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    Thread: DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream) help?

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      DEILD (Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream) help?

      Hi, I've been trying the DEILD method, and it works occasionanly, but not always. I forget to not move, and keep my eyes closed sometimes... how can I remember this while waking up from my REM period, I already tried repeating mantras, but I didn't work.... Maybe an alarm clock timer (but mine doesn't turn off), or some audio file I can put on my ipod...

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      The problem with using alarms is that it shocks you awake. This causes you to become too aware and unable to slip back into the necessary state needed to DEILD. Some people have success with this though, you may as well try.

      What exactly is your mantra? Remember to keep it short and simple, positive and as if you already do it e.g. "I remain still when I awake".

      Another useful thing to do is to visualise waking up from a dream and not moving, then transitioning into a lucid dream while repeating your mantra. Do this until you fall asleep, or if it keeps you awake do it a few times and then leave it.

      Remember that there is no perfect method or secret to lucid dreaming, it requires patience, persistence and confidence in order to get good at it. Give it some time and don't beat yourself up when you fail, you'll get it eventually

      Here are some good DEILD guides you should take a look at if you haven't already:

      Yuppie's DEILD Guide

      Dutchraptor's DEILD Guide

      Aaaaand just to keep your spirits up:

      Mancon's Guide to Staying Motivated

      Good luck
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      The thing with DEILD is, that sometimes you just wake up too much and then that's it for your attempt. Try to pay attention to those moments, when you waking up and you stay groggy for a while. Those are the moments when DEILD has a chance.

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      have a look at this, its realy good.
      Practical Guidebook (SOBT) | OOBE Research Center

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      I'm new and I had the exact same problem as you.. About 2 weeks ago I was getting annoyed about moving every time I woke up.. I was a little sceptical about mantra's because I didn't really believe in them, but I thought I may as well give it a shot. So I started just saying one before I went to sleep, "I won't move my body when I wake up" and really believed and thought about not moving when I wake up, and to my surprise, I didn't move when my alarm went off that night. Were you actually believing and thinking about the mantra's you said?
      Also, do you have a an iPod touch? Or iPhone? I use an app called "12,24 Alarm" which has an option for auto-snooze so the alarm plays for 5 seconds and I wake up and not move, and it automatically snoozes.
      Hope this helps a little bit
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