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    Thread: Hello DV community!

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      Hello DV community!

      Hello everyone, I'm 20 years old. Don't know how to start

      I've been always interested in dreams, in fact, I knew about lucid dreaming for a few years now, just never registered here until now. I even had a few lucid dreams but stopped improving and lost interest. I think the main reason behind that I was trying too hard and the progress was too slow. I had lucid dreams once in a month but they were short and not interesting at all. For example, I do a reality check, I know I'm dreaming but then I'm start to think "am I really dreaming?" and the dream just ends most of the time. Also, I never had a huge control over a dream. Best things I done in a lucid dream, as far as I can remember, is a little bit of flying and making a women appear. That's all. I have tried many techniques but most of them didn't work for me.

      Now I want to start lucid dreaming again from a fresh start and I don't want to be all alone dreamer again, so I registered here. I found here Naiya's MILD Technique and I will give it a go.

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      P.S. Sorry for my English, it's my second language.
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      Welcome Valor!
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      Welcome to the forum! Feel free to stop by the IRC chat again anytime.
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      Thanks guys!

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