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    Thread: Mastery over the state of being lucid

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      Mastery over the state of being lucid

      Hey dreamviews

      I have a question but not very sure towards the answer. I am curious on what lucidity purpose really is and found myself even when I am lucid I am not exactly sure what role it's suppose to naturally play in life.
      I wonder if it's possible to be awake consciously and subconsciously at the same time. Such as being self aware during waking life and having active interactive thoughts as if you were lucid dreaming. If one achieves a different way of utilizing lucidity in this regard or is already very good at becoming lucid, do you think it's possible to have conscious more in depth thoughts while awake?

      Like having the dreamworld only this time it's at the side of your thoughts while you're awake physically. Is it suppose to help give more critical or concentrated thoughts?
      Thanks for any answer, all is appreciated.
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      Yes, exactly. It's about developing better conscious awareness, whether you're awake or sleeping. It's comforting to let yourself slide into unconsciousness and see everything through a thick fog, but it serves your life much better to clear away the fog and develop the ability to see and understand more clearly.

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