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    Hey! Youkoso to my dream journal page!

    below are pictures of my dream guides/persistent characters that my dream buddy jadegreen drew and painted. I feel they express their personas amazingly so enjoy looking at the pics.
    : )

    1. School Drama

      by , Yesterday at 02:56 AM
      This was a vivid dream I had from the other night.


      I was inside my house and noticed a cream colored horse near the couch. Excited to have the animal in my house I turned it's hair and pet it a bit. I didn't know it than but it was a horse I drew yesterday. Unsure if the horse would be allowed to stay I tried convincing everyone who turned up of the benefits to having the horse over. Skipping to the next scene, I'm walking outside with family and on my way to class when I notice a guy behind me. He seems like he has a group and I come to the conclusion by the way they talk, that they think they are a tuff popular group.

      I decide to not let it bother me and sit down in my desk when I arrive inside the classroom. While paying attention to what seems like my art history teacher, I begin to hear whispering and turn to see a guy, who looks like a familiar dc, filming me with a really small camera at a angle.They began to snicker so I get mad and get up, snatching the camera away from the guy. "What are you doing!? Give it back!" I hear him shout. The teacher shouts at me too but than his friend says "were gonna find you and beat you up after class. How does that sound?"I stay standing and tell them straight up that if he proves there is no photo or recording of me Ill give the camera back.

      The guy who looks like a familiar dc made the device show pictures as requested. First I saw palm trees/grass, than he swiped and I saw a woman, light, blue eyes, short brown/black hair, a bit above average, wearing casual clothing, sitting on what I think was a tree that was on the ground. I thought it was his mom even though she was lighter than him. He swiped again and I saw another pic of her but a face pic of her. He than swiped and showed me pics of orange/red leaves on the ground and a close up pic of the ocean water near the grass.

      "Sorry, I thought you had something of me in there"I said to him. He said it was okay. Than we went to the window where his other friend showed me a pic of what was his girl friend. He kissed the phone than used the phone to show me something on a screen near the window. Words appeared than I saw a awkward scene of another familiar dc sitting on the grass camouflaging in brown leaves, feathers and mud. Almost all his face/body was covered. His eyes in this dream was blue mixed with brown though.I felt a bit awkward looking at him cause he looked a mess but i thought his character was the wise yet cute silly/clumsy type so I said what I thought but changed the subject cause the guy with the phone looked like he was disinterested by it. Next thing I asked was if he liked anime. He paused at first than said yes and put some anime music on his phone. Singing some lyrics which helped break the ice. After I woke up I was happy it was a dream though. I don't want school drama after all. I did like how vivid it was though.

      Ignore his/her nose. XD
    2. Singing While On Water

      by , 09-16-2017 at 07:10 AM
      Its late now so im going to summarize the lucid part of yesterday night.

      -I sang as loud as I could while sliding on a huge body of water.Music showed up and my voice changed but i kept on singing. During that time I also encountered alien robot on the water and broke them while flying at certain times too.

      -For the non lucid part aliens visited our planet and got mad at me because I did not follow their orders. Also there was something about power cards I think. There were also other dcs but I dont remember who now.

      lucid , non-lucid
    3. SpellBee Summerish Competition

      by , 09-15-2017 at 12:31 AM
      Dream 1

      I was watching a face and listening to someone mess with the face. Just like how in Mario Nintendo 64 you can mess with marios face by stretching it around for fun.I woke up after the eye's popped and thought "that was really weird".

      Dream 2

      I was in a room apparently resting since I was sick. As I waited in the room I thought I was falling asleep.After appearing in a sky I knew it was a dream and recalled spellbee competition but I was only semi lucid since I didn't have all my memory. I flew fast and around in the sky, even doing a dive for my third task. After that I made myself appear back at the house. I don't recall what happened after that.

      Dream 3

      I was in an unfamiliar house thinking I had moved to a tropical island.But I was sick so I wasn't planning on going out. However when I tried using the laptop to compliment someone's art I clicked a ad by mistake and suddenly some spammer replied to my comment saying sexual things.Annoyed I tried to delete the reply from the spammer and noticed I spelled lots of things wrong. When I tried fixing it lots of pics came up of the spammer who was a shirtless guy in one of his pics.

      I tried clicking out but couldn't. This led to me somehow blowing the laptop with a hair dryer/spilling water on it and shouting for my mom to please take the laptop away. After taking it I was going to follow her outside into the snow but than I remembered I was hot so I couldn't. Once she left I noticed I was naked so I covered myself with blankets as I walked to look for the bathroom but when I looked out the window I saw people swimming under tropical clear beach water. One of them looked like a blonde guy D.C. I saw in my other dream. He looked kind of surprised to see me.Anyways I than turned to see beach water where part of the house use to be. I thought it could possibly be a dream but after taking note of cute sea horses i threw up.

      lucid , non-lucid
    4. Train

      by , 09-13-2017 at 11:06 PM
      I dont really feel like writing my dream down but here goes. Something non lucid that had to deal with trains happened but when I ended up in my house and was looking out the window I became lucid while watching two dcs talking.I went through the wall and flew down where I asked the dc for his name. He looked like Jade's dc Marcus but said he was Dawn. I than hopped onto a fence and began to balance myself on it while walking. I wasnt really sure what I wanted to do so decided to go around and see if the dc who looked like Marcus would follow me. He did end up following me which was funny to me. I tried to run into a house after that but saw it was blocked by stone and than I saw a old man appear through the stone.

      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Pink Energy

      by , 09-08-2017 at 06:44 PM
      Pink Energy

      Hrmm...From what I can recall I was talking to someone in my family until I was told to escort someone into an elevator. While in the elevator i felt the floor collapse a bit so I quickly got off. Others who were old famous Nickelodeon actors stayed so they could get to their destination quicker though. Unfortunately the elevator ended up taking them to the woods where they got lost and were apparently not seen for hours.

      I became lucid when I was about to go help look for them and jumped off the stair railing to the floor below. As I continued moving around the place I ended up in a mall where a group of monsters had appeared. "I dont like how I ran from my fear in my last lucid. So I'm gonna take the opportunity to do something better". I made pink energy come out of my hands and flew towards a monster to grab it with the energy. Once I had the monster I shocked it than continued fighting the others. I woke up after that.

      lucid , non-lucid
    6. Lucid

      by , 09-07-2017 at 10:54 PM
      Im sick today so my recall isnt perfect but when is it ever?

      Dream 1-Staying Calm

      I was laying in bed trying to stay calm and relaxed when suddenly my heart started beating really fast. Unable to move I thought something was wrong with me. I prayed so I could move, sat up than thought of Dawn.Dawn's quick appearance and hug in the dream made me realize I was asleep. After hugging him back though the dream shifted and I was in bed again.I thought I was awake but I was still asleep. My mom was present than and had asked me to go on the internet to a website called cozi tv and to search of a anime there to see if it was real or not.I went to the website and typed the anime but I woke up after that.

      Dream 2-Sleeping In A Spooky House

      My dad had shown me to a room I would have to sleep in on my own. Knowing that the house had entities roaming around was unsettling though. To rid my fears I began thinking about Eye as I lay in bed.When Eye appeared I became somewhat lucid but still thought the house was ours. I stayed with Eye as he fell asleep next to me than got up when he vanished. I went to look for my dad but instead met with a older male oc of mine. He was telling me to go back into the room to fall asleep. Even if I didnt want to go back eventually i went back inside and began calling Eye again.

      I forgot a good amount of details after that. (I just remembered eating a cough drop and biting into it but i dont remember if i was lucid or not.)

      What I do remember though is when I became fully lucid I was in my old house and sang a bit for the spellbee competition as a practicing WL hobby task. I than followed a oc outside where he introduced me to a group of people waiting for the train. I watched them for a bit until I appeared in my old room that was connected to a huge unfamiliar living room where a bottle of beer stood out on a table. I wanted to go in but I couldn't move most of my body. I was only able to bite my finger as a rc than waited. I let my fear get the best of me though and heard a menacing female voice. When the paralysis stopped I rolled than moved through the bed to the floor and crawled till I reached the wall. I wanted to leave the place but my doubts confined me to the setting. Woke myself up cause I didnt want to face my fear.

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    7. Nap

      by , 09-05-2017 at 11:42 PM
      I decided to take a nap since I was still tired and managed to get semi lucid. Even though it was...very short.

      I was looking at the bed thinking about falling asleep when I noticed a roach on the bed. It made me think of how my dad was talking about bed bugs the other day which scared me into believing it could possibly be a bedbug. (Even though we dont have any) Unsure of how to kill it I slowly put my hand next to it but it didn't move. I than tried shooing it away more aggressively but the bug did not move an inch. That's when I though "Okay, is this bug just not scared or is it not real and i'm dreaming?". That's when I decided to try and see if I could get the sensation of my feet moving from WL as a reality check. I felt some dirt get on my feet as I experimented than noticed my feet was becoming see through."Yeah, im dreaming. But is my feet moving in WL?"I thought. I than woke up to hear my dad calling me. I also realized my memory of my sleep position wasnt correct since I was sleeping on the opposite side.

      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Slept Late-Poor Recall

      by , 09-05-2017 at 04:04 PM
      Dream 1

      I was viewing the park as my view panned. Someone next to me pointed out how many people were present to have picnics as I watched.When I woke up I realized I was dreaming for what seemed a short amount of time.

      Dream 2

      I was living with another family and trying to help a girl who was trying to figure something out about herself. Near the end we started talking about languages and for some reason I wanted to bring up the indian language even though I know nothing about it.
    9. Monster

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:41 PM
      A monster that seemed like he was made out of blanket material and energy was telling me jokes and trying to get me to fall for a trap. But I was always one step ahead of him and it ended with him being destroyed. There were dogs in the dream too but I forgot what they were doing.
    10. Bin, Sweets Box, Sing

      by , 09-04-2017 at 12:19 AM

      I walked inside a bus that lifted me through a tube where I was facing a computer screen. On the screen I saw jadegreen's username and became semi lucid.As I watched I heard him ask a online game admin if he could put a character into a bin and keep it there till later. He was told that he could and I watched as he did it. I than thought about how funny it was that I was dreaming of this. I also pondered what jade was really dreaming about for a sec. I than turned to look at the bus driver and asked to be brought down.

      Sweet's Box

      I was non lucid at first but I forgot most of what happened. I remember seeing a open door where a window was supposed to be. After a little boy walked inside I decided to go out and walk to the secret garden in the yard. But what I found was baby animals scattered throughout the floor.

      I became semi lucid than knowing they were dream animals but I still felt obligated to help. I picked up newborn baby birds scattered onto the floor lightly and put them into a small box. I felt good when I finished but than suddenly the baby birds turned into tiny bird nails. "What? What happened?Ohh..That's right. It was a waste of time in the end since I wasn't really helping them". I left the box remembering a similar dream where I told myself not to be tricked next time.

      Next thing I know I'm being told to follow a guy who I think is a dc character from a 3d game I made.Even though he is not. I follow him around till I get the idea to make the dream setting brighter instead of darker. I make a device appear on the ground and turn the switch changing the brightness, color and contrast. I stop messing with it when a guy's hair turns from blue to green. After that the guy I was following walks up to me and starts complaining about how I wasn't following him enough so I go with him to look at a building like structure made with wooden planks. Brown and yellow.

      As I look at it and point out the big hole in it, I notice a shadow of the batman signal on the wooden plank. Than suddenly batman pops out of the shadow and superman flys out of no where towards him. They start wrestling each other and I remember spellbee's competition but I stay there watching until a mail man approaches me and tells me to move. I turn around and see a plank floating on the river than hop on it till I reach the other side. The mail man than places a box of sweets on the ground (doughnuts, cakes, cookies) than takes a woman's hand and says "Dream of Soup~" as he floats with her down the river. "Omg...I could do something else or I could eat this and not regret not eating it". I thought about it than just grabbed a fluffy strawberry doughnut and began eating it with a plastic fork. It was yummy but after taking a few bites I woke up.


      I walked into a classroom thinking class was about to start but after talking to the teacher I became aware it was a dream but in my mind I was still supposed to be there.
      After I saw Dawn enter I began singing a song for him and the class. However, mostly just for practice since I enjoy singing but have been feeling like I can't sing lately. I hit the high notes perfectly and when I stopped the class began to clap for me.
      Dawn than walked up to me and changed the scene.We were in a unfamiliar house where I remembered I had no obligation to be in the class. After he hugged me I took note of his gray garments and how different they were from what he usually has on. Woke up after that.

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    11. NightMare But Not A WarZone

      by , 09-02-2017 at 09:34 PM
      Last night was one of the worst nightmares I've had in a while. Bad sleep time too.I had anxiety and that's why it happened but I got through the night and like others, I'm stronger because of it.

      Dream 1

      I was with a girl in a room who was half demon and had blue circular paint orbs in a box to add to her art. I felt if I used it with her I could make her not hate me and it worked but than a clone of her who looked like a demonic anime girl In a sailor suit appeared and tried scaring me. I blew the clone away with my mind power into another room.

      Afterwards I somehow ended up watching a scene that formed of a girl who was using a machine and got her fingers sliced off. The scene than shifted to a older lady who was talking to her husband as she turned a machine, unknowingly having her other hand being pulled into the machine."Stop talking to your husband and pay attention!"I thought while regretting to watch the live footage. But her hand ended up being pulled into the machine and stabbed.Lastly, a woman with her two year old child was on a ride where she would fall into a wooden curved area like a slide. But as she slid with her child on the floaty thing spikes shot up and she and her child were impaled."Who would put this on t.v. and just keep recording!?"I shouted cringing from what I saw.

      Next thing I recall is that I'm 6 and sitting next to a guy who is my uncle and his wife. He is half demon so I try not to mess with him but I end up taking a bite of his weirdly house shaped chicken meal.I hope he's okay with it and ask him if he likes me by his side. He paused while smirking than said "uh no"than laughed. Feeling like that was a death sentence I asked if he liked me more than the shadow guy and who he wanted on his side. He said the shadow guy so I ran to the other room scared I was going to be wiped out.

      I became aware than that it was a dream as he moved in closer and that he couldn't be my uncle, so I flew through the bathroom curtain and tried going through the wall but it disappeared. "Look at that chicken. Did you see her face"I heard him say to the small shadow guy jokingly.I wanted to fly back but instead tried imagining kunai bombs falling behind me as I flew to the window near the door. They didn't show up though and I woke up after that.

      Dream 2
      Something non lucid I can't recall occurred than...
      From within a black car I was watching a girl who looked like a blond girl who use to work for Disney channel. She was helping her grandma into the building as I observed her and thought about how jealous I was that she had my fav hair style. She than came closer and took out a black plastic knife."Mom,lock the door, drive away now fast" I told my mom than held the car door shut as my mom moved slowly." The girl tried opening it so I shouted "Hurry up!!". My mom than drove faster but she held on so my mom turned the car smashing the side to a wall of grass where she tried crushing the girl repeatedly."No!Mom....You didn't have to crush her. It'd be better to treat the dream character with kindness than violence. I don't want her coming back". My mom acknowledged my decision but I woke up after that.

      I found the perfect pic~

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    12. The Anime Wagon Ride/Mother's Old Camera

      by , 09-01-2017 at 07:15 PM
      The Anime Wagon Ride

      I was watching a anime of a little girl with pink hair and light blue eyes who was sitting in a wagon next to two guys. One looked like Eye with black hair and the other looked like Dawn but with short spiky hair. The little girl was being brought up by the guy who looked like Dawn who was looking forward to her becoming an adult because he wanted to use her looks and power to his advantage. But the little girl felt what was happening was wrong and told the guy that she believed everyone was beautiful. She than jumped off the wagon they were taking to get through the country side and tumbled on the road. The guy who look like Eye had a somewhat heroic side so he jumped off to help the girl. The other guy who looked like Dawn stayed on the wagon not really showing emotion.

      Mother's Old Camera

      I was sitting on the floor and looking at a device that was cube shaped, grayish Tan, had a camera attached and wheels that moved when it was told to move. In my mind it was my mother's old camera from when I was a child though. As I moved it with my hand, keeping watch of it Eye came in the room looking a bit distorted. Like he was fused with the guy with red hair from the anime "Assassination Classroom".

      "what are you doing with my recorder?"he asked than sat next to me. "Its not your recorder. Its my mom's old camera"I replied than tapped on the top before Eye said "No its not"than hugged me from behind.
      He than started rapping a song that would comfort me. "You don't have to rap a song to make me feel better" I told him. He than stopped and said "yes, I do" and something about how it would help even more. He than continued rapping and as he rapped a scene began to form until I ended up in a room where a woman was calling to her parakeets in the cage.I became non lucid than and watched as they moved closer to her and chirped happily like how my bird's act when im around. I than put my hand near a white/sky blue parakeet and lifted her up but woke up after that.

      non-lucid , lucid
    13. Crafting Rose, Woman, From Moon to Antartica

      by , 08-31-2017 at 10:06 PM
      Dream 1-Crafting Rose

      Read someone's dream journal who highlighted in blue, black and red. According to the entry they prepared for a lucid with a routine, had weed for a hour than went to sleep and met with a dc that caught their attention.

      I was crafting a pink rose with green and pink color paper but than removed the top rose to create a rose bud using loose leaf. It didn't stick well though.

      Dream 2-Woman
      I became lucid inside my old home. After thinking and looking out the window, I decided to go out but I saw it was dark outside. After looking away for a bit than turning back I saw it was light outside but slightly dim as if it was after the sun had set. I didn't mind it so I left the house anticipating what I would come across. But after walking down the steps and looking in the distance after turning to the right, I saw a field that looked like Dawn's barrier. It turned into a woman though when I started to fear my thoughts.

      The woman in a light blue glittering dress chased me by teleporting and swung a knife at me while a blonde girl appeared and tried attacking me from the opposite direction. "Fight each other instead!"I shouted. I than manipulated the girl to bump into the woman.When they bumped into each other...for a sec it looked like the woman changed to a cherub... but im not sure. What followed was that the woman became a teen girl and walked with the other girl. "You won't be needing this. Let me hold it for you"I said than took the knife away effortlessly. The girls didnt mind and went on their way after that.

      Dream 3-From Moon to Antarctica

      I was looking at a live video of the moon with someone. We were talking about how cool it was when suddenly as it rotated Antarctica began to show up. "Look at its lines that show the icy water" replied the other person. "Yep, that's Antarctica"I replied. Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled within the video and ended up in a tiny black jeep in Antarctica at night while a blizzard began to push me around.

      "I'm dreaming and it's snowing ~"I said happily than drove around a bit till I decided to hover around. The wind ended up pushing me to the ground so I rolled playfully than began hovering again. "I wonder if Dawn will save me"I thought jokingly than looked to the distance to see shining lights that made me think there was a night city present.
      But than something happened that I cant recall.

      After whatever happened, happened, I somehow ended up in a island where there was a beach and people throwing bottles at Delphino characters from mario sunshine near the plaza. I ended up throwing a bottle too but left. . I than found Dawn afterwards who told me to follow him into a ruin colored purple and black.

      He went too fast at one point and I lost him but I continued till I found him again. Once we reached the outside though he walked into a crowd of people near a community garden. I found a annoying dc on a bench after that and ended up deforming him with my hands till he looked like poe from zelda. I regretted it afterwards but eh.

      Last thing that happened was I ended up in a room where a person asked who I was.

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    14. Dream Entry [Harp,Anime Girl,River]

      by , 08-29-2017 at 06:01 PM
      Im too lazy to write dreams out now.

      Dream 1
      -Playing the harp to rid of blob monsters when lucid
      -Being driven and moving near a log cabin and university where a man in a white suit murdered students from the school and dumped their body in the woods[non lucid]

      Dream 2
      -[lucid] watching a little anime girl sleeping while anime music played. I was thinking about art and music ideas as I observed,wondering what would happen next.

      -[non lucid]I was in my old house waiting for my brother's friends to leave

      Dream 3

      -[lucid]I appeared in a river in the rainforest after thinking what setting I wanted to be in. There I saw tourists swimming in the water next to the land as three guides kept them from floating beyond while they were enjoying their stay.

      Almost forgot I saw sketches of arrows being drawn on paper somewhere in the second dream.

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    15. Broken Piano Key

      by , 08-15-2017 at 02:29 PM
      I was trying to play the keyboard to show someone that I still remembered how to play but no matter what I played the song wasn't coming together....than a key fell off.

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