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      Iíve also started focusing on dream goals after listening to a podcast with Charley morley who stated people write to him Saying itís not happening no matter what they do and has found that they are doing everything but donít have the ďwhy?Ē The lack a goal and has found once people have a goal or two that drives them who are doing everything else the lucids follow.

      You mention that you have low level short lucids do you have a process you follow once your lucid to boost lucidity? I can share my process if you donít.

      Have you dabbled with WILDS much?
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      I have a one year old son whose not the best sleeper. On some occasions his disturbances have allowed me have a mini WBTB and I have got lucid in on another occasion I was Wilding and just as a dream was beginning to form he started crying and I had a tough job trying to concentrate on the dream the dream collapsed so I carried on surfing HI another dream began to form and he continued to cry and eventually the dream collapsed.

      So when heís going through a more a stable sleep pattern I can then attempt WBTB ususally Iíll attempt a WILD

      Have had minimal success with MILD - which Iím currently working on at the moment but I certainly feel like that for the amount of time Iíve given MILD in the past and the small amount of time Iíve given WILD wild has tended to offer more results in less time.
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      So this is what I do

      Dream journal every morning- trying to instill the habit of going over the dreams of the previous night and imagining myself become lucid and carrying out my dream goal before going to bed.

      Throughout the day try notice and RC to my dream signs,

      Occasionally I chuck in a few PMRCs -( should probably do them more often as itís boost my prospective memory confidence.)

      I try to keep some awareness on the body during the day as much as possible particularly the weight of it, sensations of clothing on the body, in the hope that at some point Iíll tune in to when I notice itís not there and become lucid.

      Iíve also started doing coherent breathing for a while and then after 10minutes repeating my intention to become lucid and remember my dreams before going to sleep and this seems to have helped Iíve also started doing it through out the day too.
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      Hi Tiktaalik,

      I wanted to drop you a message because I think we both joined this forum around a similar sort of time we are both from the UK, and both started lucid dreaming in the same year, the info youíve given me in previous posts have been very helpful.
      I see you have a lucid count of 200+ which I think is impressive, I see from one of your posts you claim to have on average 1.5 lucids a week, brilliant work mate. Whatís shape does your current practice take? Anything you think of as significantly importation or big realisations youíve had along your journey.

      Iíve been doing it around a similar time, but Iíve been doing it intermittently. Over the space of 2 years, Iíve probably totalled 13months practice. Iím currently in my 4th month this time around and averaging 2lucids a month in total Iíve had 20 lucids over the last two years-ish
      My current long term goal is to get to one lucid a week.

      Apologies for the essay.
      And Hope all is well with you .
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    Recent Entries

    Winter competition entry: 11/12/22

    by Tiktaalik on 12-12-2022 at 10:46 PM
    Fighter jet and the talking duck:
    Lucid - DILD

    Iím walking through a quiet housing estate and stumble across a large, black military jet with a distinct triangular shape parked in a drive way. (I looked it up, it was an F117 - Nighthawk fighter jet). Itís completely out of place and I really want to fly it over the city, so I jump up on the wing and look for a way to get in. Lucidity starts to build as I know I can get in if I expect to find a latch at the side of the cockpit which I do and open it. I climb inside onto the seat and take the aircraft steering wheel. I realise I have no idea how to drive one but again knowing how dreams work, I tell myself I can just drive it how I would expect to. So I put my foot down on a car accelerator and turn the wheel like Iím simply driving a car. The jet pulls out of the drive and I turn it around a corner and proceed to take off down the path. I simply pull the wheel down and back, as Iíve seen pilots do in movies and the aircraft lifts off the ground and takes off effortlessly. I rise into the sky, just above the roof tops at a gentle speed, more like a helicopter then a jet. I have a nice Birds Eye view and Iím in awe of what Iím seeing, now fully aware Iím lucid within a dream. I see Roads that seem to connect logically. Housing estates, busy and lived in. Cars, signs and lamp posts too. Itís a fully realised place.

    Suddenly, Iím grabbed around the waist by two arms that grip tightly. I look down and see Iím no longer in the jet seat but appear to be dangling from the bottom of it like a paraglider. An adult woman with a brown pony tail is wrapped around my hips, holding on for her life. I seem to recognise her, as if sheís a dream character Iíve met before but Iím unsure if I have. ďoh! Pauline!Ē I say, with delight. ďI need your help with somethingĒ she says with a serious tone. The weight of her body brings me down to the ground and I let go of my jet, now standing on my own two feet with her still hugging me from behind.

    Iím now on a cobbled back street with a row of old terrace houses to my side. ďWhat are the lyrics to the song 14 inches long?Ē she asks as if interrogating me. I have no idea what sheís talking about so I make up some lyrics. ďFour-teen, inches, long! Baa, Baa, Baa!Ē I sing and make the noises of an electric guitar as if itís some rock song. She doesnít respond so I grab her arm and try to pull her to my front but as I do I realise sheís light, almost weightless and I accidentally throw her across the street and see sheís now taken the form of a small mallard duck! The duck lands with a bang on the floor ahead and I hurry over to see if itís ok. ďSorry, you ok?Ē I ask feeling guilty. The duck jumps up and rustles itís tail feathers and says ďIím fineĒ in a rather sweet, innocent voice (like Olaf from Frozen).

    Talking to an animal was my goal but now Iím here Iím not sure what to do with it so I decide to do some experimentation. ďRun through this house and Iíll meet you at the other sideĒ I tell the Duck as I want to see if a DC can follow me to a destination successfully even without my eyes on them. The duck complies and hurries into one of the houses. Itís then I notice the house number is ď13Ē. This brings feelings of fear, due to 13 being an unlucky number and I worry something nightmarish will happen within. Sure enough, a window smashes and the poor duck flies out of it and lands on the floor in front. ďAn elf tried to stab meĒ it chuckles as if itís funny and not something to be worried about. I look to the window and see a small elf, one of Santaís by the look of it with a green uniform and angry expression. ďOk, come with meĒ I tell the duck and hurry away from the horror house. I dash down the cobbled street and think ďthis has been a long dreamĒ and that thought rather nicely brings the dream to a close.

    Funny little dream and low-level despite good dream control. Some interesting and subtle influences here. Read a flying dream before bed, I also saw an advert for Top Gun: Maverick and the fighter jet within the dream was one I had a toy of as a kid. Pauline and the 14 inches long song was random, though I have done some measuring recently in my house and maybe it had some connection to the band ď9 inch nails?Ē My goal tonight was to talk with an animal. I was hoping for a deer due to the competition but received a talking duck instead. Interestingly the duck appeared and talked without me consciously making it and shows that something in the background of my mind was working toward this goal even if I wasnít consciously doing so at that time.

    Updated 12-12-2022 at 11:56 PM by Tiktaalik


    Winter competition entries 2022

    by Tiktaalik on 12-02-2022 at 02:19 PM
    Winter competition entry:

    Night: 08/12

    Talking with Tipharot:
    Lucid - DILD

    Iím in a laundromatís when suddenly Matt from the lucid dream YouTube channel ďTipharotĒ walks in and casually starts doing his laundry next to me. Itís a bizarre coincidence and I wonder if I should say hello. ďSo Iíve heard youíve started lucid dreaming?Ē he says first, initiating a conversation as if he knows of me. ďYeah, who told you that?Ē I ask, wondering who are mutual friend is but he doesnít tell me. ďIíve actually been doing this for over 2 years nowĒ I say, explaining Iím not a beginner. Matt laughs as if thatís nothing in comparison to him and I can tell he still sees me as a beginner. Suddenly I realise Iím talking about lucid dreaming, one of my major dream signs! I start doing a finger palm reality check and Matt begins to do the same. The finger palm isnít working and I know it doesnít always so I get out my phone instead and look at the time. I look away and back and see the time has changed! I do the check again and once more it changes. ďSurely notĒ I think, finding it hard to believe this is all a dream. I do the check a 3rd time and once more the time changes. Matt has finished his check and starts talking to me again but I ignore him and step away. ďMy results arenít adding upĒ I tell him sternly, now believing I may actually be dreaming and he is trying to distract me. I do the check one last time and confirm. I look back at Matt with pity, now seeing the truth and that he is as an unaware dream character. ďThis is a dreamĒ I tell him bluntly. His expression turns to one of confusion, then fear, as he realises the devastating truth that heís just a figment of my imagination. Sadly the dream ends quickly here.

    Night: 01/12/

    Fly to the tree:
    Lucid - DILD

    Iím on my childhood street. I canít remember how I became lucid but I think I noticed the strangeness of my situation. I donít remember my goal so I simply jump up and fly into the sky. My flight it successful but I feel heavy, like my dangling legs are dragging me down and I fly into the bare branches of a large tree and cling on. I look around and then have some fun swinging from the branches like a monkey until eventually I wake up.

    Updated 12-09-2022 at 07:18 PM by Tiktaalik


    The Door portal attempt

    by Tiktaalik on 03-22-2022 at 08:52 PM
    The Door portal attempt
    #Lucid 17 - DILD

    Iím sat in my parents bathroom when suddenly I see a fine rain coming down from the ceiling. ďItís raining?Ē I note with surprise. I know that itís an odd thing to occur indoors but for some reason it feels acceptable that it could happen. ďAcceptable because itís a dream?Ē I wonder. I stand up to investigate and though the room looks exactly like the bathroom from my memory it doesnít feel right. I walk out onto the upstairs landing and feel a strange, shuddering sensation to my body and my surroundings and conclude it must be a dream.

    I look into my Childhood bedroom and see my bed and wonder if Iím asleep in it right now in waking life. I then recall my goal to use a door as a portal and find a closed bedroom door for the experiment. ďOn the other side will be a forestĒ I tell myself and then run at the door and swing it open, expecting to find a lush, green forest on the other side but instead Iím greeted by the bedroom that should be there. I feel as though I rushed it so I try again with another door but this time the dream collapses before I reach it and Iím left floating in darkness. I notice a blue ball of light in the distance and know Iím still dreaming and have the opportunity to re-enter. I try to remain aware whilst the new dream forms but I enter the next dream without lucidity.

    Lucidity: Medium
    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: none
    Length: 1 minute (approx.)
    Goals: Door portal (Fail)
    Lucid count: 17

    The Castle oddity

    by Tiktaalik on 02-03-2022 at 01:35 PM
    The Castle oddity
    Lucid #16 - DILD

    Iím in the back seat of a car driving down the road through my childhood village with my friends. I suddenly become aware this is odd, and feel as though what Iím experiencing isnít real. ďItís time to move into the second act!Ē I chuckle to myself, feeling as though my current situation is a movie and things are going to get interesting. The car starts moving up a hill and I look out of the back window and see the familiar village from my childhood but in the distance there is a medieval kingdom and a large castle!? I know that shouldnít be there and start to slowly become aware itís because Iím dreaming.

    Lucidity is low but I sense the dream is unstable so I start to feel the fabric on the car seats and look at my hands, concentrating on the realism which is very lifelike. Things get a bit vague here but Iím floating or flying down the road after and trying to grab a moving truck thatís coming my way. I grab the truck and hold it for a moment and then try to fly to another car but itís then I notice my vision is failing and the dream ends.

    Lucidity: Low
    Trigger: Dream oddity
    Reality check: none
    Length: 30 seconds (approx.)
    Goals: None
    Lucid count: 16

    Alone in the House

    by Tiktaalik on 01-21-2022 at 01:53 PM
    Alone in the house
    Lucid #15 - DILD

    Iím laid on my old childhood bed in the dark. Everything feels completely normal and Iím simply relaxing and scrolling away on my phone when I see an image of the actor Donald Glover wearing a red suit and shades. I remember dreaming about him recently and decide to do a quick routine reality check. I do this with no real suspicion of my reality and Iím convinced this is waking life. I decide to try my vanishing ring check as the text change failed last time I tried. I close my hand and as I reopen it Iím astonished to see my fingers have become stubs and are twisted and bent in a mangled way. It is a dream! I canít believe it and I had no doubt I was awake before! I count my fingers to double check and count 6! Iím rather excited as it came as a complete surprise.

    I jump from my bed and walk onto the upstairs landing and feel a sort of rumble run up my back? The dream is trembling around me and it feels unstable and on the verge of collapse. I remind myself to stay calm and engage my senses as planned. First I listen and hear a faint noise in my ear like wind is passing by. I realise it must be my bedside fan which I remember I have on in waking life. I then try to turn the light on, not expecting it to work and sure enough it doesnít. I try again and this time the light does flicker on dimly. I keep twisting the knob and gradually it gets lighter and lighter but with a struggle. Things feel more stable now so I head downstairs slowly and feel the smooth, wooden banister as I do. Itís dark in the house and I appear to be completely alone which gives it quite an eerie atmosphere as if at any moment something scary is going to jump out at me. I see the light is on in the kitchen and I head toward it, wondering if the dream is trying to guide me there for some reason. The kitchen is also quiet and empty but I see cereal has been spilt and scattered all over the floor? I look around for an explanation but there isnít one? Itís as if something had happened here long before I arrived and maybe what did it is still lurking somewhere nearby. Again, it gives me the creeps so I decide itís time to get out of here.

    I head to the front door to see if I can use it to change the dream scene. I decide what I want to see on the other side and really focus. ďI will see a forest, I will see a forestĒ I repeat and really try to expect it is behind the door. Iím ready and just about to open the door when... Iím shaken and wake up in bed. My wife has just turned over and shaken me awake! I manage to keep my eyes closed and hope I can get back into the dream but I am too awake now and unable to do so.

    Lucidity: High
    Trigger: Dream sign
    Reality check: Ring vanish/ Finger count
    Length: 1.5 minutes (approx.)
    Goals: Change location (Fail)
    Lucid count: 15

    Updated 02-02-2022 at 01:41 PM by Tiktaalik