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    Hey! Youkoso to my dream journal page!

    below are pictures of my dream guides/persistent characters that my dream buddy jadegreen drew and painted. I feel they express their personas amazingly so enjoy looking at the pics.
    : )

    1. Vivid Annoyance

      by , 01-19-2018 at 05:57 PM
      Had a weird dream where i found out my cousin was living at a family house and she apparently had a boy roommate. For some reason as i played with a car key I thought about how to take him from her but he cared too genuinely for her even though she wasnt really interested. (Very dum dream as I was not interested in the guy either and wouldn't do such a thing. :/ )

      Next thing I recall being in an apartment where my brother introduced a guy friend to me who was apparently interested in skateboarding. He seemed nice and we talked for a bit until i left to do something else.

      Last thing that happened was I was watching a new movie of totally spies for nostalgia purposes but than the characters grew deformed. It felt like i had helped animate the show but than another animator messed it up somehow with their art style. I wondered how they could air the show without fixing it.

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    2. Small Adventure

      by , 01-19-2018 at 05:50 AM
      Skipping to the part that caught my attention the most. I was in a car behind the man and and woman from my last dream. They were discussing which way to go. Observing their conversation I thought about how I haven't observed such a non random conversation in a while and told them that. They laughed than as a joke began spouting nonsense. After that the guy made a turn and we all got out in a bright green, mountainous landscape next to the ocean. There was also a small cabin nearby. We were looking around the place by flying and leaping, but than the guy stopped me to hand me a snack. It was a chocolate sprinkled eclair. I ate it happily but than realized maybe its a sign im into sweets too much.


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    3. We've Already Met

      by , 01-18-2018 at 06:34 AM
      This was a semi lucid dream. I was first at my old house where my brother brought a couple of friends over. An old childhood friend also made an appearance dressed as one of the characters I designed. I knew it was a dream cause of my childhood friend being present but I dont want to go into detail about what happened. It was just random.

      Next I recall being in a school yard where the principal or assistant principal came up to me to find out if I was set on my decision to take a certain class. I said yes, than she brought a phone over and told the guy on it that she knew the perfect person that would be a match to help him on the job. After that he appeared and she introduced me to him. We however already knew each other so we told her. She was surprised but not going to make another arrangement. Next the guy sat next to me on the bench where I saw a student hit another kid really hard on the shoulder. It was apparently so hard that the sound vibrated throughout the area.

      He was pretty much a bully with super strength . As indicated by a girl who was hiding under her sweater on the ground near me in order to avoid him. I was set on helping them but than my attention was brought to lunch on the bench table. I took a piece of a chicken nugget and ate it, than the guy asked me if I wanted some of his fries. I said yes but woke up after that.

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    4. Digging Up Dirt And Coding

      by , 01-16-2018 at 06:40 AM

      yesterday night's dream

      In my dream I recall being transported to a big house that was layed out with another house to the side and tiles of dirt around. Almost like the building system in the sims. I began digging up the dirt because rurouni Kension who I thought was my guide/ cherished friend told me it would keep the cursed entity inside from hurting me while I stayed in the house. However, for it to work I would have to code in "sorry" into every dirt tile. I was almost done and ended up forgetting the word so I called him on a cell phone. Since he left. He answered me but than I forgot again and called him back. This time he didn't answer so I just kept digging till I felt I was for the most part done. I entered the house to cook dinner, only to find I was now present in a restaurant where kension made an appearance again. He sat at a table near me as I grabbed my plate of food that I felt I made where a japanese woman was sitting. I than told her I hope she was enjoying the food than went to sit at my own separate table while I pondered if kension was willing to try my food or if he was just going to guard because he cared about my well being.


      Probably had this dream of entity because I watched full metal alchemist brotherhood.

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    5. Hi Again

      by , 01-15-2018 at 05:27 AM
      I haven't written an entry in a while so here goes. I'm going to write a dream from two days ago and a yesterday night dream.


      I was in my old house living room with a couple of old friends who were girls. We were putting on different dresses out in the open and trying them on. We laughed and had fun, like it was a little fashion show, but than we somehow ended up in a school. In the classroom a guy who was supposedly our superior was training and testing our abilities. He tested I and another girl specifically by having us fly around the class without losing our focus. I did it with my own resolve in mind as the other girl began to pout about how she clumsily kept messing up. The guy than told her that with the way she was going, I would end up being the one that he goes out with. I wasn't willing to stick around after I had already did the training/test though.I decided to go and put what I had learned to action.

      Exiting onto the school recess yard I saw a few kids trying to figure out a way to see into their futures using a red book. Apparently they had figured out a way and saw that they were not existing for some unknown reason. As they were doing this I opened up a portal and went through flying across the universe until the dream began to dissolve and I awoke.

      Not Now

      In this dream I realized I was dreaming towards the end and summoned Dawn. I wanted to interact with him but he said now was not the time to catch up as he was busy. A random girl than came out and attacked him. He fought her with a katana. I tried to blow her away with a pink energy ball but I appeared in another room. I stared at the door than ran out to see no one. Going out now seemed like a good idea so I went out and enjoyed the scenery a bit before I woke up.

      I dont own pic

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    6. Update

      by , 12-22-2017 at 06:47 PM
      I have so many goals for next year, I hope lucid dreaming can still be a part of me. Still apart of me now but in a different way than before.
      kind of feels like Iím shutting lucid dreaming from my life but not completely.

      Last Night Dream

      ???? But it felt like it had a good message to it in the morning.

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    7. Connected

      by , 12-19-2017 at 06:43 PM
      Donít have all the details in mind but from what I recall I was lucid and brought to Dawn who said we were connected though unexpected. I was than given white chocolate in rectangular shapes and munched on them while I waited to see what would happen next. Another dc came and was organizing stuff around us while I waited. Donít recall what happen next but I know I took the moment to appreciate my lucidity in this dream when I was. The non lucid part caught my attention but I forgot it by now
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    8. update

      by , 12-12-2017 at 08:30 PM
      Iíve been busy but still keep some of my memorable and mundane dreams in mind.Its too bad that most of it goes down the drain but itís the moment that counts.

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    9. Calm Bravery

      by , 11-29-2017 at 03:01 PM

      I was semi lucid tuning and playing a guitar next to an old teacher. I tried singing as well to see if I could sound just like in WL without distortion.It worked so I sang loud and played the notes. My fingers on the chord was right on with the sound but not knowing the professional chords and playing from heart it was kind of messy

      Calm Bravery

      I was invited to a party by Gordon,saw him tweet something and liked it, than watched as others went to the party and liked his message as well. The message was something about facing hardships and prevailing.

      Later on in the dream Iím in the sky watching a safari. The lady travels in the Jeep to the beach like I thought than gets out and into the water with the camera man/guy who protects her and goes closer to the sharks. She is twirling slowly as the water pushes her while doing nothing as to not be seen by the sharks that go around her. I become her and must keep calm while I ask the guy why she had to do something like that. The water slowly goes down as I wait and listen to the guy and slightly realize itís a dream. When the ocean finally goes all the way down I end up in a room where I release my birds and watch them while being careful of predator.I also had a new bird I called twitchy.

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    10. Yesterday Night Dream

      by , 11-25-2017 at 07:02 AM
      Don't want to forget this one so I'm writing it now even though its late.
      First dream
      I was semi lucid in this dream and confronted by a knight with blonde flowing hair. He was being kind to me and showing acts of loyalty by smashing his hand on concrete or hard surfaces to keep me safe or my treasure safe.There was also this other guy who did things in a wrong manner that jeopardized the safety of my parakeets who were present in a cage that was purposely crushed and the order in my secret place felt compromised too...so I summoned a book that I called "mimyu" and warped into it causing the guard barrier to start up. After that I asked the name of the guy a couple of times.

      Second Dream
      I was in my dad's house and talking with him about my brother until a random DC came to test my fear level.They changed form than became invisible, grabbing me and asking if I would go to the cemetery with them to help them. I said no because i was scared of those settings. He still moved me though and passed by a gold mirror where I saw it's reflection. A red head guy with a blue sweater and jeans.

      My reflection looked like me but my hair was somewhat different.Anyways the guy dc continued to walk to the cemetery outside the window. As I made it change to just grass another dc appeared and told the guy she would send him to hell. He panicked. I however, found that not scary at all. He was warped but than I was pushed by someone else to watch a uncomfortable scene. I walked away from it to only be approached by a scientist anime woman with a really long snake like pony tail who tried conveying her love for me.

      I pushed her away than looked to a clear glass window where I could see dirty pond water with lily pads. It seemed deep and felt cold." It feels so real, the atmosphere is just right. Wonder if I should get in the water or how it would feel to go down" As I contemplated Kiro came to mind and I felt a gust of wind like in a recent dream.

      Last thing that happened was I became non lucid and my dad showed me take out food he brought at the table.

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    11. Relax

      by , 11-17-2017 at 04:23 AM
      In this dream I was non lucid on a train. When I heard the next stop would be an amusement park and saw the last people exit before the door shut I panicked. Shouting for help as everything went dark. Once it was fully dark I became aware it was a dream and thought of Kiro.

      However, I ended up on a bed in my old house where a figure surrounded with water flew towards me and attempted to kiss me. I felt like I couldn't breathe though so I tried pushing it away till I realized I didn't need to panic. Since it wasn't real water i was breathing just fine. It worked but i still didn't want it kissing me though. After getting it to move away I woke up.

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    12. Focus, This Is Not ET

      by , 11-16-2017 at 04:09 AM
      Venting helped somewhat I think.

      First Dream

      I was in a room removing eye contacts from my eye, that turned out to be plastic and messed up along the edges.I remember thinking how weird it was and was concerned if it hurt my eye.(I don't wear contacts in WL)

      Second Dream

      I was focusing on becoming lucid while my other attention was on the presence of my dream guide. As I focused I became lucid than took note of what was in front of me. A neon pink/purple rectangular screen with the outline of a ship on it. I noticed that it wasn't aligned in front of me perfectly so I moved my view till it was right in the middle. A white room than began to form until the dream shifted and I was in my room.

      There was a round silver machine that reminds me of R2d2 next to me that I saw in the corner of my view. I didn't want it present though so I ignored it and focused on the door. I made a round disk appear and kept the door shut with it because I tend to get distracted by disturbing thoughts sometimes. Afterwards I thought of Eye until the dream shifted again.

      I was now in a room similar to my room but there was a cream colored/orange wall that had the shadow of a moving tree on it. Mostly its leaves. I thought it symbolized the November time of year than looked away to focus on summoning Eye. I heard his voice but than felt myself teleport and appeared in space where a alien was trying to get me to start its tubular ship like in a past dream. I decided to ignore it though and suddenly Eye appeared flying a purple motorcycle through the sky.

      When he reached me, he grabbed me than brought us back to the previous room.Paying close attention to his outer appearance I began to feel warmth. Than I pay more attention to his Eyes and noticed that his Eyes were a very dark blue. I was going to ask him something than and there but than I changed my mind and just hugged him while he snickered. When I stopped I pondered if I should have summoned Dawn instead.Woke up after that.

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    13. Too Busy For Cool

      by , 11-15-2017 at 05:36 AM

      Lately It feels like life has sucked out most of my attention to lucid dreaming. There's a peace of me that still hopes and I get only a little nibble of interesting. Than later on I end up forgetting most of the somewhat cool but not really dream.

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    14. kagome, NightMare

      by , 11-10-2017 at 04:51 AM
      This was a part of before yesterdays dream.

      I was laying on a bed somewhat aware it was a dream but I felt kind of odd. It felt like there was a little girl and older women(30s?) Inside of me. "I feel like I'm three people"I said out loud. But just as I was about to get up the dream shifted.

      I was mindlessly watching a scene unfold in a Inyuasha setting. It was morning and there was people in indigenous garments with patterns sitting by a bar table and observing their clothes. The scene than went to Inyuasha who was sitting near the tree next to kagome who looked like a mesh of kikiyo and haru from Rurouni Kension. But when sango came back with Maroku, kagome got up and shot an arrow on a ivory treasure on the ground. She than began to cheer on a man who was trying to complete a challenge. "Kagome? She never cheers anyone on. She's not acting like herself today". The group than continued to watch her concerned.


      I was in a house with two guys who were running around and messing up the place for fun. Suddenly I ended up coming across a pill bottle that could talk and wanted me to overdose on it. I stopped it from flinging pills into my mouth, than it took its own pills and began to lose conscience. I told the guys that since I was lucid I would revive the thing and make a happy ending. One of them seemed excited about the outcome but than the other guy went to the kitchen and began chopping fish clumsily while laughing. After I revive the pill thing, the other guy joined him and while they started chopping nothing one lunged at his wrist and the other at his own stomach.The place than began to be slightly flooded by black liquid as the bigger one pressed his ripped wrist towards me to feel. Uncomfortable by their excitement I tried to change their personality but the dream shifted.

      I was now looking at a lamp thinking I had woken up. But in the lamp wire a blue ball of energy began to flow. Seeing this I became scared that a fire would ensue. I unplugged it unsure if I would get electrocuted than felt the room temperature get hotter from an angle. Hearing the ambulance scared me more.

      Another false awakening happened. But when I tried to turn on the lamp the light switch broke. I than looked to my side and saw a big wooden dresser and another bed to the side of it. Looking to the slightly open door I became frightened and asked to wake up. I woke up after that.

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    15. Faulty Break

      by , 10-29-2017 at 07:29 PM
      I was somewhat aware it was a dream and driving with a faulty break pedal. I wanted so badly to stop but I forgot about the emergency break and wanted to go home.(focused on the mechanics of the car more than the dream people I almost ran into) I recall going through a obstacle course, passing stop lights, avoiding crowds and eventually parking next to home where a man was stopping drivers. Lastly with the other drivers I looked at a rack with hanging rope accessories that represented each one of us.

      (Pic does not belong to me)

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