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    Thread: tell me how can i stop myself from freaking out and making fast decisions ?

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      tell me how can i stop myself from freaking out and making fast decisions ?

      recently i have been very confused when it comes to making decisions in my life.basically it starts with me not being able to make up my mind about whether to do something or not and then when i make a decision and i go for it very quickly i freak out and i change my mind , this is costing me a lot of money and energy and time and basically i have became my worst enemy , how can i stop this
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      Try imposing an artifacal restriction on yourself. Here is an example. I will NEVER buy an item that costs much the same day I first want to. I do not care if the sales persons says 'one day only.' I just have commited to do this. Often by giving myself one day to think I decide not to buy it. Perhaps if you 'must' write a new dission down in your journal, with the time and date, and then if 24 hours later, you still chose to write it down a second time, then and only then, honestly consider doing it.

      However, self restraint is learned over time and with effort. Good luck.
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