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    Making anything consciously appear in a dream is called summoning. Mastering this power isn't as tricky as you might think, and once you've done so, you can get your hands on anything you want. It's one of the fundamental powers needed to navigate the dream world efficiently along with telekinesis, flying and teleportation.

    When summoning any object you want to use as much passive control as possible. Getting something enormous to appear in front of your eyes is almost impossible without major active control; however making it appear behind a building is much easier. This is also discussed in the Dream Control Tutorial.

    Summoning Small Things

    The easiest way to summon small things is by looking for them in your pocket. Search your pocket while expecting to suddenly feel the edge of the object and it will appear. Don't give up, you will find it. Placing things in your pocket in a dream and recovering them later is a great way of gathering up a bunch of cool items.

    Magicians snap their fingers and something appears in their hand. This is a familiar visual, so it works well in dreams. This is easier to attempt with small objects (keys, for example) than it is for objects larger than your hand.

    Using a wand a magician can summon any number of objects. This is called a summoning action. If you look at the spot you want something to appear, something must happen for it to appear there. Waving your hands or speaking magic words also works well to summon items. This is an example of Active Dream Control.

    Summoning Large Things

    When summoning larger things passive control is very important. What you want to do is expect things to be around the corner, or behind you. Closing your eyes and opening them again works well, too. Make up fake stories or pretend to hear/smell/feel anything that has to do with the object. In this manner you can trick yourself into believing it's actually going to be there.

    Example: If you want to summon a red sports-car hold a firm image of it in your mind. Tell yourself that when you walk around a corner it will be there. "Hmmm, a red sports-car should be around this corner. I even think I can hear the engine roar."

    Remember, the more likely it is for a thing to be in a certain place in reality, the more likely it is that it will appear there in your dream. That sports-car will most likely not be found under water.

    Summoning People

    Call out a personís name as loud as you can and expect them to reply: "Yeah?" That person might not be near you the first time you shout, but he/she will definitely hear you calling. The second time you'll get a louder reply and all you have to do is locate where it's coming from.

    Opening doors and expecting people to be in the next room works just as well. The same thing applies with large objects; you'll find them behind you, around corners or behind doors. If you want to summon a pet you just have to whistle for it or call to it.

    Last Notes

    Confidence is the key to summoning objects. If you're having trouble with Dream Control try some passive summoning. With passive summoning you can bring forth objects to help with other powers; for example, a jet-pack for flying, a magic wand or a potion for transformation.

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