basically me and this girl right, i don't know who she was,. im just gonna call her "deep travel girl homie"
she actually might be a new member of the system idfk, she's been in a lot of my travels recently since i've attracted her, like fps one i had a while back.

we go to this dimension where the life hasn't evolved yet and we kind of start messing around. At first we spawn this girl, and then this girl spawns a full on race of aosjdfosdfjsdfsdfsdf beings that see us as gods. So we were like "ayyy lmao" but then we fucked up and we messed up their evolution traits.
Like at first her hair started glowing, then it fucking went into the ground sent a shockwave around the world full of light and then it pierced the whole sky with 3 towers . We were kind of in a jungle... kind of not. The whole planet turned golden because of her, and so did the species/race we were evolving. Like we did a LOT to them wayyy before the super hair shockwave light thing, i just can't remember because in the moment it was literally isdhf9s9s7f89sd6f75sdf6sdfsdfsdfd$#*$#$*@#*$#@$(@# [email protected]*#$&*#@$)**S*D)F*SD&FSD(F()&#(^@#$(@#*[email protected]*#)$%)$& &$^)%)&*$#@. Like we were GODS it was infinite evolution traits, we were just putting shit together BASICALLY.
Eventually they all came together and made a song for us, and they sang it all in unison, the song name as "TMI", it sounded "angelic" i guess, idk, but i remember we had to kill them all because we evolved their traits too far and we didn't know what was gonna happen and we couldn't stop it. So we spawned in some astronaut company of the species and the way we did it was to overload their energy so that they imploded into light and basically became a sun. This could work because they all were connected to each other, every single one of them, millions of them on this large continent/island thingy. They all were happy and kept singing until we short circuted/burned them out basically.

I looked like this:
GOD entity.jpg
She looked like this:
girl homie god entity.jpg

and the planet we were on, looked like the spore game, but it was more like this:

the beings we were evolving eventually made the whole planet turn like this: