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    Snowflakes in Norway

    by Tiktaalik on 08-11-2021 at 10:19 PM
    Snowflakes in Norway
    -Lucid #9 - DILD

    I’m walking down a wide path, it looks like a back alley of some sort and has fences either side. I’m with my wife and talking to her about Lucid dreaming. I ask her if she’s ever had one. She thinks for a moment and then says “yeah I think I have”. “Yeah most of us have had a spontaneous one at some point” I explain.

    We keep walking and then, as I’m talking I start to wonder if this is a dream? I’m not sure why but something feels odd about the scene and where I am. “Wait, Is this a dream?” I stop and say with an amused and doubting smile. My wife looks at me amused and I feel silly even considering it but I decide to check. I look at my hands and stretch and curl my fingers. They look real and there is no reason to doubt them. I look around for more clues. Everything about the world looks 100% real and I’m pretty sure I’m awake.

    “Is this a dream?” I ask again and chuckle awkwardly as I’m really not sure and she probably thinks I’m mental right now. Though it feels a little silly I do the finger palm check and start stabbing my palm with my finger. It doesn’t go through but a very slight sponginess on my skin makes me question things again. “Nah” I say and wag my finger, not wanting to be fooled. “I’m sure this is a dream?” I then see a metal post which has some text on it. I decide to do the text change reality check. I concentrate on a word, look away and then back again. I wasn’t expecting anything from this but as I look back the word has indeed changed!!! It hits me, I am dreaming! I can’t believe it and never before have I felt so sure things were real and now I’ve proven it I’m still in disbelief.

    In excitement I clap my hands together and say “Right!”, as if I can’t wait to get stuck in and have fun but as I do a worry passes over my mind and I see again how real everything is. I then wonder what if I’m mistaken and this isn’t a dream? It could mean I do something dangerous or regrettable in real life. I decide I need to do the Check again so there is no doubt. I look back at the same text and away again. As before the text changes to gibberish. I do it one last time to be safe and the text changes again and even glitches and looks to be sliding off the post. There is no doubt now this is a dream and I’m amazed!

    I’m not sure if the dream jumps here or if I’ve forgotten a section but the next thing I know I’m in a crowded gift shop. I remember I want to try flying so I need to get outside. I see an emergency exit which people are leaving through. I hurry out the door but as I leave I look back and see my wife is walking on, oblivious to the fact I have ditched her. I know she’s a dream character but still I feel a little bad.

    I leave and arrive outside next to the big building I was just in which is layered in shiny black metal. I look ahead and it’s right on the shore of a giant frozen lake and beyond are large snowy mountains. The sun is just setting behind them, creating a beautiful orange glow which lights the mountains and shimmers on the frozen lake. I walk up to the lake and I’m in awe along with other spectating tourists. It’s so beautiful and I’m sure I’m in Norway. I really want to take a photo but I know it would be pointless in a dream.

    I then look around some more and see huge snowy mountains to the side as well, shrouded in dark cloud. I remember my mission to fly and look up at the night sky and the black cloud and wonder if I can do it? I then see hundreds of large, snowflakes falling from the sky, which gently flutter to the ground. One hits me on the head and I feel a cold wetness as it melts. I’m a bit annoyed the dream has manifested these obstacles and so I look up to the dark sky and say “Snowflakes stop!” For a moment I think it’s worked as they ease off but then a second wave appears from the blackness above and start falling. I don’t know what to do about it and then the dream ends.

    I started off talking about dreaming so my mind must have been focused on it. It took me a while to convince myself it was a dream but it was nice that I stuck to my suspicion and didn’t give up. Once again the palm reality check was unreliable but I decided to try the text change RC which I noticed worked in another lucid dream. It worked again this time and is definitely my most effective reality check. It was funny how I had to double check, that’s how real and genuine it felt. I was so convinced and it taught me just how real dreams can feel. It was a nice location I found myself in and I remembered my dream goal but sadly the dream then worked against me and those damn snow flakes just wouldn’t stop. I then woke up and it’s hard to know why. It was so abrupt it may be just that the REM period had ended. Either way it was a cool experience even if I didn’t get to achieve my flying goal.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: Low
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Talking about dreaming
    Reality check: Finger palm & Text change
    Length: 5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 2:30am
    Lucid count: 9

    Updated 08-11-2021 at 10:26 PM by Tiktaalik


    Bleached Hair/ DEILD attempt

    by Tiktaalik on 07-15-2021 at 05:14 PM
    Bleached hair
    -DEILD attempt

    I’m upstairs with my wife. The house is in total darkness but I can make out her hair has changed colour and has gone a bleach blonde and looks oily and curly. I can’t believe what’s happened and I assume something must have gone wrong with her hair dye. “I’m sorry to tell you this but somethings happened to your hair” I say. She gets up and walks to the bathroom.

    I suddenly feel odd, as though this isn’t real but it all looks and feels so real? I then go to turn on the bathroom light for her but no light comes on only a faint flicker? I think that’s odd and I suddenly feel uncomfortable in the darkness with no light. It’s then my wife turns and jumps on me, grabbing me like she’s some possessed creature.

    This scares me and the struggle jolts me out of the dream and into the dark void. I’m now fully aware I’ve just exited a dream. All is black and I know I can get back into the dream if I try. “Dive, dive, dive” I repeat to myself. This was a mantra I had heard on dreamviews when attempting a WILD. It was all I could think of on the spot. I start to feel that pulling and falling sensation as if the darkness is pulling me into another dream but then I hear the sounds of the waking world and suddenly feel my body in bed. I am awake.

    Analysis: Another nightmare scenario and again it took place in my house around my bedroom which is where they tend to occur. Funny thing is this time I wasn’t even sleeping in my house! Again as in other similar nightmares it all took place in the dark and the light switches didn’t work. A common nightmare trait and probably a fear that stems from childhood. It seems to be this that triggers some of my nightmares. It’s as if as soon as the light switch doesn’t work I decide something scary is happening and the dream morphs to fit that fear. In this case my wife turned possessed and attacked me which knocked me out of the dream and into the void but at the same time made me aware I was dreaming! I was almost lucid in the dream as well. I noticed something was off at the start but I was taken in by how realistic it all was. When I ended up in the void though I was lucid and able to think clearly enough to try get into another dream but the attempt sadly failed. Maybe I was too awake at that point.

    Updated 08-02-2021 at 07:59 PM by Tiktaalik


    VIP lucid dreamer

    by Tiktaalik on 07-13-2021 at 06:47 PM
    VIP lucid dreamer
    Lucid# 8 - DILD

    I’m stood in an English looking farm area surrounded by a few stone cottages and beyond, fences and green fields. Suddenly I see three Orcs stood in front of me!? All are still and staring in a creepy way as if they’re ghosts. I’m startled by the image and it’s then I think, “Wait? Am I in a dream?” I’m not sure for a moment and I go to do a hand reality check but my hand is caught in my sleeve. I tug and pull desperate to get it free. As I struggle though it all becomes obvious this is a dream and I no longer need the reality check.

    I try to remain calm and not wake myself. I look away from the orcs and to my farm surroundings. It all looks so real. I look at my hands and then touch my nose and I feel I still have one. I then get moving and watch my feet as I walk toward a fence and a big red tractor. I listen and I can hear a chainsaw in the distance sawing into wood. I then smell the earthy scent of grass and mud. All my senses are working. I touch the tractor and feel how real it is. I touch the fence and other things as well and the dream seems to be very stable. I then see the grass below my feet and decide to eat some just to engage my taste sense. I pick up a few bristles and put them in my mouth. I half expect them to taste nice as I had heard eating in dreams always tastes amazing. It just tastes like grass though. It’s bland, planty and dissolves in my mouth.

    I look around some more and wonder what I should do now. I see a grassy path leading away from the farm. I decide to follow it and as I do I see my dog appear in front of me. I start walking down the path and see lambs and sheep as well. They are baa’ing as I walk by and seem scared of me. My dog then runs toward them and scares them more. It’s then a big sheep is running at me baa’ing loud. I think it’s attacking and defending its young. I panic and move out of the way but I’m mistaken and it just runs past me. I turn to see if my dog is following me but she is chasing the sheep in the opposite direction. I mean to go after her but then I notice she’s no longer black and has a grey coat? I’m reminded that’s not really my dog so I leave her and keep walking.

    I’m just heading under some trees when I remember I wanted to attempt to fly! I instantly jump in the air and hope to float but it does nothing and I land back on the ground. I get annoyed with myself as I know I did it wrong. I need to focus and believe! I think to try the superman pose which I heard can work but I’m under trees and I won’t be able to get past them. I’m then distracted by the scenery in front of me. The path leads to a large structure, a temple with pale yellow walls. It’s sat on the side of a large green lake with shores lined with trees at the other side. “Whoa, cool” I say. It’s beautiful and I run over to it and go under a large, rounded archway. It all looks Indian/ Taj Mahal in design and leads to a small, open room. To my left are big square pools filled with a shallow water. They’re there for decoration but I go over and dip my hand in the cool water and bring it to my face. I think about drinking it but I worry it may be unclean so I just wash my face with it instead.

    I note again how everything feels so real and every where I look the world around me is in lifelike detail. I then see a large metal door leading inside the temple. I see a key in the door and pull the key. The door swings open and I enter a large room with high ceilings which at first looks like a giant museum and is more modern then I was expecting. I look around and first see the walls are lined with colourful art work going all the way around the top of the room. I’m amazed and can’t believe what I’m seeing. Realistic art work of various styles is visible in great detail in a dream. I then see a simplistic, abstract image of the Virgin Mary in a blue hood and recognise the image though I’m not sure where from. I stare at it and it looks so familiar. I wonder if I’ve seen it in another art gallery?

    Just then a man walks up to me. He is tall and looks to be of Middle Eastern ethnicity. He is wearing a black suit and though he comes up to me in a polite and friendly manner I realise I’m probably somewhere I shouldn’t be. I feel out of place here and it feels like a 5 star hotel that I could never afford. “Can I help you?” He asks politely but I know he’s here to get rid of me. It’s then I remember I am in control and this is my dream. “Yes show me to my suite!” I say playing along like I’m some powerful VIP guest. “On the top floor” I add, maybe because I want a view or maybe some height to try to attempt to fly again? The trick seems to work and he obliges immediately and shows me to an elevator. More people then surround me to help and serve. “Would you like a cup of tea when you get to your room”? asks a man. I’m not sure if I’ll have time given my limited time in the dream but I say “ooo yes please” now wondering what a dream tea tastes like. “Oh and a tray of little cakes as well if you have any” I say now feeling greedy and wanting to try different things. “You won’t want them” explains a member of staff as if hinting they’re not very nice.

    Im escorted into the large elevator and as I walk in I’m now with at least 4 other staff who are guiding me and treating my like royalty. I notice one has a large tray of fruit and grapes for me. I enter the lift and wait. The staff are all staring at me as if waiting for instruction. “Come on make it go” I snap as they’re wasting time. A lady with frizzy blonde hair jumps forward and presses the disabled help button on the lift which apparently will get it moving? The doors shut and the elevator gets on its way. I quickly go to the tray of fruit and find a big juicy green grape which is cold and wet. I pick it off the bunch and all I can think now is “please don’t wake up again!” I put the grape in my mouth, bite and taste it. It does taste really good. Like a grape but much sweeter and the flavour much stronger. “Mmm” I say delighted I finally got to try a dream grape! I then lean back against the elevator wall and feel around a bit more to make sure I’m staying connected with the dream. I see a red post box on the wall and read some text on it. It says something odd like “red post”. I look away and look back to see if it changes and when I do it now says “team ltdfg” or some gibberish. I’m amazed how it changed so easily and hope I can remember this when I wake up.

    I look back at the staff in the lift and see the lady is now naked accept covered up by dungarees!” Why are you naked?” I ask but when I look down I find I’m naked as well! I look back at the woman but she is now Keanu Reeves! “What happened to you!?” I say puzzled. I then realise I’ve been in this lift for ages and get a little annoyed. “Come on speed it up” I tell the staff. I look and realise the lift doors are open slightly? One of the staff, a tall guy with a red bell boy hat on shuts the doors with his hands whilst smiling awkwardly at me. It’s as if the whole elevator is fake and I’ve just realised and now they’re trying to cover it up. Annoyed, I walk to the doors and the man opens them fully for me. I see a long hotel corridor ahead and as I step out, everything goes black. The dream ends. I am left in the void for a moment and know I’m about to wake up. I think about trying to DEILD but again I’m worried I won’t have time and may forget this dream so I don’t push it and wake up instead.

    So this is by far my longest and most stable lucid I’ve had! I can’t remember the start of the dream just the moment I realised I was dreaming which makes me wonder was it almost a WILD only I noticed shortly after the dream began. I remember how clear everything was and how stable. I could freely walk around and think for myself and I think doing some ADA and engaging my senses within the dream really helped prolong and stabilise it at the start. I really saw how forever changing things are in dreams as well, like my dog turning grey, the text on the post box changing, the people becoming naked and so on. You really can’t take your eyes off anything and you have to stay focused. I also tried to fly which was my main dream goal but it failed, I sort of didn’t do it with any commitment or belief though and I knew I needed to concentrate harder. Then came the hotel section, this is when things got really interesting. First off the art work on the wall. How did my brain produce it all in so much detail! I wish I had inspected more of the paintings. Maybe it was all original artwork created by subconscious! Then came the dream characters. I was able to manipulate them and get them to treat me like some VIP guest. On reflection I came across like a bit of a snob to them but I was just playing along with the dream and it was a lot of fun. I also saw how dream characters can be lifelike but also robotic and unable to act without commands. They’re almost like a crude AI and simulate humans but aren’t fully formed people. I got to try my grape which I was delighted about. The dream came to a quick end after that which was a shame as I really wanted to see my room and what else the dream had to show me. Still I can’t complain the entire dream felt like it was maybe 10 - 15 minutes long? I’m not 100% but it felt a good amount of time and I hope I can have more lucids of this length and quality.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: High
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: High

    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: None
    Length: 10 - 15 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Try dream grape, Manipulate DCs
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:40am
    Lucid count: 8

    The stop watch experiment

    by Tiktaalik on 07-09-2021 at 06:56 PM
    The stop watch experiment
    Lucid# 7 - DILD

    I’m in a strange bed in a room full of other sleeping people. I get up and exit into what appears to be a hotel corridor. I then turn around and I’m surprised to find my old best friend and his wife standing behind me. I follow them into their hotel room and when I look back at my friend I see he’s shrunk to the size of a child and this startles me. “Wait am I dreaming!” I think with disbelief.

    I put my hand up in a halt gesture as if telling everyone to stop talking and don’t come near me. I then lift a finger and try to push it through my palm. My finger hits my palm and doesn’t go through but it does seem sort of spongy. I do it again and get the same result. I don’t give up though as I’m convinced this is a dream. On my 3rd attempt my finger indents my skin a little and feels sticky like I’ve just stuck it in chewing gum. I pull it out and a string of my sticky Palm comes stretching out stuck to my finger. “It’s a dream!” I conclude.

    I waste no time and know I have to quickly stabilise the dream. I rub my hands together and yell “stabilise!” Then I remember my stabilisation experiment I was thinking about before bed. The idea was to find a way of tricking my mind into keeping me in the dream longer. So I came up with the idea of wearing a stop watch and setting the time. “I’m wearing a watch” I say and look at my wrist but there is no watch. I feel a little silly thinking this will work but I try again. I look away and say it again and this time a watch has appeared on my wrist! It’s quite a big bulky, grey watch made of rubber with a digital face. I then grab the spinning wheel around the edge and turn it with a ‘click, click, click’ and as I do the numbers on the screen change. I’m trying to find the time I want to stay in the dream but the numbers come up in a random, incoherent order which makes it difficult. “These numbers are all over the place” I say. Finally I find 10:00 minutes and begin the timer now telling the dream I want to be here for at least 10 minutes.

    I then walk around the room as if I own the place. I ask my friends wife if me and my friend can talk alone. She complies and leaves the room. I stand in front of my friend now, who has returned to normal size and jump at him and shove him playfully. “Hello!” I yell in excitement and he smiles and appears a bit startled. “It’s great to see you!” I’ve been waiting for a while to have a lucid dream with my old friend (he moved away many years ago). I remind myself I shouldn’t get too excited though and try to calm down.

    I can’t actually recall what happens next but I think I’m exploring the room and feeling the furniture as I come across a grey sofa and suddenly remember I wanted to try flying. I can’t really fly properly indoors so I decide I should start simple and try hover. I feel like I need something to jump off so I aim to stand on the sofa and jump off. I’m not sure what happens then but my friend grabs me or I bump into him and it knocks my vision and my eyes fog up and go dark. I panic knowing the dream is going to crumble so I try justify the darkness to my brain and say “Oh no I have mud in my eyes!” I start pretending and wiping my eyes hoping the dark patches will disappear like I’m rubbing the mud away. It doesn’t work as I’d hoped and only gets worse.

    In a last desperate attempt to stay in the dream I spin in circles hoping I can spin into a new dream. My vision has become completely black though and for a moment I feel like I’m spinning in a dark void but then my body is gone as well and I think I’ve woken up. I realise my eyes are still closed and I should attempt a DEILD but my mind begins to wander and I worry it will take too long and I have to get up soon. So with regret I give up and wake up and recall my dream.

    It was one of my dream goals to hang out with my old best friend again and he appeared all on his own so it was probably on my mind. Then he turned really small and my lucid brain spotted the oddity straight away. It was good to see my memory was working at full capacity as well and I was able to carry out a planned experiment which was to manifest the watch that was meant to tell my brain that I couldn’t wake up until the timer was up. I definitely wasn’t in the dream for 10 minutes so it didn’t work. I suppose I should have known. details like numbers and text are known to change all the time in dreams and the watch was nonsensical as I should have expected. It was interesting to try though. Then there was the rubbing the mud from my eyes. That too didn’t work as I’d hoped and it seems you can’t always trick the dream in this way. I’ve learnt a lot and was a good experience all round.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: Medium
    Control: Medium
    Clarity: Medium
    Awareness: High
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: Finger palm
    Length: 3 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Meet up with my friend & try watch experiment
    Techniques: WBTB, MILD
    Time: 6:30am
    Lucid count: 7

    Meeting with the dream guide

    by Tiktaalik on 07-04-2021 at 02:32 PM
    The guiding lights
    Lucid# 5 - DILD

    I’m walking along a large, open courtyard surrounded by grass. There are people all around and walking past me. I then notice a woman who catches my eye. I’m not sure if it’s her that makes me become lucid but the next thing I remember I’m aware I’m dreaming.
    Things feel a little unstable though and I worry I will wake up so I decide to take it slow and look around to make sure it really is a dream.

    The scene has turned to night now and I’m on the grass. I look left and right and admire the detail and realism of the grass. I then see small lights dotted in two lines in front of me like a runway. It’s clear I am to follow them and I start moving towards them. Things feel eerily quiet now, all the people have disappeared and once again I feel that sensation that something powerful is present and guiding me. I look to the dark sky and yell “Unconsciousness?!” Playing with the idea that he is behind this. He doesn’t respond and the dream begins to fade, fade, fade and goes grey. “Damn I’ve lost it” I think to myself and expect to wake up but I don’t… (To be continued)

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: Low
    Control: Low
    Clarity: Medium
    Awareness: Medium
    Length: Low

    Trigger: Spontaneous
    Reality check: None
    Length: 1 minute (approx.)
    Goals: none
    Techniques: WBTB
    Time: 6 - 7am
    Lucid count: 5

    Meeting with the dream guide
    Lucid #6 - DEILD/ WILD

    Everything goes black and I’m left consciously aware in a dark void. I know I’m still asleep and begin to hear a strange electronic sound? “zwoo, zwoo, zwoo” it goes in iterations like a muffled, vibrating machine. I feel like it’s the sound of my mind buffering and even see a swirling circle in the distance like a Mac loading symbol. There is a moment of fear as I wonder if I’m trapped here but I remain calm and know a dream is coming. Sure enough I begin to feel that rushing sensation I felt last time. “Here we go!” I tell myself with excitement. I then feel my consciousness sucked downwards, really fast like I’m been pulled into a black hole and I hear a loud, screeching sound as if I’m a jet flying. “Whooooa!” I yell but not in fear but in exhilaration at the sensation. I then see ghost like shapes forming and swirling in front of me and know the dream is about to form.

    I start to picture where I want to go and what I want to do. I remember I wanted to fly through the clouds like the birds I saw last night. I wonder if I could embody a bird as well but then consider that may be too advanced. I begin to see the clouds forming below me with a pink, sunset light. I reach out and try to imagine what the clouds would feel like to make it solidify. I think it’s working but then things become fuzzy and instead of flying through the clouds I appear in an old wooden house that seems devoid of furniture. I have a body again and have entered a dream.

    I move through the empty room and come out on top of some old creaky wooden stairs. I remember I was trying to speak to my unconsciousness in my last dream and look up for the sky but of course there is no sky only the ceiling. I see a window to the right and know I need to get outside and talk to the sky like I had done before. I may not have much time so I hurry down the stairs hoping to find a way out of the house. the room below is similar, the walls are wooden and the room looks abandoned and decaying.

    I’m then distracted as I remember one of my dream goals. To speak to a dream guide. I turn to the wall and say to myself with great excitement, “When I turn around I will see my dream guide” I say this twice and hope it works. I’m a little nervous to turn around though and hope I haven’t manifested something scary. I turn around and to my delight a man is stood there smiling at the other end of the room. It worked! I try to focus and wonder if he looks like the wise old master I pictured he would. He doesn’t, not at all. He is a 30 something year old man with a hard face and a shaved head. He is wearing a white vest and jeans and looks a bit like a thug. “You!?” I say now feeling like I recognise the man from an earlier dream. “Yeah” he says with an accent, possibly Brooklyn? I walk up to him in disbelief and I’m a little disappointed and wonder if this is just a random dream character super imposed as a guide. I ask him anyway what I wanted to ask “How do I get better at lucid dreaming?” He smiles and looks away with a shake of his head as if he gets asked that all the time and it’s a pointless question. “Look, you don’t need to ring that bell anymore” he says in his pally yet gruff, tough guy voice. I don’t know quite what he means but take it as he’s saying I don’t need to ask anymore as I already know the answer.

    We walk together into another room to the left. It has the same decaying interior and wooden walls but some furniture is scattered about and a fire place is at the front of the room and a window to my left. “What do you mean?” I ask him again. He shrugs and can’t seem to find a way to explain it to me. “I don’t know, you just don’t need to do that anymore” he says just as vague. “Yes but what do you mean?” I ask hoping he will be clearer, he just smiles.

    I then register there is loud music playing in the room and other people are around me. I look to my right and see two people dancing in a silly way. One is on a unicycle and has a big umbrella and a top hat. “Don’t look at them, they’re trying to distract you” the guide says. I quickly turn back to him thinking the dream is trying to snap me out of lucidity. I remember my mission and now crouch down and grab a small wooden stool and place it in front of me and begin to feel the smooth polished top. I knod at the guide as if saying “I got ya” and know I have to keep interacting with the dream physically for it to stay stable.

    Im ready to listen to him again and notice another man has joined us as well. Another guide perhaps? I can’t remember getting a good look at him. They’re both here to advise me but I’m distracted and start feeling a thick carpet below me. I rub my hand through it and can feel every thick clump of carpet rub against my fingers. It’s all so real but I notice there is some sort of frame disrupting my vision slightly. I think it may be my glasses and so I take them off. It was glasses and I hold my pair in my hand. Everything is now even clearer and I admire how real it all is. It feels so stable as well as if I could stay here for hours.

    I then remember I wanted to try dream food and decide to manifest something. I close my hand and look away, I shut my eyes and say “when I look back at my hand I will see a piece of cheese”. I open my eyes but now my vision has blurred as if there’s mud in my eyes. I realise it’s because I shut my eyes and feel stupid now for doing so. I look at my hand and there’s no cheese either! I look away again and repeat the same but keep my eyes open this time. I look back and there’s still no cheese. My dream guides look at each other and snigger as if saying “Newbie!” The dream then fades and ends.

    I awake again in darkness and wonder if another dream is coming. I can hear the electronic noise again in my ears, “zwoo, zwoo, zwoo” and think I must be dreaming still. I try to move my fingers to find out if I’m awake and I manage to move them and now open my eyes. I appear to be awake in bed but I can still hear the noise? I wonder if this is a realistic false awakening but then I realise the noise is coming from my bedside fan and as I focus on the sound it fades into a regular fan whirling sound. I am awake.

    wowza! So a DILD and a DEILD! I think the first lucid may have been spontaneous but was rather short. Those lights were interesting. They were similar to the arrow I once saw in another Lucid but this time I followed it. Again I played with the idea that my unconsciousness was there and leading me somewhere.

    When the dream faded I thought I’d blown it but then came the void. That was maybe the most interesting part. As it turned out the weird noise I was hearing was just the fan by the side of my bed but at the time it felt like I was hearing some noise from deep within my mind. Of course it wasn’t but it helped me stay aware as an anchor and lead me into a seamless DEILD. Once again I was sucked into the dream. It’s a strange sensation as if been pulled at light speed into another dimension. I then stayed completely aware and tried to form a dream of my choice. I was watching a flock of birds fly over my house before bed and came up with the idea of embodying a bird and flying through the clouds so I tried to make that happen and I feel I was close but then it all changed and I was in that random wooden house. I can remember the space so well as if it is a real location I have visited.

    I was happy to remember to ask for a dream guide and it worked, I got one! He wasn’t at all what I was expecting but it was fun and surreal to meet him. I recognised him and was sure he was in a previous dream earlier on in the night that I don’t remember now. He seemed so real and had a personality but like all dream characters was vague and spoke in riddles as well. “You don’t have to ring that bell anymore” I didn’t understand this at the time but it seemed like a figure of speech. I think he was trying to tell me you don’t need to know how to get better at lucid dreaming, you know how, you’re doing it! I guess it was quite encouraging and the answer I needed upon waking.

    Then there was that moment with the distracting dancers. He told me not to look at them. He was giving me real advice and it was as if he knew this dream world well and was helping me. It Was very surreal. The moment I took my glasses off was amazing as well. The clarity and vividness was unbelievable! Then I ruined it by trying the food thing and shutting my eyes! That was the moment I killed the dream and it all disappeared quickly after that. It Was a shame and I’m yet to try dream food! What a great experience though. I really need to master these DEILDs.

    Waking Notes:

    Stability: High
    Control: Medium
    Clarity: High
    Awareness: High
    Length: Medium

    Trigger: Dream exit
    Reality check: None
    Length: 3-5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Summon a dream guide
    Techniques: DEILD, Sound Anchor
    Time: 6 - 7:30am
    Lucid count: 6

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