I close my hand and try to make my ring disappear, which is my chosen reality check. As I open my hand though the ring remains. I do another quick one and the ring doesnít budge. I conclude this is real. After I put my hands on his bump and it feels really warm and I can feel a sort of hot stomach ache in my own belly as if the baby is inside me. ďWhoa I can feel it, like really feel it!Ē I say with amazement.

    So close to lucidity here. I heard a story about a pregnant man who was formally a woman on the radio yesterday so that came from that and I guess my old friend was just a character inserted to play the part. I canít believe that moment I almost became lucid though! It happened! I questioned my reality and it was triggered by the weirdness of the situation but the reality check failed! I had heard this could happen so time to mix it up and get some new checks going. I havenít been doing them frequently so was this was a good wake up call that I need to practice more otherwise they wonít work. So annoying, I was semi lucid and remember how real it all felt at the time and how vivid that moment was.

    First Contact with Unconscious

    by Tiktaalik on 01-03-2021 at 05:04 PM
    First Contact with Unconscious
    -Lucid #2 - WILD

    My 6am alarm wakes me up and I cant recall any dreams. I feel Frustrated by this and worry as well that I wont be able to fall back asleep.

    Suddenly I awake in my bed as if from a dream but my eyes remain closed and I canít recall a dream? I must have fallen asleep I assume and now my consciousness has switched back on though I donít feel fully awake. I notice everything feels hazy and dark behind my eyes, almost unstable. Instantly I know I am on that brink between awake and sleep and it feels almost hallucinatory. I then begin to focus behind my closed eyes just experimenting to see if I can do a WILD. Within a few seconds the darkness starts to feel like itís vibrating! I can still feel my body and want to know if I am in sleep paralysis so I think about moving my finger to find out but I stop, not wanting to wake myself up. The vibrating feeling intensifies and I start to hear crackling in my ears as if a loud radio is being tuned up and down next to my head. Itís really surreal and I feel a little scared and I worry Iím going to experience something frightening. I decide I want to stop and wake up but suddenly I hear a braver version of myself tell me to ďrelax, donít panic and just look ahead and think about where you want to go in your lucid dreamĒ. It comforts me and gives me the courage I need to continue. I look ahead and can now make out a very vague grey circle in the distance. I imagine itís the moon and I wonder if I can go into space and experience one of my dream goals. I instantly re-consider thinking that would be way too extreme for my first WILD experience. The feeling escalates and now I feel as if Iím been sucked through a dark portal and a moment later I find myself in a dark street rushing at speed down a narrow path. It takes me a moment to understand whats going on but then it clicks, I have just entered a dream! The transition was so seamless I didnít even notice it. I am now fully awake and lucid and appear to be riding a bike at speed down a narrow path. I look around and Iím in a quiet, English village at night, lit only by street lights. It looks like my old neighbourhood from my childhood and the street is somewhat familiar but looks a little different. Itís completely deserted and Iím the only one there. I get really excited and laugh to myself in triumph and disbelief at whatís just happened. I did my first WILD and awoken lucid in a a hyper realistic world! I remind myself not to get over excited otherwise I may wake up and begin rubbing my hands together to stabilise the dream as I had learnt. I then remember what I came here to do. I wanted to have a conversation with my unconscious mind. To do this I remember other dreamers said you shout questions at the sky. But the street Iím on is too narrow and the sky obscured by houses. I know I need to go somewhere more open and so I say to myself ďwhen I go around this next corner there will be an open spaceĒ. I carry on down the deserted road and as I turn the corner on my bike I see a wider path and beyond a large round culdesac waiting for me with a direct view to the sky. Itís perfect. I rub my hands together again to stabilise and notice I can ride the bike with no hands? I look down and Iím surprised to see Iím not riding a bike at all, Iím just sat in mid air floating down the street as if sat on an invisible bike! As I reach the culdesac I come to a stop. I pretend Iím still riding a bike and hold the handles and pull the breaks to stop. It works and I dismount. I now make my way to the round open space in front of me and clap my hands and yell ďStabilise!Ē I had heard that can help too as I really donít want to lose lucidity here. I then decide to increase my awareness and begin touching things which Im also told should help. I make my way over to a house to my left and I feel the conifer bush thatís there. It feels completely real and my mind is blown by this. I then touch the bricks and feel their rough texture. Finally I run my hand along a cube shaped letter box which is wet and I can feel the cold water. I scoop some up and let it trickle across my hand and spill through my fingers. ďThis is real!Ē I say to myself in wonder. Once more I have to tell myself to relax and not get too excited. I then stand in awe for a moment and look around and canít believe that this is all going on in my head right now. I picture myself sleeping in my bed whilst all this is vividly happening in front of my eyes. Itís completely surreal and I hope thinking about it doesnít wake me up. I keep walking and reach the culdesac and step out onto the open road as if it is a large stage just for me. ďUnconsciousness!Ē I yell to the dark sky hoping it is listening. ďItís me!Ē I yell as loud as I can and my voice seems to project louder as if on a microphone. There is a calm and eerie silence and no response. I look to the sky and see dark blue clouds above and behind what appears to be faint glowing blue grid lines as if itís all some kind of computer simulation. Little trickles of electricity shoot across each grid line and hiss, crackle and buzz like electrical circuits. It feels like I am within a powerful and magical place, my own brain perhaps and though my unconsciousness hasnít responded I can feel itís there hiding and watching me. ďIíve come to speak with you!Ē I yell out again. ďWill you speak to me!?Ē There is another pause and It appears I may be wrong and nothing is there. Suddenly a deep sounding and wise voice speaks back from the sky and sounds a little like Leonard Nimoy. ďYes. AtlasĒ it says as a flash of blue light appears behind a cloud showing me where he is hiding. ďAtlas?!Ē I shout back and wonder maybe if thatís his name? I am then distracted by some people stood behind a house window, they arenít looking at me but I worry maybe Iím making an idiot out of myself standing in the middle of the neighbourhood yelling. Itís then I remember this is a dream and I shouldnít feel embarrassed. ďWeíre all under AtlasĒ the voice says. I am confused and donít understand his odd words. ďOk...Ē? Is all I can think to respond and during my confusion the dream fades. I wake up...

    Analysis: Thereís lots to analyse here but Iíll try be brief. The WILD really did come out of nowhere, I must have half woke up from a dream. It was really weird, it was almost like my dream woke me up and said here you go hereís the door now just figure out how to get in. I was fully conscious with full waking memory during it and remembered all the steps perfectly and they worked perfectly. It was unbelievable. There was a moment when I felt too scared to continue. The experience felt so bizarre and I worried it was only going to get weirder but it didnít it became somehow peaceful and exciting. I willed myself to continue and I succeeded. The dream setting was familiar and looked like an alternate version of my hometown and was maybe a nice comfortable and calm place to have my first WILD experience since I chickened out of floating through space. I was oddly riding a bike? Or not a bike! I donít ride bikes in waking life so I think It could have been my minds way of interpreting the fast flowing movement that came with entering the dream. Itís definitely the most vivid experience Iíve had. Everything was so stable and felt so real! My memory was working excellently as well and I remembered to stabilise and go after my dream goal to speak to my unconsciousness. It was an amazing scene when I tried to speak to him. So eerie and silent and I could feel something powerful was lurking behind those clouds. The electricity flowing through the sky felt like a representation of my brain neurones and made it feel like I was in some amazing space within my own head. Then there was him. That voice, so powerful and wise yet somewhat nervous to speak with me. I really felt it was just me and him, a one on one first meeting. I really didnít understand what he was telling me but the words were intriguing. If it hadnít have perplexed me so much I may have been able to stay lucid longer. Now Iím an atheist and not a big believer in spiritual signs nor the idea that there is some unconscious mind thatís communicating with me in my dreams but it is fun to imagine that it could be something more.
    I spoke to myself in the mirror before bed and made my intent to speak with my unconsciousness as if he was a person in my head. It appeared he heard my call and awoke me from my sleep and provided the gateway to meet him in the form of a WILD. I then spoke to him as I had intended and it was almost like I was in a darkened area of my brain, which he had allowed me to enter. He then spoke to me hidden and powerful like a God. I even think Iíve met him before in another dream years ago when I was a child. He spoke in cryptic wording and spoke of Atlas who in Greek mythology was the Titan who held up the celestial heavens. ďWe are all under AtlasĒ he said. Did he mean we are all under the heavens? Was it his way of describing something beyond this real world? You could interpret our meeting as something really profound until you start looking at the experience with a more critical eye. Letís be honest. I went there with the intention of speaking to him so my mind was most likely making it all up as I went along as itís what I expected. Itís probably why he made no sense and took so long to respond. He was also exactly how I imagined a powerful subconscious God would appear and seemed a little too perfect along with the setting. Then there was the Atlas comments. Did I just miss hear him say something else and then the dream just went along with the whole Atlas thing? I may not believe that there is some sentient being visiting me in my dreams but it is still a vivid conversation with my own mind and that in itself is incredible!

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: 5/5
    Control: 5/5
    Clarity: 5/5
    Awareness: 5/5
    Length: 3/5

    Trigger: Awoke from a dream
    RC: NA
    Length: 4 mins approx.
    Goals: To speak with my unconscious mind
    Techniques: DEILD/ WILD
    Time: 6 - 6:30am
    Lucid count: 2

    - Heavy emphasis on ADA & RCs in the evening
    -Slep through the night with Low recall
    -Woke from a 6am alarm

    Updated 01-03-2021 at 05:12 PM by Tiktaalik


    The Jack Nicholson horror film

    by Tiktaalik on 12-10-2020 at 06:57 PM
    The Jack Nicholson horror film
    -Vivid - NLD

    Iím in my living room at night with my wife when suddenly an unknown and paranormal force begins to knock us about the room. Itís terrifying and this force is invisible. Iím even thrown and flipped over onto my stomach. I become half paralysed and all I can do is reach out to my wife with my hand and move my lips slightly. Thinking this is the end I try to say ďI love youĒ to her but all that comes out is a faint whispering breath.
    Suddenly Iím back on my feet and trying to unlock the front door so we can both escape. Luckily we get out before it attacks again. After a moment outside we go back in the house as we believe weíll be safer inside as the evil force has got out as well. I begin locking the porch door in a panic and tell my wife to check itís definitely locked. I then lock the front door but it doesnít work and opens again! I try again and it locks the second time. We know something is outside and wanting to get in and feel afraid and helpless. I quickly run to the living room realising the window might be open and It is! I hurry to shut it and an evil looking man who is a scarier version of Jack Nicholson from the shinning is there and grabs the window at the same time as me. I pull as hard as I can and get the upper hand, closing and locking the window. The man then looks through the window with a crazy, grin on his face. ďHereís Johnny!Ē He says almost mocking me as he pretends to be Jack Nicholson. I hurry away and find my wife in the hallway. I say ďWeíll be fine if all the windows are shutĒ. She asks ďwhat are we going to do if he smashes a window?Ē Disheartened but trying to brave I say ďIf he does, you get the baby and sneak out the back and get as far away as possible and call the police. I will... I will do what I canĒ. I feel upset saying that but my braveness feels heroic and sacrificial which gives me a sense of pride. She looks at me with pure love for saying that. ďIn fact call the police nowĒ I say realising that would be smart. I go upstairs and check the window in the Babies room. Itís closed but I look through the blinds and see if I can see the man. He must be still at the window downstairs and I canít see him from this angle. I then go to the kitchen. Jade is cooking and chopping onions as if nothings wrong! I then realise the kitchen window is open! ďThe window!Ē I say but my wife doesnít seem bothered. ďIíd rather him get in then have the window shut whilst Iím doing thisĒ. she says. I run to the window and try to shut it but the man is there and this time gets the upper hand and gets through. I am scared and react by grabbing an electric toothbrush and stabbing him in the eye with it. I then turn it on which creates a big bloody eye socket as it vibrates. I say something like ďCan you help me!Ē To my wife but she doesnít. ďI donít like horror filmsĒ she says and just like that the terror of the dream melts away and I suddenly think weíve paid to have this experience as if renting a movie!? My wife isnít bothered by it so it all stops suddenly. Jack Nicholson still with the toothbrush in his eye leaves and pulls off a fence panel in my garden. He looks back at us and knows heís defeated. ďWrong house anyway, I was looking for Mr. Bruntons!Ē He says as if telling us itís time for him to move on to his next victims. We smile and watch him go through the fence. The ordeal is over.

    Analysis: Wow I loved this dream! It was my first official nightmare since I started my journal but it was so vivid with a mostly coherent plot and I remember it so well and that fear was so real! Again there are some major recurring themes. The evil attacker/ intruder theme again along with this bizarre not been able to lock doors problem? I think this must stem from me locking the doors every night before bed? Still itís the 3rd time this has happened and needs noting as a serious dream sign. It was a mostly scary dream but was funny how it fizzled away into silliness at the end. The most interesting part however was the beginning. That invisible force, throwing me around, pinning me down and making me unable to move or talk?! It had similarities to how people describe sleep paralysis and I wonder if it was some lesser form of it only within a dream setting and not my bed room? Itís not the first time Iíve experienced this either and may have been my transition from waking to dream as it took place in my house? Interesting though very frightening at times.

    Rabid dogs in Tokyo

    by Tiktaalik on 12-07-2020 at 08:59 PM
    Rabid Dogs in Tokyo
    Vivid - NLD

    Iím with a friend walking down a back alley towards a road. The setting is hot brown and dusty and reminds me of Spain. A vicious looking stray dog begins barking at me and comes running over not aggressively but defensively. I quickly jump on a nearby dumpster in fear and now more dogs have appeared all around me. Realising I canít stay up here forever I get down and carry on cautiously. Now there are loads of big stray dogs coming over and surrounding me. I start to regret coming this way but itís too late. They are all following me at my heels and barking and growling. I smile nervously but I am scared theyíre going to attack and bite me at any minute. There must be ten dogs now! I keep my arms in the air protecting my fingers and making sure they can see Iím not a threat. I keep walking slowly and donít run as it may provoke them. The pack is now circling me as I move forward and I keep an eye on each dog. I see one in front of me growling viciously. Itís teeth are out and snarling and it has one white eye. Itís quite scary but I remain calm and keep walking.

    Later I arrive at a bus stop with my friends and the dogs are gone. We are in Tokyo and the rest of the people at the stop are Japanese. I see a Japanese man crossing the road in a suit, he is hurrying toward us and suddenly falls back on his bum in the middle of the road. He is in pain and canít move. Itís then bystanders point out in a panic that a bus is coming straight for him! I look and see a bus is coming but itís not quite here yet. I believe I can make it in time and since nobody else is helping I dash forward onto the road and grab the mans hand. I hear the bus horn sound and know it wonít stop but I have enough time to get him and donít panic. I pull him up quickly and together we stumble onto the pavement and the bus goes by. The man is panting and relieved. Nobody seems to react to what I did but I feel like a hero.

    Later we are in a tightly packed Gondola train. I look through the window and see weíre going higher and higher and now above some of the skyscrapers. Itís Tokyo at night and itís quiet and eerie and the city below looks futuristic like Blade runner and made up of cold blue metal skyscrapers. I can really see the size of the city from this view point and notice the train system is all above the sky scrapers. Its amazing.

    After a recent dog bite nightmares about dog attacks have been common though they usually involve the real dog that bit me. He wasnít here this time and maybe why I wasnít as terrified as usual. The second half had some nice travel type scenarios which were fun. Futuristic Tokyo Felt extraordinary to see and it was nice to feel like a hero at the end.

    Updated 12-08-2020 at 06:51 PM by Tiktaalik


    Hello New York! - (My first lucid)

    by Tiktaalik on 12-06-2020 at 10:42 PM
    Hello New York!
    Lucid #1 - (DILD)

    Iím stood on a busy city street and it has a New York vibe about it. I see one of my childhood friends and see he is a paper boy. He has finished his round and collects his cash from a man only all he receives is a postcard. He is angry and rightly so. Iím shocked he did all that work for nothing! He walks away and is now in front of me. I go after him but as I leave I realise my foot is caught on a random one strap over the shoulder bag which is now looped around my ankle. I call out his name but trip and stumble clumsily over the bag as I walk forward. I am then out in the city street and appear to have a bunch of friends with me. I am still tripping over the bag which I canít shake off my foot. I stick my leg up and try to shake it off and say ďBloody hell!Ē In a rather comical way. I then stumble and catch myself on a spherical stone on top of a wall. It shakes me and now I look at my surroundings and see a massive city square bustling with people. I look up and see towering skyscrapers, neon signs and a large blue universal studios globe hanging at the centre. It looks as if Iím in Times Square? ďNew York?Ē I say perplexed surprised to be here. It is in that moment I turn to my friends, still holding the stone sphere, with the bag around my leg and I realise how bizzare all this is. ďIím dreaming arenít I?Ē I ask as if I need confirmation from them. I hear their laughs and they all think Iím been silly but Iím not. It all feels odd. I look around again and the whole city looks real and it feels as if Iím really here. I doubt I am dreaming for a moment and then remember the reality check! I look at my hand and see my wedding ring. I close my hand and know if I open it and the ring is gone I am dreaming. It all looks so real though that I doubt it will work. As I open my hand Iím shocked to see the front of my ring has vanished and the ring finger canít open fully and remains bent and crooked as if glitched. I feel an overwhelming sense of amazement and begin to laugh with shock and joy. I throw my arms up and yell ďwaaaa-haaaaay!Ē Iím over joyed that Iím finally having a lucid dream! I remember if I get too excited I may wake up so I quickly rub my hands together to stabilise the dream as I had learnt. I then decide I need to start moving or I risk waking up. So I set off and begin walking with a skip in my step and letting out a shaky breath of air as I try to calm my excitement. The setting has now changed to night time without my realising and I walk down the busy open square probably with a huge grin on my face. ďHello New York!Ē I say taking it all in. I then see a yellow taxi cab and inside I see a friend and her baby smiling back at me. ďOh itís you! Hello!Ē I yell and wave at them finding the oddity hilarious and equally amazing. I donít know quite what to do with myself and randomly decide I want to skid around on some ice for some reason since thereís so much space. Only there is no ice? I donít see this as a problem and put my hands out and effortlessly begin spraying ice from my finger tips which seem to stiffen and tingle as I do. I am amazed and a little in disbelief that it worked and how easy it was and watch it hiss out of my fingers and hit the floor. It sticks and begins to spread and twinkles with a frosty sparkle. I hear the friends I was with in the back ground talking. One asks ďDo you think Iím dreaming too?Ē ďYeah probablyĒ another replies. Now my ice is done and I go to skid but itís already vanishing and not slippy enough to skid on. So I use my hands again and this time cover the patch in water first then add the ice after hoping it will freeze it. It works and now we have a large ice patch to skid on. I jump in triumph and hope I may stay in the air levitating as I do but instead gravity brings my feet back to the ground. It didnít work but I think oh well one thing at a time. I then skid across the ice effortlessly and beckon my friends to do the same. They do and I see them now. I donít really recognise them but one looks like the bully character from a series Iím watching. I am so giddy and tell them to keep going. ďskid!Ē They do but they donít seem to be having any fun and only doing it because I say so. This disappoints me a little and then. I wake up.

    So this was my first lucid dream after beginning practice. It took me 9 days to accomplish and to this date is still one of the best Iíve had. It started with me noticing the oddness of the bag that wouldnít leave my ankle followed by the realisation that I was in New York even though I donít live there and never actually been either. It was a strange feeling as everything felt so real so how could I be dreaming. Thankfully a successful RC confirmed it and I was jumping for joy but managed not to wake myself up at the same time thankfully. For my first real lucid I had surprisingly good dream control and was able to use ice powers expertly and even used my imagination to solve a problem by freezing water to make it slippy. It was very stable and I felt fully awake within the dream and was an amazing first glimpse at what could be achieved.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: 5/5
    Control: 5/5
    Clarity: 5/5
    Awareness: 5/5
    Length: 2/5

    Trigger: Noticing Dream oddity
    RC: Successful hand check
    Length: 3 mins approx.
    Goals: To become lucid
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD, RCs, ADA,
    Time: 6 - 6:30am
    Lucid count: 1

    - Heavy emphasis on ADA & RCs in the evening
    -Slep through the night with Low recall
    -Woke from a 6am alarm

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