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    1. An out of this world but brillantly real world that I can't discribe but will try to anyway.

      by , 06-27-2011 at 10:03 AM
      OK, so this is my first dream journal entry. Yest it took me 4 years to actually find something so interesting that I felt the desire to jot it down on this community. Last night I was just going about my Business sleeping away and entered sp when I finally entered my dream I was in a new world unlike anything I have ever dreamed of before. It was so very vivid at the same time abstract in structure, a world of floating squares of land I have never thought were possible. I usually am still, no am always still in my bedroom to start. This was a complex world of Picasso quality. (And when I dream of abstract stuff it's never vivid or real. This was both!) This was amazing, the physics were almost completely different to my own dreams. I jumped from square to square and felt the wind. Nothing can describe this place it was too amazing to comprehend I created it. Every square had colorful birds that would disappear and reappear, their feathers had an electric feeling hard to describe. I had no control of any of them. I realized the ones that diapered would reaper with the same distinct coolers, and they did not vanish when I looked away and cleared my mind like living things always do for me. When I got farther up I realized their was an Mid air ocean, and a moon. I heard a voice say wake, and I did. But I sure do want to remember this dream, that land, and those birds. What beautiful coolers some of them had to most amazing blue imaginable.
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