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    Thread: What it Felt like in Sleep Paralysis

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      What it Felt like in Sleep Paralysis

      Hey everyone, I want to share with you my experience of Sleep Paralysis. I've long since been a member here on DV, but its been a REALLY long time since I've posted anything.

      This is still really fresh in my mind; it happened to me this morning at around 7:30AM. As I'm writing this I will explain my current states throughout the experience. A little back story, this was a WBTB kind of thing. I woke up this morning to make my wife coffee and breakfast, and after she left I went back to sleep focusing on lucid dreaming. I also had a really great success with a LD too! That's not why I'm posting here though.

      (asleep and just exiting a lucid dream) I had a false awakening I think. I opened my eyes (still in dream) and I could not move my body really, and I didn't really want to because I wasn't ready to wake up if I was actually in my real body. A figure appeared at the door and I knew it was my wife. She said, "Hey baby," and then walked over to the foot of the bed. She seemed just out of my field of vision because I could not really see her the whole time. I knew a figure was there at the foot of the bed sitting down. I felt my feet move when she sat down, and she was putting on socks or something I presume. I was very lucid this whole time and I didn't think she was real, because how could she be? She had gone to work, and I know because of the nature of her job she wouldn't be back. I was in the same sleep position as I was in real life, and my real body almost felt like a shell. I tried rolling around on my bed in my dream and my orientation would change, but I still had an awareness that my body was still in the same position. (In real life I was laying on my side similar to fetal position.)

      Meanwhile this whole experience was kind of scary because I couldn't move and there was an entity (whom my mind made out to be my wife) and I couldn't do anything about it. Moving felt like drifting through thick water, but being slowly reeled back to my real body position. I would move fluidly and smoothly, but then become aware that I hadn't moved at all. It was really interesting in the moment. I accepted the fact that I was in sleep paralysis and couldn't make anything else happen. I just calmed myself and waited for it to be over. My room looked exactly how it does in real life (minus the blurriness).

      Once that FA/SP was over, Everything went black and I had a lucid experience while in NREM. Certain shapes would pop in and out. Also I remember hearing some voices, but not being able to remember what they were talking about. Then I had a REALLY VAGUE looking dreamlike experience. Picture it like a smooth fade in from a movie. Natural light and color of outside. Everything was blurry but I knew where I was and certain symbols drifted in and out. I also remember it being very colorful, and I was moving in some kind of truck on the passenger side. I was looking out the window, but again it was very vague and almost like I had my eyes fixed. I wasn't able to look around. Just had to watch passively as things came in and out. One symbol in particular was a block with a rectangular shaped hole through it. It just passed by me, and everything was really relaxing.

      After all of that, the imagery faded out very peacefully and I opened my eyes in real life. I wrote everything down after trying to retain all of that.
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      Cool experience. Shows how great being calm and observing can be. Its good she didn't end up tickling your feet in that position too. That actually happened to me before. Hehe
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