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    Thread: WILD question

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      WILD question

      Now from what I have read a WILD is much more likely to be successful when attempted closer to your REM period. Now I was wondering that if a person was to stay up very late (say till 2:00 or even 3:00 in the morning when that persons regular sleep pattern was to fall asleep at say 10:00 or 11:00) if it would be easier to acheive a WILD in this case. It seems to make sense to me that the body would be very tired and thus enter sleep paralysis and REM much faster than normal. Is that true? has anyone attempted it before and what were the results if they did?

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      I remember once when I slept for about 4 hours per day only for a few days and I kept yawning, I lied down and just tried MILD'ing, I think about 4-5 minutes passed by and sleep paralasis was starting, I started feeling less and less control over my body, I was even moving my hands, then all of a sudden my whole body went numb and I couldn't even open my eyes even if I wanted to, I got to SP and got to the part where you feel like leaving your body but I panicked too much and it stoped after 30 seconds with a weird explosion sound, so I guess you could do that. =/

      Oh and I only panicked because I never really readed about WILD at all. xD

      Never really got to that point again though since I slept for more.
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      If you're tired, for the most part yes, it's easier to WILD. Although it's still recommended to sleep four or five hours beforehand, and attempt it in the middle of the night (WBTB). But beware of being overly tired, this can prevent you from falling asleep at all.
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      most people when they get sleep paralisis think there being ubducted

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